Best Electric Scooters Under $500 (All Tested)

Quick List: Best Electric Scooters Under $500

Following 68 hours of hands-on tests, we can reveal that the best electric scooters under $500 (ordered by Black Friday sale prices) are:

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Compare key performance stats and specs.

See the best scooters by type (e.g. for heavy adults, portability, etc).

Our Top Picks

Best Electric Scooters Under $500

Take a closer look at our recommendations by viewing the scooters in the categories below.
Under $350
Turboant M10 Lite
Turboant M10 Lite
Black Friday Sale: $299.98 $399.98
Under $400
Turboant M10
Turboant M10
$359.98 $449.98
Under $450
Turboant X7 Pro
Turboant X7 Pro
Sale: $399.98 $549.98
Under $500
Turboant X7 Max
Turboant X7 Max
Black Friday Sale: $429.98 $599.98

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Compare Best Electric Scooters Under $500

The table below compares the best electric scooters under $500 based on top speed, acceleration, motor power, performance, specs, price, and more.
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Turboant M10 LiteTurboant M10 LiteTurboant M10Turboant M10Turboant X7 ProTurboant X7 ProTurboant X7 MaxTurboant X7 Max
Where to BuyTurboantTurboantTurboantTurboant
AwardBest Under $350Best Under $400Best Under $450Best Under $500
Top Speed16 mph20 mph20 mph20 mph
0-15 MPH7.8 s7.6 s7.1 s6.9 s
Max Range15.5 miles18 miles30 miles32 miles
Tested Range10 miles11 miles16 Miles18 miles
Braking2.9 meters4.9 meters5.0 meters3.0 meters
Max Incline15 degrees15 degrees15 degrees15 degrees
Optimal Incline7 degrees9 degrees9 degrees9 degrees
Motor36V 350W36V 350W36V 350W36V 350W
Battery36V 6.6Ah FST36V 7.5Ah FST36V 10Ah FST36V 10Ah FST
Charge Time5 hours5 hours6 hours6 hours
BrakesDisc, ElectronicDisc, ElectronicDisc, ElectronicDisc, Electronic
Tire Size8.5 inch10 inch10 inch10 inch
Tire TypeAir (Inner-Tube)Air (Inner-Tube)Air (Inner-Tube)Air (Inner-Tube)
Weight30.9 lbs29.8 lbs33 lbs34 lbs
Load220 lbs220 lbs275 lbs275 lbs
FoldabilityFolds at StemFolds at StemFolds at StemFolds at Stem
LightsHeadlight, TaillightHeadlight, TaillightHeadlight, TaillightHeadlight, Taillight

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Best Electric Scooters Under $500 By Type

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Testing & Analysis

How Did We Choose the Scooters?

Not all cheap electric scooters are made equal, and because of this, they can vary wildly in performance. Some outperform their budget price tags while others can be poorly built, rickety, and unreliable.

To ensure that each scooter featured in this list is worthy of its place, I made sure to only include the models that deliver the highest levels of performance across ride and build quality, as well as speed, range, and braking.

Electric Scooter Under $500

Performance Reports

See how the electric scooters stack up against each other across the metrics of top speed, acceleration, maximum range, tested range, and braking.

Top Speed:

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

ScooterPriceTop Speed
Turboant X7 Max
20 MPH
Turboant X7 Pro
20 MPH
Turboant M10
20 MPH
Turboant M10 Lite
16 MPH

Acceleration (0-15 MPH):

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

ScooterPrice0-15 MPH (Seconds)
Turboant X7 Max
6.9 s
Turboant X7 Pro
7.1 s
Turboant M10
7.6 s
Turboant M10 Lite
7.8 s

Maximum Range (Riding Slow):

Ordered from longest to shortest.

ScooterPriceMax Range
Turboant X7 Max
32 miles
Turboant X7 Pro
30 miles
Turboant M10
18 miles
Turboant M10 Lite
15.5 miles

Real-World Range (Riding Fast):

Ordered from longest to shortest.

