Electric Scooter Lights: 2 Best LED Headlights & How to Choose

Based on our independent data, 92% of electric scooters have insufficient lights.

After several years of testing electric scooters, we found that the majority of models have poor lighting setups. Often these models have built-in lights that are either mounted too low, aren’t bright enough, or don't emit a light beam suitable for safe riding.

So, to rectify the underwhelming performance of built-in scooter lights, we went on the hunt to find the best USB rechargeable headlights that can be attached to electric scooters.

In total, we found 5 that met our strict criteria, and – after comparing each side by side – we selected the 2 brightest, longest-lasting, and overall top-performing lights.

See our top choices organized by price.

Key things to consider when choosing a light.

Electric Scooter Light

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Best Electric Scooter Lights

See which electric scooter lights we recommend for riding at night.
Ultra Bright
Very Bright
Easydo Dark Knight-2
Easydo Dark Knight-2
$69.00 $79.00
Learn more about each of our recommendations in the full reviews below:

Ultra Bright Light:


Current Price: Now: $60
Ultra Bright Electric Scooter Light
Light Power:
Run & Charge Time:

Packing 2,500 lumens and a 4,400 mAh battery, the GYIO T6 isn’t just one of the brightest electric scooter lights on the market – it’s also one of the longest-lasting.

Able to illuminate far into the distance, the T6 is perfect for riders that travel at high speeds, or simply want a huge field of view to give you plenty of time to see anything that you’re coming up to.

GYIO T6 Light Attached to Electric Scooter

Even turned up to its highest setting, the T6 offers up to 4 hours of battery life – enough for all but the most mammoth of rides. When it needs juice, simply plug it into a power source via its USB port, and it’ll be charged up and ready to go in 4-5 hours.

Why We Recommend It:

Weighing in at 375 grams, the T6 is light, without compromising durability. Its aluminum alloy frame means it’s made from similarly tough stuff as the scooter you’ll be mounting it on. With an IP65 rating, it’s also water-resistant – so you won’t have to worry about rain affecting the integrity of the light when you need it most.

GYIO T6 Electric Scooter Light Beam From Front

The only catch is that quality doesn’t come cheap – and at $60, the T6 is one of the more expensive lights on the shelf. In exchange for the extra outlay, you’re scoring a product with flawless feedback (not only does it get our stamp of approval but from 39 reviews on the Apollo website, the T6 maintains a perfect five-star score) and some seriously impressive specs.

The T6 has a beam angle of 150 degrees for a superb range of visibility and lights up to 300 meters of the road ahead. Compare that to the 250-meter beam distance of the other light in our list – the Easydo Dark Knight-2, which is priced similarly – and the T6 starts looking like excellent value for money.

GYIO T6 Electric Scooter Light Beam From Side

It’s easy to install, too. The light comes affixed to a small clamp-like bracket. Granted, it’s not as simple to attach and remove as other USB lights on the market – which secure to the stem or handlebars with velcro and rubber wraps – but once in place, it stays put.

You simply attach the bracket to your scooter’s handlebars using the included Allen key. The package also arrives with the charging cable and a pair of replacement cushioning strips (which stop the bracket from rubbing abrasively against your handlebars’ paintwork).

By pressing the button on the back of the light, you can select 4 different modes, including 3 that are continuous and 1 that flashes. From here you can also view the battery indicator light.

The continuous modes are:

  • Low (600 lumens, 16 hours)
  • Medium (1200 lumens, 8 hours)
  • High (2500 lumens, 4 hours)

The Dark Knight-2’s flashing modes are:

  • Strobe (2500 lumens, Runtime Not Tested)

Because of its quality and pedigree, we recommend the GYIO T6 for all scooters – and to all riders. As a versatile, highly functional light, the T6 isn’t simply a nice-to-have addition – instead, it’s a must-have, especially if your scooter lacks a headlight, or comes with one that isn’t sufficient for riding in the dark.

Very Bright Electric Scooter Light:

Easydo Dark Knight-2

Current Price: Save $10 | Was: $79 | Now: $69
Easydo Dark Knight-2
Very Bright Electric Scooter Light
Light Power:
Run & Charge Time:

Rounding out the other half of our list of the best electric scooter lights is the Easydo Dark Knight-2.

Available for pretty much the same price as the GYIO T6 – you can bag the Easydo for $59. The Dark Knight-2 isn’t quite as bright, but it does offer a comparably sized battery and an identical beam angle. Besides, when you consider that the Knight-2’s headlight sports 1000 Lumens, it's a near-rival for a single car headlight – which, on full beam, is around 1200 Lumens.

Front Profile of Easydo Dark Knight-2 Electric Scooter Light

Another thing the Dark Knight-2 shares with the T6 is its design. It sports a similarly long, box-like frame made up of a robust aluminum alloy alongside smooth concave details etched lengthways into its sides. With the midnight black color scheme, it seamlessly blends into the aesthetics of most scooters.

