7 Best Electric Scooters Under $1,000 (I Spent 119 Hours Testing Them)

Quick List: Best Electric Scooters Under $1,000

After hand-selecting the top-performing models from a choice of 35 and testing them for 119 hours, we can reveal that the best electric scooters under $1,000 (ordered by Black Friday sale prices) are:

  1. Turboant M10 Lite ($299.98)
  2. Turboant X7 Max ($429.98)
  3. NIU KQi2 Pro ($449)
  4. NIU KQi3 Pro ($649)
  5. Horizon 10.4 V2 ($649)
  6. EMOVE Touring ($799) – Save $50 with code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER
  7. Apollo Air 2023 ($879)

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Our Top Picks

Best Electric Scooters Under $1,000

Take a closer look at our recommendations by viewing the scooters in the categories below.


Our top choices for riders that are on a budget and new to electric scooters.

Under $400
Turboant M10 Lite
Turboant M10 Lite
Black Friday Sale: $299.98 $399.98

Under $500

Turboant X7 Max
Turboant X7 Max
Black Friday Sale: $429.98 $599.98
Under $600
NIU KQi2 Pro
NIU KQi2 Pro
Black Friday Sale: $449.00 $599.00


Our top choices for riders that want improved ride quality and better build quality than budget models.

Under $700
NIU KQi3 Pro
NIU KQi3 Pro
Black Friday Sale: $649.00 $799.00
Under $800
Horizon V2
Horizon 10.4 V2
Black Friday Sale: $649.00 $899.00
Under $900
EMOVE Touring
EMOVE Touring
Black Friday Sale: $799.00 $899.00 + Get Extra $50 Off With Code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER


Our top choices for riders that want to experience power, range, and the highest level of performance.

Under $1,000
Apollo Air 2023
Apollo Air 2023
Black Friday Sale: $879.00 $999.00

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Compare Electric Scooters Under $1,000

The table below compares the best electric scooters under $1,000 based on performance, specs, price, and more.

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Turboant M10 LiteTurboant M10 LiteNIU KQi2 ProNIU KQi2 ProTurboant X7 MaxTurboant X7 MaxNIU KQi3 ProNIU KQi3 ProHorizon 10.4 V2Horizon V2EMOVE TouringEMOVE TouringApollo Air 2023Apollo Air 2023
Where to BuyTurboantNIU OfficialTurboantNIU OfficialFluid Free RideVoro MotorsApollo Scooters
Best UnderUnder $400Under $500Under $600Under $700Under $800Under $900Under $1,000
Top Speed16 mph17 mph20 mph20 mph23 mph25 mph21 mph
0-15 MPH7.8 s6.0 s6.9 s5.0 s4.7 s4.5 s5.7 s
Max Range15.5 miles25 miles32 miles31 miles23 miles32 miles34 miles
Tested Range10 miles17 miles18 miles22 miles17 miles19 miles23 miles
Braking2.9 meters5.2 meters3.0 meters2.2 meters5.0 meters4.9 meters3.4 meters
Max Incline15 degrees8.5 degrees15 degrees11 degrees15 degrees15 degrees10 degrees
Optimal Incline7 degrees6 degrees9 degrees9 degrees9 degrees9 degrees6 degrees
Motor36V 350W48V 300W36V 350W48V 350W48V 500W48V 500W36V 500W
Battery36V 6.6Ah FST48V 7.6Ah FST36V 10Ah FST48V 10Ah FST48V 10.4Ah FST48V 13Ah LG36V 15Ah FST
Charge Time5 hours7 hours6 hours6 hours6 hours8 hours7 hours
BrakesDisc, ElectronicDisc, RegenDisc, ElectronicDiscs (x2), RegenDrum, ElectronicDrum, ElectronicDrum, Regen
SuspensionNoneNoneNoneNoneSprings, Air ShocksSprings, SwingarmsFront Fork
Tire Size8.5 inch10 inch10 inch9.5 inch8 inch8 inch10 inch
Tire TypeAir (Inner-Tube)Air (Tubeless)Air (Inner-Tube)Air (Tubeless)Air (Inner-Tube), Solid (Rubber)Air (Inner-Tube), Solid (Rubber)Air (Tubeless, Self-Healing)
Weight30.9 lbs41 lbs34 lbs45 lbs40 lbs39 lbs39 lbs
Load220 lbs220 lbs275 lbs265 lbs265 lbs308 lbs220 lbs
FoldabilityFolds at StemFolds at StemFolds at StemFolds at StemFolds at Stem & HandlebarsFolds at Stem & HandlebarsFolds at Stem
LightsHeadlight, TaillightHeadlight, TaillightHeadlight, TaillightHeadlight, TaillightHeadlight, TaillightHeadlight, TaillightHeadlight, Taillight, Turn Signals
IP RatingIP54IP54IPX4IP54NoneIP54IP66
By Type