ScooterPriceReal-World Range
Turboant X7 Max
18 Miles
Turboant X7 Pro
16 miles
Turboant M10
11 Miles
Turboant M10 Lite
10 miles

Braking (From 15 MPH):

Ordered from shortest to longest stopping distance.

ScooterPriceBraking From 15 MPH
Turboant M10 Lite
2.9 meters
Turboant X7 Max
3.0 meters
Turboant M10
4.9 meters
Turboant X7 Pro
5.0 meters

Reviews of Electric Scooters Under $500

Turboant M10 Lite - Best Under $350

Black Friday Sale: Save $100 | Was: $399.98 | Now: $299.98

 at Turboant

Turboant M10 Lite
Award: Best Under $350

The Good:

The Bad:


If you’re new to the world of electric scooters then the first thing you should know is this: when it comes to the budget market, Turboant rules the land. This will become crystal clear as you move through this guide.

The all-new M10 Lite is the baby of the clan – but don’t be fooled. It’s a serious piece of engineering that channels everything great about its bigger sibling, the M10, and brings a selection of fine-tunings into the equation to deliver what’s arguably an all-around better ride.

From its chart-topping performance and excellent ride quality to its reliable build and ergonomic controls, it offers the best return on investment compared to all of its similarly-priced competitors.

Turboant M10 Lite Chassis

Why We Recommend It:

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a scooter costing less than $350 may have a patchy spec sheet. But, the M10 Lite is here to prove us wrong.

The Turboant M10 Lite may not boast a suspension system or a suite of exciting extra features. It’s not going to shred the asphalt or go on and on like the Duracell bunny. But this is one reliable, comfortable scooter that’s purpose-made for beginners and casual riders.

Josh's Feet on the Turboant M10 Lite Deck

It comes equipped with a 350W motor that produces a top speed of 16 mph. No other scooter under $350 goes faster, while only the M10 has a quicker pace in the sub-$400 category. The Lite’s acceleration rate of 0-15 mph in 7.8 seconds is also just 0.2 seconds shy of the M10’s.

Turboant M10 Lite Rear Tire

Things aren’t as close when we switch the focus to range, however. The M10 Lite’s battery is 12% smaller than the one sported by the M10, translating into a maximum range of 15.5 miles. Nevertheless, it manages to achieve a real-world range of 10 miles, which is just 1 mile short of its more expensive sibling.

But though the Lite makes small concessions in terms of speed and range, it regains with a selection of upgrades that contribute to what many would argue is superior ride quality. One is the replacement of the M10’s finger throttle with a new thumb throttle; this improves ergonomics while facilitating a smoother acceleration rate.

Turboant M10 Lite Cockpit

At 8.5 inches, the tires are also smaller. This gives the scooter more maneuverability without compromising on stability. And get this: they’re pneumatic, which is a rare thing to find on a scooter that’s so cheap.

And when it comes to stopping power, the M10 Lite has a clear edge over its pricier sibling. Its brakes are far better calibrated, resulting in a 2.9-meter stopping distance from 15 mph. That’s 41% shorter than the 4.9 meters tallied by the M10 (4.9 meters).

Turboant M10 Lite Brake Lever

Being a Turboant scooter, the Lite is of course a delight when it comes to build quality. Its aluminum alloy frame is sturdy and lightweight, while the handlebars are tall, wide, and connected to a wobble-free stem. The deck, though a little short, is grippy and large enough to host your feet in an L-shaped stance.

Turboant M10 Lite Rubber Deck

Weighing just 30.9 lbs, it’s also light. A simple 3-step folding mechanism allows you to collapse the stem in seconds should you need to transport it in a car or onto a train. Yep – this is a model that takes its portability credentials seriously.

Turboant M10 Lite Folded Frame

You’ll want to purchase extra clip-on lights if you plan to ride at night, though, as the rig provided doesn’t adequately illuminate dark streets.