It also boasts an IPX4 water-resistance rating, making it immune to the potentially damaging effects of wet weather.

Why We Recommend It:

Powered by 1000 lumens, the Dark Knight-2 offers just 40% of the T6’s brightness. Don’t be dissuaded, though – that’s less an indictment of the Dark Knight-2, and more a celebration of just how bright the T6 is.

The Dark Knight-2 is still a very bright light – and its 250-meter beam distance offers very good visibility. Battery life, too – even on its brightest setting, the 4400 mAh battery runs for 3 hours (on Quick Flash mode, it’ll last up to 45 hours) and only takes 3-4 to reach full charge.

Easydo Dark Knight-2 Electric Scooter Light Beam From Side

Plus, the Dark Knight-2 is incredibly light. At 175 grams, it’s a fraction of the weight of the T6 and is far easier to attach. In fact, there’s no installation necessary – simply wrap the light’s rubber band around your scooter’s handlebars or stem.

The fact that this light can be rotated 360 degrees makes it highly versatile. This means that you can attach it to multiple parts of your scooter and still be able to point it forward – something that the GYIO T6 lacks. However, a word of warning – if you’re planning to leave your scooter unattended, remember to unclip the light and take it with you. Because this light is easy to attach, it’s also easy to remove – meaning it’s an attractive target for sticky fingers.

Side Profile of Easydo Dark Knight-2 Light on Electric Scooter Handlebars

Like the T6, the Easydo Dark Knight-2 comes with stellar feedback. Don’t just take our word for it – of the 55 customer reviews on Fluid Free Ride (at the time of writing), 51 are either 5 or 4 stars. Given the wealth of features, it’s not hard to see why it scores so highly.

For instance, it comes with a low battery indicator, as well as a choice of up to 8 lighting modes. You can toggle between them easily by pushing the button on the top of the light’s casing.

Easydo Dark Knight-2 Electric Scooter Light Beam From Front

4 of these modes are continuous – meaning the light stays on without interruption – and 4 are flashing modes, which help conserve battery.

The continuous modes are:

  • Low (170 lumens, 30 hours)
  • Medium (350 lumens, 15 hours)
  • High (500 lumens, 10 hours)
  • Super (1000 lumens, 3 hours)

The flashing modes are:

  • Low Flash (170 lumens, 90 hours)
  • Medium Flash (350 lumens, 20 hours)
  • High Flash (500 lumens, 10 hours)
  • Quick Flash (500 lumens, 45 hours)

Like the GYIO T6, the Easydo Dark Knight-2 is a light for all scooters, riders, and conditions. It also offers versatility, with an easy-to-attach design making it ideal for scooters with less accommodating blueprints (such as those with tapered handlebars or stems).

How to Choose an Electric Scooter Light


What are Lumens?

Lumens (lm) are units of measurement that denote how bright a light is.

While many people associate wattage (w) with brightness, watts simply tell you how much power a bulb is consuming – not how bright the light is. Lumens are the easiest way to figure out how potent your electric scooter’s light is going to be. The more lumens, the brighter the light.

How Many Lumens Do You Need for the Light to Be Bright Enough?

To put lumens into perspective, consider that car headlights on full beam are around 2400 lumens (the GYIO T6, you’ll remember, is 2500 lumens). A full moon, on a clear night, is around 1 lumen, and a mobile phone’s backlight is around 20.

So how many does your light need? Well, that depends on the visibility of the conditions you’ll be riding in.

Wolf Warrior Handlebars With Lights Pointed at Wall

For urban streets – which tend to be well-lit by nature – some sources state that you need just 50-100 lumens. For less illuminated city roads, these sources state 200 lumens, and for unlit streets, 500 lumens.

In the country, with no streetlights to guide you, a minimum of 800 lumens is recommended. And, for extremely dark areas like forest trails – where ambient light is blocked out by trees – it’s advised that you should use a light that offers no less than 1200 lumens.

So, what do we, at Electric Scooter Insider, recommend? Well, we mostly disagree with the above, and here’s why:

To show you how bright varying degrees of lumens are, we’ve created a side-by-side comparison. As you can see, lights on the lower end of the lumen scale are insufficient for nighttime riding since they don’t cast enough light, leaving you vulnerable and guessing what’s ahead.

Electric Scooter Light Lumen Comparison

Based on our assessment of lumen levels, our recommendations are as follows:

For street environments – whether they are well-lit or partly-lit – we recommend using a light with at least 800 lumens. Why? Well, this is the point at which you can begin to feel safe while riding since you can see the road and any obstacles ahead before it's too late.

For environments that are not lit, including streets, country roads, and forest tracks, we recommend using a light with at least 1000 lumens. In these circumstances, brighter is better, so if you can afford a brighter light then we recommend doing so.