Best Electric Scooters Under $1,000 By Type

Heavy Adults:


Further Information:

Fast Electric Scooters

Longest Range:


  • None

Biggest Wheels:

Most Portable:

  • Turboant M10 Lite – 30.9 lbs and simple folding mechanism
  • Horizon – 42 lbs, telescopic stem, and foldable handlebars


Further Information:

Commuting Electric Scooters

Hill Climbing:

  • Horizon – 15 degrees max (9 degrees optimal)



Optional Seat Attachment:

Further Information:

Best Seated Scooters

Testing & Analysis

How Did We Choose the Scooters?

From power to ride quality and design to extra features, there are many factors that determine the performance of an electric scooter. To identify the scooters that represent the best value for money, we hand-tested the top-performing models across 7 key performance metrics and assessed their design across 13 categories.

Electric Scooter Under $1000

Performance Reports

See how the electric scooters stack up against each other across the metrics of top speed, acceleration, maximum range, tested range, and braking.

Top Speed:

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

ScooterPriceTop Speed
EMOVE Touring
25 MPH
23 MPH
Apollo Air 2023
21 MPH
NIU KQi3 Pro
20 MPH
Turboant X7 Max
20 MPH
NIU KQi2 Pro
17 MPH
Turboant M10 Lite
16 MPH

Acceleration (0-15 MPH):

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

ScooterPrice0-15 MPH (Seconds)
EMOVE Touring
4.5 s
4.7 s
NIU KQi3 Pro
5.0 s
Apollo Air 2023
5.7 s
NIU KQi2 Pro
6.0 s
Turboant X7 Max
6.9 s
Turboant M10 Lite
7.8 s

Maximum Range (Riding Slow):

Ordered from longest to shortest.

ScooterPriceMax Range
Apollo Air 2023
34 miles
EMOVE Touring
32 miles
Turboant X7 Max
32 miles
NIU KQi3 Pro
31 miles
NIU KQi2 Pro
25 miles
23 miles
Turboant M10 Lite
15.5 miles

Real-World Range (Riding Fast):

Ordered from longest to shortest.

ScooterPriceTested Range
Apollo Air 2023
23 miles
NIU KQi3 Pro
22 miles
EMOVE Touring
19 miles
Turboant X7 Max
18 miles
NIU KQi2 Pro
17 miles
17 miles
Turboant M10 Lite
10 miles

Braking (From 15 MPH):

Ordered from shortest to longest stopping distance.

ScooterPriceBraking From 15 MPH
NIU KQi3 Pro
2.2 meters
Turboant M10 Lite
2.9 meters
Turboant X7 Max
3.0 meters
Apollo Air 2023
3.4 meters
EMOVE Touring
4.9 meters
5.0 meters
NIU KQi2 Pro
5.2 meters

Reviews of the Best Electric Scooters Under $1,000

Turboant M10 Lite

Black Friday Sale: Save $100 | Was: $399.98 | Now: $299.98

 at Turboant

Turboant M10 Lite
Category: Budget
Award: Best Under $400

The Good:

The Bad:


From chart-topping performance in its price class to a design that surpasses its similarly-priced competitors, this is one scooter not to be missed.

The M10 Lite is cut from the same cloth as the rest of the extremely popular Turboant scooters, but it manages to bring a clutch of crucial refinements to the party that arguably make it a better all-round ride than its more expensive sibling – the Turboant M10. And it comes with a smaller price tag. What more could you ask for?

Why We Recommend It:

Following on from the award-winning Turboant M10, the hottest workshop in the budget scooter market is at it again with the all-new M10 Lite.

Turboant M10 Lite Chassis

So, what has this scooter done to deserve a place on this list?

Firstly, despite sharing the same 350W motor, the Lite’s top speed of 16 mph is only slightly slower than the original M10’s. It’s a spirited little nipper that will satisfy all but the most intrepid of scooter newbies. Its acceleration rate of 0-15 mph in 7.8 seconds is zippy but far from intimidating, while its ability to scale gentle slopes will place most neighborhoods firmly in your grasp.

Turboant M10 Lite Motor

The battery is also 14% smaller than the one found on the M10, which equates to a maximum range of 15.5 miles instead of 18 miles. This will be more than ample for the majority of everyday rides; and with a recharge time of just 4-5 hours, it doesn’t take long to get to full capacity again, either.