Turboant M10 Lite Lights

But one extra feature that gets a resounding thumbs up is the USB charging port. Located below the bright and clear display, it can be used to charge your phone on the go.

Turboant M10 Lite USB Charging Port

Stylish, durable, and heaps of fun to ride, the M10 Lite once again sees Turboant redefining what’s possible for a budget scooter.

Turboant M10 Lite Sleek Frame

Further Information:

Turboant M10 Lite Review

Turboant M10 - Best Under $400

Current Price: Save $90 | Was: $449.98 | Now: $359.98

 at Turboant

Turboant M10
Award: Best Under $400

The Good:

The Bad:


Ladies and gentlemen, join me as I wax lyrical about the award-winning Turboant M10.

With a fizzing top speed, large air-filled tires, and three riding modes, the M10 Lite’s bigger, snappier sibling excels in both ride comfort and performance. This lightweight, super portable scooter has a bite that exceeds its bark.

Whether you’re a first-timer, a commuter, or someone looking to up your scooter game, this little howitzer has enough under its hood to keep you smiling every time you step foot on it.

Why We Recommend It:

Offering incredible value for money, the M10 packs heaps of fun into its budget price tag. By combining a 350W motor with 10-inch air-filled tires and an overall weight of 29.8 lbs, Turboant has been able to create a scooter that handles exceptionally well.

Josh on Turboant M10

Its 20 mph top speed is as fast as you can go for under $400. It’s only the Horizon 10.4 – which costs $799 and has a more powerful 500W motor – that’s the next scooter along the price scale that can beat its speed credentials. This impressive performance is largely the result of the motor being positioned in the rear wheel hub. This gives it an advantage when it comes to traction and allows it to leave scooters with front-mounted motors in the dust.

Turboant M10 Rear Motor

Similar to the Lite, the M10 keeps its 36V 7.5Ah battery in the deck, lowering its center of gravity and increasing your stability as you carve from side to side. The battery provides up to 18 miles of range and can be fully charged in just 5 hours. Be aware, however, that to reach that mileage you need to ride in eco mode. If you ride fast, you’ll see the maximum range drop to 11 miles.

Turboant M10 Sleek Chassis

The central hub of the M10 is its 17.7-inch handlebars. Not only are they wide-spanning, but they feature a slightly swept-back design to promote ergonomic use that gives you maintained control when nudging top speeds. As with most scooters in this price class, the cockpit is simple and easy to master.

Turboant M10 Cockpit

The screen has been stretched to fit alongside the central portion of the handlebars and is flanked by two buttons that control your riding mode and lights. The presentation of key stats is basic, making it easy to see how fast you’re going, how much power is left in the battery, what riding mode you’re in, and if your lights are on or off, but it could benefit from being brighter.

Turboant M10 Elongated Display

To the right of the display is a finger throttle, and to the left is a bell and brake lever. Pulling the lever simultaneously activates the rear disc and front electronic brakes. If you’re traveling at 15 mph, you can expect to come to a complete stop in 4.9 meters. While this is average for scooters in its class, it’s left chasing shadows by the M10 Lite’s outstanding distance of 2.9 meters.

Turboant M10 Disc Brake

One area of the design that promises comfort no matter how tall, short, heavy, or light you are, is its big plush 10-inch air-filled tires. They do a great job of cushioning the ride, meaning you’ll quickly notice a satisfyingly smooth ride quality on paved sidewalks and streets.

Turboant M10 Front Wheel and Reflector

Continuing the best-in-class performance is the scooter’s portability credentials. Its 29.8 lbs mass and one-click folding mechanism are a gift from the scooter gods. The M10 can be quickly collapsed and carried in one hand with ease. And despite its feather-like frame, it’s robust enough to handle the wear and tear of everyday use.