Lights that have a lumen level above 1000, give you a huge field of view and let you see potential obstacles – like gravel or potholes – far into the distance. Even if you are traveling at high speeds, these lights give you plenty of time to see anything that you’re coming up to.

Wolf King GT Powerful Lights at Night

Beam Distance and Angle:

How Far Do You Need the Beam Distance to Be for Safe Riding?

While there’s no magic number, we recommend lights that can brightly illuminate everything within a 30-meter distance.

Most lights will claim coverage of up to several hundred meters, but it’s important to understand that the light at, say, the 300-meter mark will not be as bright as it is at 100 meters, and so on.

So, while beam distance is a useful metric for judging a light’s efficiency in principle, make sure that you can see clearly for at least 30 meters in the distance.

Electric Scooter Light Beam Comparison

What is the Best Beam Angle?

While it’s tempting to point your light directly out in front of you for maximum visibility, we recommend angling it down slightly.

This way, you’ll still benefit from plenty of light illuminating the road, but importantly, you’ll avoid blinding anyone coming the opposite way, and causing annoying glare for other road users.

As for the side-to-side angle at which light is emitted, we recommend nothing less than 120 degrees.

Lighting Modes

Can the Brightness of the Light Be Adjusted?

This depends on the light, but – in most cases – yes, you can adjust the brightness of electric scooter lights. By reducing the brightness (i.e. lowering the number of lumens), you use less energy and increase battery life.

Easydo Dark Knight-2 Light Attached on Electric Scooter

Typically, lights will allow you to switch between different continuous and flashing modes. Each mode will have varying lumen levels and use more or less battery power. For instance, the Easydo Dark Knight-2 has 8 modes. Its continuous and brightest mode (1000 lumens) lasts for 3 hours, while its lowest power flashing mode (170 lumens) lasts for 90 hours.

By adjusting the light level, you can tailor your light output to your riding conditions, and use battery power more efficiently.

Is There a Flashing Setting?

Most attachable lights for electric scooters have flashing modes.

Flashing modes help conserve battery life, while the continuous mode provides the highest level of visibility.

Run and Charge Time

How Long Will the Light Stay on For?

How long your electric scooter light will last depends on several factors, including:

  • Charge level
  • Battery capacity
  • Lumen level
  • Mode

It should come as no surprise that the more charged the light, the longer it’ll last. However, something that is worth paying attention to is the size of the battery.

Electric Scooter Light With USB Charge Cable

As a rule of thumb, most high-quality lights will have a battery capacity of 4,400 mAh. Milliampere Hours – otherwise referred to as mAh – is the measurement of the energy stored in a battery. While a higher mAh figure typically denotes a longer battery life, it's important to consider the lumen level. A battery with a capacity of 4,400 mAh will last for 3-4 hours while in its brightest setting (highest lumens) but will last a lot longer (up to 90 hours), in its weakest setting (lowest lumens).

Handily, most lights come with multiple modes, giving you control over how much juice you’re using. To conserve battery life, engage your light’s flashing mode when you can – it’ll use a fraction of the power of the continuous mode.

In conditions of low light – when the flashing mode isn’t an option – try turning your light’s brightness down slightly. It’ll help save battery and prevent it from running out of juice when you need it most.

Does the Light Have a Battery Status Indicator?

This depends on the light – some do, some don’t.

Remember to keep an eye out for this functionality before you make your purchase – it’s a super useful feature to have.

How Long Will the Light Take to Recharge?

Recharge time depends on the individual light, and correlates directly with the size of the battery. For most good-quality lights, recharge time tends to be around 3-4 hours.


Is the Light Protected From Rain and Water?

Most electric scooter lights from reputable suppliers will be splashproof and, therefore, function in full perpetuity when exposed to rain.

Electric Scooter Light in Rain

IP ratings offer an indication of how water-resistant a light is. All IP ratings start with ‘IP’ and are followed by two digits. The first digit refers to the level of intrusion protection (i.e. dust ingress), and the second digit refers to the level of moisture protection.

As a general rule: the higher the numbers, the better protection from both ingress and moisture.

Expert Tip: Don’t settle for anything less than an IPX4 rating. This has no ingress protection but protects the light against water splashes from any direction.

Attaching the Light:

How Easy is the Light to Attach to Your Electric Scooter?

This varies based on the individual light, and how it’s built.

Some require a little installation – like using an Allen key to mount a bracket to your handlebars before sliding the light onto it. Others attach to your scooter with flexible rubber straps and require virtually no effort whatsoever to affix.

Where Can the Light Be Attached?

We recommend attaching headlights to your handlebars or high up on the stem.

Apollo Air Pro Headlight Front On

However, this will depend on the light that you choose. Some light brackets may prevent them from being attached to certain scooters. For instance, the nature of the GYIO T6’s small circular bracket means that it isn’t suitable for attachment on thick stems. The Easydo Dark Knight-2 rubber band, on the other hand, makes it much more versatile since it can wrap around different shapes.

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