A crowning glory in the M10 Lite’s arsenal is its 8.5-inch pneumatic tires. These make it nimble and promise considerable shock absorption to soak up the irregularities of city streets. As budget scooters go, the ride quality on offer is outstanding.

Turboant M10 Lite Rear Tire

This ride quality is bolstered by the wobble-free stem, ergonomic thumb throttle, and handlebars that are surprisingly wide at 19.5 inches. Together, they maximize your sense of stability when riding at full clip. And, while the grippy deck is perhaps on the short side, there’s still enough room to position your feet in an L-shape (or, at times, you can use the rear fender as a kickplate).

Turboant M10 Lite Deck

One area where the M10 Lite improves on its predecessor is in its brakes. Both the rear disc and front electronic brake have been better calibrated, resulting in a 41% shorter stopping distance from 15 mph (2.9 vs 4.9 meters).

Turboant M10 Lite Brake Lever

Being an everyday scooter, portability is also important. The M10 Lite takes its responsibilities seriously here, with a 3-step folding mechanism making it quick and easy for you to collapse it down.

My one word of caution is that the latch on the handlebars has a bit of a habit of coming loose out of the anchor on the rear fender. This is mildly inconvenient, as you have to reattach it before lifting the scooter.

Turboant M10 Lite Folded Frame

However, once successfully compacted and secured, it easily fits in a car trunk or under a desk. Weighing just 30.9 lbs, it also won’t trigger a slipped disc or burst a blood vessel when it comes to lifting.

But of course, being such a lightweight scooter has pros and cons. The negative here is its load-bearing capacity. I can confidently say that riders up to 190 lbs will experience a good level of performance. However, if you weigh more than this, then I recommend checking out the Turboant X7 Max and its 275 lbs capacity.

Turboant M10 Lite Sleek Frame

Among the extra features are an IP54 water-resistance rating and long fenders that protect you from light rain and splashes. When we filmed our review of the M10 Lite, it snowed and rained, yet the scooter held up its end of the bargain and continued to perform.

You also get a USB charging port that – as per my tests – can be used to charge your devices on the go. Over the many years that I’ve tested electric scooters, the success rate of the charging ports working has been 50%, so I was impressed with the M10 Lite – especially given its cheap price.

Turboant M10 Lite USB Charging Port

Then there’s the 3W headlight that's more than up to the job of illuminating the way ahead in well-lit areas during low-light conditions. But, I still recommend attaching an additional clip-on headlight if riding at night is going to be a regular occurrence.

Turboant M10 Lite Lights

As for the taillights, it has two that line either side of the deck at the rear. However, while they are bright and responsive (i.e. flash when you brake), it would have been nice if they wrapped around the back of the deck more to improve visibility from behind.

Turboant M10 Lite Rear Tire and Taillight

With all the qualities that the M10 Lite brings to the table, it offers the best return on investment among all sub $400 electric scooters. Not only does it top the charts of both speed and range, but its build and ride quality surpasses its price tag.

Further Information:

Turboant M10 Lite Review

Turboant X7 Max

Black Friday Sale: Save $170 | Was: $599.98 | Now: $429.98

 at Turboant

Turboant X7 Max - Electric Scooter Insider Awards
Category: Budget
Award: Best Under $500

The Good:

The Bad:


Turboant has a long history of redefining what to expect from budget scooters; the X7 Pro took the electric scooter world by storm with its high specs, low price, and detachable battery.

Now, the new Turboant X7 Max has exploded onto the scene complete with rider-focused upgrades including a larger frame, a longer range, and a much-needed facelift. The Max is the juiced-up big bro of the Pro; it’s bigger, it’s better, and it costs less than $500.

Josh With Turboant X7 Max

From its detachable battery pack that enables you to extend its range indefinitely, to its lavish 10-inch pneumatic tires that soak up vibrations from city streets, it’s clear to see why the X7 Max was voted by thousands of scooter fans as both the Best Overall Electric Scooter and the Best Electric Scooter for Adults in our annual Electric Scooter Insider Awards.

Turboant X7 Max Battery Being Detached

Why We Recommend It:

With the X7 Max, Turboant has gone all-out to raise the bar. They’ve listened carefully to feedback from their customers and have made several impressive changes to improve their latest model.

Even the tallest riders will now find it easy to get comfortable on the Max with its tall stem, wide handlebars, and spacious tapered deck. However, the improvements aren’t just to its size and structure; an update to the drivetrain software and hardware means that the range has been extended from 30 miles to 32 miles, despite the battery remaining the same.