Turboant M10 Folded

So, there you have it. The Turboant M10. Award-winner. Trail-blazer. Smile-maker. If you’re looking for a cheap electric scooter that delivers unbeatable performance for its price, this might just be the ideal model for you.

Turboant M10 Frame

Further Information:

Turboant M10 Review

Turboant X7 Pro - Best Under $450

Sale: Save $150 | Was: $549.98 | Now: $399.98

 at Turboant

Turboant X7 Pro
Award: Best Under $450

The Good:

The Bad:


This is starting to look like one of those 100-meter finals where every runner is American, isn’t it? I told you Turboant rules the roost when it comes to budget scooters – and the X7 Pro is one of its crowning glories.

Why? Well, I’ve reviewed a heck of a lot of scooters, and guess what? The Pro, for me, represents excellent value for money. A detachable battery, 20 mph top speed, 10-inch air-filled tires, and great handling unite to deliver one of the market’s most popular models.

Why We Recommend It:

Where else to start but with the battery? The stem-mounted 10Ah unit has a nominal range of 30 miles, or 16 miles if you’re riding fast. For context, scooters with a similar range typically cost upwards of $1,000. How’s that for value?

Turboant X7 Pro Detachable Battery Pack

But here’s the clincher: the battery is removable, so by purchasing a spare ($169.98), you can double the range to 60 miles. This, I’m sure you realize, is genuinely game-changing.

And a one-trick pony, the X7 Pro is not. It can hit a pacey top speed of 20 mph, which is fast enough to turn your knuckles pale. You also have a choice of three riding modes – beginner, eco, and sport – which let you set the scooter’s pace to your experience level.

Turboant X7 Pro Handlebars and LED Display

One thing that’s not dependent on experience, however, is how easygoing the X7 Pro is to ride. Here, the plush 10-inch air-filled tires do a great job of soaking up shocks and vibrations from the road to ensure a comfortable riding experience.

Then there’s the build quality. The stem is wobble-free, the spacious deck is lathered in a grippy rubber, and the frame is protected from rain by an IPX4 water-resistance rating.

Turboant X7 Pro 10-inch Tire

A by-product of the sturdy design is that it can support a rider weight of up to 275 lbs. This is revolutionary for heavier riders who were previously forced to buy far pricier performance scooters that could take their weight.

Turboant X7 Pro Deck

It’s also relatively portable. At 33 lbs, it's light enough to carry, but it’s worth noting that the thickened stem makes it slightly cumbersome.

It does, however, feature a slick folding mechanism that allows you to collapse it in seconds, so getting it into the trunk of your car poses no issues.

Turboant X7 Pro Folded

Nor does stopping, either. Coming complete with a triple-braking system – including a rear disc, electronic brake, and foot brake – the X7 Pro wields enough power to bring you safely to a halt even at top speeds.

Turboant X7 Pro Rear Wheel Fender and Disc Brake

There’s also the ergonomic thumb throttle that promises excellent modulation of your pace, while the seamlessly integrated display is both bright and clear, allowing you to view your speed, riding mode, and battery level at a glance.

Turboant X7 Pro LED Display and Throttle

And if you do get held up in the office, riding home in the dark is safe enough – if your route is made up of well-lit streets. For darker roads, I’d suggest buying an extra clip-on headlight, as the one included is not quite bright enough.

Turboant X7 Pro Headlight

Overall, the Turboant X7 Pro is a legend in the budget scooter space, and it's easy to see why. Combining a performance profile that’s more commonly associated with more expensive scooters with a plethora of useful features, it fully ticks the value-for-money box.

Turboant X7 Max - Best Under $500

Black Friday Sale: Save $170 | Was: $599.98 | Now: $429.98

 at Turboant

Turboant X7 Max
Award: Best Under $500

The Good:

The Bad:


Chosen by thousands of scooter fans as the best overall electric scooter and the best for adults, the Turboant X7 Max isn’t shy of acclaim.

