Apollo Launches An Indiegogo Campaign For The Space-Age Apollo Pro 2023

Oh boy, the guys at Apollo really know how to shake up the electric scooter industry. First, there was the boundary-busting Phantom, then we had the tech-heavy City, and now we have the intergalactic Apollo Pro 2023 to look forward to.

And get this – we will be one of the very first to test it. So, make sure to keep an eye open for our written and video reviews which will go live on the 12th July 2023.

Apollo Pro 2023 At Night With Lights On

To announce the launch of the eagerly-awaited Pro, Apollo has turned to Indiegogo. Here, you have the opportunity to reserve one of their pioneering hyper scooters and gain exclusive access to one-off discounts.

Where to Buy:
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Black Friday Sale: $3,299.00 $3,999.00

According to Maciek Piskorz, Chief Executive Officer at Apollo Scooters, the Pro “represents the pinnacle of electric scooter technology, combining exceptional performance, advanced features, and a futuristic design.”

I wouldn’t just take his word for it, though. After all, it’s been honored with a prestigious Red Dot Design Award. This accolade places it alongside esteemed past winners, including the Segway Superscooter GT Series, Xiaomi M365, and even the Ferrari Daytona SP3.

So, what does the Apollo Pro 2023 bring to the table? Let's find out.

Apollo Pro 2023 At Night

Look, Feel & Functionality

Apollo Pro 2023 - Standout Features

Aside from its space-age aesthetic, a rip-roaring top speed of 44 mph, and an expansive 63 miles of real-world range, it’s home to a wealth of cutting-edge features that promise to elevate your riding experience to new heights.

MACH 2 Controller

Building on the successful blueprint of the MACH 1, the next iteration promises a smooth throttle response and excellent power modulation.

Apollo Pro 2023 MACH 2 Controller

It also acts as the brain and central nervous system that seamlessly manages each component that’s reliant on software (i.e. Ludo mode, regen braking, built-in GPS, etc).


With LUDO mode enabled it can send you racing into the stratosphere with a blistering acceleration rate and a wind-whipping top speed of 44 mph.

Apollo Pro 2023 Being Ridden At Night From the Front

Power RBS (Regen Brakes)

As seen on some of Apollo’s earlier models – including the City 2022 and Phantom 2023 – the Pro follows suit with a dedicated regen braking throttle.

Apollo Pro 2023 Regen Brake Paddle

Not only does this reduce wear on the mechanical brakes, but it simultaneously recharges the battery to maximize energy efficiency for an extended range.

Built-in GPS (IoT)

Elevating the Pro’s anti-theft capabilities is the new trackable GPS device.

While most scooters come with digital locks that immobilize the wheels by applying the electronic brakes, an integrated SIM card will allow you to track and locate your scooter within 10 meters of its whereabouts. All of this can be controlled from within the mobile app.

Apollo Pro 2023 Chassis

Quadlock Phone Mount

Apollo has been on a quest to make the integration of their scooters and app as functional as possible, and with the Quadlock phone mount they may have found the perfect balance.

Apollo Pro 2023 Phone Mount

Via a patented case-based system, you can mount your phone in the center of the cockpit allowing you to use the Apollo app as your primary display. Plus, with wireless charging, you can stay connected on the go.

Alternatively, you can use the DOT matrix display.

Apollo Pro 2023 DOT Matrix Display

12-Inch Self-Healing Tires

Equipped with enormous 12-inch tires, the Pro not only affords stability and durability in spades, but thanks to a solid gel layer, you can wave goodbye to flats.

Apollo Pro 2023 Self-Healing Tire

Dynamic 360-Degree Lights

We’ve always been impressed with the lighting rigs that Apollo has equipped its scooters with, but the newly designed 360-degree setup that the Pro sports sets the standard for the rest of the industry.

Apollo Pro 2023 Deck LEDs

The integrated LED strips that run down the stem and surround the edges of the deck unite to create a futuristic, yet sleek vibe that’s reminiscent of a Tesla Cybertruck. Plus, because they are RGBs, you can customize them to your liking across a spectrum of colors and dynamic patterns.

This setup is further bolstered by the powerful headlight, kickplate-embedded taillight, and turn signals that flash along the deck, as well as at the end of each handgrip.

Apollo Pro 2023 Handlebar Turn Signals

Get the Apollo Pro 2023

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At the time of writing this (7th June 2023), Apollo has made the Indiegogo page public, with the campaign scheduled to launch on the 12th July 2023. By signing up, you’ll be among the first backers to receive an exclusive discount.

Josh With Apollo Pro 2023

For more information about the Apollo Pro 2023, make sure to check back here for our written and video reviews.

Where to Buy:
Apollo Logo
Black Friday Sale: $3,299.00 $3,999.00

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