Turboant M10 and Turboant X7 Max

One of the main reasons why so many people fell head over heels for the X7 Pro was its detachable battery. I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that this is still one of the Max’s stand-out features. But what’s so special about a detachable battery, I hear you ask? Well, it’s a simple feature that significantly expands the capabilities of your scooter, and what’s more, only a tiny fraction of electric scooters have them.

Turboant X7 Max Stem Battery

With most scooters, you have to carry the entire frame to a power outlet when you need to recharge. But with the X7 Max, it’s a much simpler process because you only need to take the battery.

The most notable reason why detachable batteries are so popular, though, is that you can purchase additional units, charge them, carry them with you, and extend your scooter's range indefinitely. Turboant sells additional batteries for $219.98, meaning you can take your scooter from 32 miles to 64 miles for a total cost of just $819.98. Compared to scooters that achieve this type of mileage, the X7 Max is 45% cheaper.

Turboant X7 Max Battery Being Removed

And, while the battery is almost identical to that on the X7 Pro, the new design comes with one major improvement – it now has a keylock to keep it secure and prevent it from being stolen.

Turboant X7 Max Battery Key Lock

While the detachable battery pack is an impressive feature, it could be easy to misjudge the X7 Max as a one-trick pony, but it’s far from this. It’s powered by a 350W brushless motor, and while this isn’t record-breaking, it delivers solid all-around performance with a top speed of 20 mph. What’s more, the Max leaves more expensive scooters – like the GoTrax GMAX Ultra ($849) – that share the same motor in the dust when it comes to acceleration. Here, the X7 Max accelerates to 15 mph in 6.9 seconds, beating its more expensive rival by 14%. It also outpaces its predecessor (7.1 seconds).

Turboant X7 Max Sleek Chassis

This level of performance is ideal for an electric scooter that prioritizes functionality, portability, and convenience. With a weight of just 34 lbs and a newly improved one-click folding and locking mechanism, it’s perfect for anyone looking to speed up their daily commute.

Turboant X7 Max Folded Frame

The aerospace-grade aluminum frame and well-made components also demonstrate exceptional build quality and won’t let you down when you’re rushing to get to that first Monday morning meeting. Alongside the grippy rubberized deck, rock solid stem, and impressive 275 lbs load capacity, it’s perfectly primed for all riders, no matter how you use the scooter – whether that's commuting, daily errands, or simply just a fun way to get around the city at weekends.

Turboant X7 Max Motor

Even the brakes promise excellent performance thanks to more effective components. Fans of the Turboant X7 Pro may be looking out for the fender brake, but, thankfully, Turboant’s designers decided to leave it out of the design blueprint this time around. In theory, a fender stomp brake may seem like a great idea, but, as I previously reported, if you use it too often or at high speeds, you quickly wear the rear tire down. To make up for this, the Max comes with a dual braking system that features a front electronic brake and a rear disc brake. Together they provide balanced control.

Turboant X7 Max Brake Lever

What surprised me the most, though, was that the braking power of the X7 Max has been significantly increased. Newly-calibrated brake pads are responsible for a 40% improvement in stopping distance compared to the X7 Pro. When you slam both brakes on you’ll stop completely in just 3.0 meters.

The chart-topping performance of the X7 Max continues when we consider its ride quality. Despite not having suspension – 99% of scooters under $500 don’t – the X7 Max offers a surprisingly comfortable ride thanks to its 10-inch pneumatic tires. The tires provide a thick layer of air that cushions the scooter from the road. Plus, with thick sidewalls, the risk of pinch flats has been greatly reduced. All told, the tires sport a profile that not only smooths out the bumps and lumps of urban landscapes but is at home when carving from side to side, making it incredibly agile.

Turboant X7 Max Tire Tread

Another sneaky upgrade that the less observant may not have noticed yet can be found on the display. While the screen remains the same shape and size, the interface has been refreshed. The digits are better spaced, larger, and easier to see. This makes it much more convenient when you need to keep tabs on your speed, distance, and battery life.

Turboant X7 Max Display

Other controls can be found on the handlebars including the all-in-one command center that is the thumb throttle (the same as that on the Pro, but a step up from the Turboant M10 which has a finger throttle). Unlike other scooters that spread their controls across their cockpit, the thumb throttle on the X7 Max is home to the buttons to control the scooter’s power, riding modes, and lights. It’s the most ergonomic setup of all budget electric scooters.

Close Up of Turboant X7 Max Handlebars

Down from the handlebars is a headlight that has been seamlessly integrated into the top of the stem to allow for a high beam. There’s also a bright taillight that flashes when you brake. For a scooter of its price, its lighting rig is one of the best, but I recommend purchasing an extra clip-on headlight before heading out after dark.