This titan of the budget scooter world is a welcome remake of the X7 Pro – and a testament to acting on customer feedback. While the Pro was celebrated for its removable battery and general all-around functionality, the Max has stolen the show by combining its successes with lots of exciting new features.

Why We Recommend It:

Some people may think that choosing a budget scooter means compromising on quality. The X7 Max is proof that they’re wrong.

Josh With Turboant X7 Max

Take, for example, its detachable 36V 10Ah battery, a rare feature it shares with the X7 Pro. Not only does it give you the option to extend the scooter’s already impressive maximum range of 32 miles to 64 miles (or 18 to 36 miles when ridden in its fastest settings) with a spare; but it also means that you can recharge it anywhere. Additionally, it now comes with a key lock to prevent theft.

Turboant X7 Max Battery Being Detached

Another difference to the X7 Pro that can be easily overlooked is the update to the drivetrain software and hardware. This simple change has made the entire system more efficient. It’s the main reason why the X7 Pro and X7 Max have the same battery, yet the Max can reach 32 miles, whereas the Pro will stop at 30.

Turboant X7 Max Battery Key Lock

While the battery is a central element of the X7 Max’s appeal, it’s not the only thing it has to offer. This firecracker is one of the top performers in its price bracket when it comes to speed and acceleration. It shares its 20 mph top speed with three other models, but the only scooters capable of beating its acceleration of 0-15 mph in 6.9 seconds are the Turboant V8 and Horizon 10.4, both of which are almost $200 more expensive and come with larger motors.

Turboant X7 Max Motor

It’s also worth noting that not only does the Max perform well; the general improvements to the frame, such as its refined shape, tapered deck, and new aluminum-magnesium alloy shell serve to improve how this scooter feels. There’s no rattling, meaning you feel secure at all times.

Turboant X7 Max Sleek Chassis

The handlebars are also now 2.5 inches taller and the frame is 2.7 inches longer, giving you a little extra room to get comfortable. The larger deck, meanwhile, grants plenty of space for your feet. Taller riders and those edging toward the 275 lbs load capacity will find these upgrades particularly pleasing.

Turboant X7 Max Sleek Frame

At either end of the deck, you’ll find its 10-inch air-filled tires. I found them exceptionally comfortable and surprisingly versatile. I was also delighted to find that the sidewalls of the tires are thicker, reducing the risk of punctures and pinch flats.

Turboant X7 Max Pneumatic Tire

On each wheel, you also get some serious stopping power: an electric brake is at the front, and a disc brake is at the rear. By spreading the braking power across both wheels, the X7 Max achieves an impressive stopping distance of just 3.0 meters from 15 mph.

Turboant X7 Max Brake Lever

Moving on to the handlebars, at first glance the setup looks identical to the X7 Pro. On closer inspection, however, you’ll notice that the interface has been significantly improved. It still shows all your key stats, but the icons and numbers are larger, brighter, and easier to read.

Close Up of Turboant X7 Max Handlebars

As with the X7 Pro and M10, you also get a high-mounted headlight and taillight. As part of the general style updates, the taillight has been changed to protrude proudly out of the reinforced rear fender for even greater visibility.

Turboant X7 Max With Lights On at Night

The Max weighs slightly more than the rest of the models featured in this list at 34 lbs. But, the folding mechanism has been improved and the stem can now be collapsed in mere seconds thanks to its one-click motion. When the stem is folded, it hooks into the rear fender for easier lifting.

Turboant X7 Max Folded Frame

With everything it has to offer, it's no surprise why the Turboant X7 Max is so popular. It’s harnessed everything we loved about the X7 Pro and upped the ante, delivering a powerful and reliable budget scooter that all riders can fall in love with.

Josh Frisby
Josh Frisby

Josh, Founder of Electric Scooter Insider. Over the last 4 years, I’ve tested countless scooters, amassed a database of 140+ models, and helped thousands of people find the right scooter. All of the scooters that I review are put through a rigorous review process so I can clearly distinguish where one is better or worse than another.

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