Turboant X7 Max With Lights On at Night

After this whistle-stop tour of Turboant X7 Max, I’m sure you’re as impressed as I was when I first got my hands on this little whipper snapper. Not only does the Max share everything great about the Pro, but it now comes with a host of value-added additions. This is an exceptional scooter that offers more value than its budget price tag may lead you to believe.

Turboant X7 Max Sleek Frame

NIU KQi2 Pro

Black Friday Sale: Save $150 | Was: $599 | Now: $449
NIU KQi2 Pro
Category: Budget
Award: Best Under $600

The Good:

The Bad:


Even amongst the esteemed scooters that are featured in this guide, the NIU KQi2 Pro stands out.

That’s because this award-winning model fuses outstanding build quality with a well-rounded performance profile to redefine what value means in the sub-$600 category.

From the expertly-crafted frame and the smooth flowing lines of its chassis to the wider-than-normal handlebars and wobble-free stem, everything about it screams quality.

Add to this a plethora of features and an industry-leading warranty, and you have a scooter with a premium flair that over-delivers for its price.

Josh With the NIU KQi2 Pro

Why We Recommend It:

I’ve reviewed countless scooters made by the heavyweights of the budget market – including Turboant, Hiboy, AnyHill, and GoTrax – and while each of these brands can feel proud of their work, no model has managed to encapsulate the air of pedigree that the KQi2 Pro wears so well.

It’s imbued in everything that this scooter has to offer, and this is clear to see from its iF Design Award.

NIU KQi2 Pro Rear Tire in Motion

The cockpit, for one, is a case study in ergonomic design. The display is among the brightest I’ve tested, while the thumb throttle sports an angular profile and ribbed coating to elevate it above the usual integrations that you’ll find in this price class.

The handlebars are also wider than competing models for enhanced handling and control. By comparison, they’re 24% wider than those sported by the popular Turboant X7 Max. Standing 40 inches high, they’re suitable for taller riders, too.

NIU KQi2 Pro Cockpit

Possibly the only area where the KQi2 Pro falls short is in the length of its deck. Measuring 18.5 inches long it’s on the short side, but there’s enough room for your feet to adopt a comfortable L-shaped stance. Besides, the generous slathering of an ultra-grippy griptape makes you feel planted on the scooter at all times.

NIU KQi2 Pro Griptape Deck

As for the rest of the sleek and minimalist frame, it’s both lightweight and durable with an IP54 water-resistance protecting it from light showers and splashes. The cable management, meanwhile, is excellent; the only visible wiring is the brake cable.

Moving on to the KQi2 Pro’s performance, the obvious place to start is with its 48V 300W motor. This packs 33% more torque than the 36V variants that you’ll usually find on scooters in its price category. This equates to a higher peak power output of 600W and a faster acceleration.

Josh Testing the NIU KQi2 Pro

Consequently, the Pro can hit a plucky top speed of 17 mph, while it takes 6.0 seconds to hurtle from 0-15 mph. This makes it 13% quicker out of the blocks than the Turboant X7 Max.

Not to be outdone, the Pro’s 365Wh battery has the capacity for 25 miles on a single charge when being ridden at a slow and steady pace, or 17 miles if you’re putting the pedal to the metal. Once emptied, it takes just 7 hours to recharge.

NIU KQi2 Pro Rear Tire

As a leading budget scooter with the perfect blend of pace and range, the Pro will inevitably prove a popular choice among commuters. Good job, then, that it hits all the right notes in the portability songbook.

Weighing 41 lbs, it’s light enough to be carried up a couple flights of stairs, while its exceptionally simple, yet effective folding mechanism allows you to collapse it in just 3 seconds. Once folded, it’ll easily fit in your car trunk.

NIU KQi2 Pro Folded

You’ll also want a comfortable ride when slaloming down city streets – once again, the KQi2 Pro delivers. Though it doesn’t have a suspension system (which is standard for its price), its chunky 10-inch tubeless tires do a great job of absorbing shocks and vibrations.

Add in the fact that they maintain excellent traction while cornering, and you have a scooter that’s not only addictive to ride but promises the most plush riding sensation among all scooters in the sub-$600 class.

NIU KQi2 Pro Front Tire

And then we come to the Pro’s joker in the pack: its mobile app. With this, you can adjust the strength of the regen brakes to weak, medium, or strong, activate the digital lock, set a custom top speed, and record rides.

I also can’t end this review without a nod to the halo headlight. It’s perhaps the defining feature, a design flourish that’s set to become an iconic staple of the NIU scooter series. It does an admirable job of lighting the way forward on dark nights.

NIU KQi2 Pro Lights

It’s quite mind-blowing that a scooter costing less than $600 can deliver such a well-versed package – but then again, this is a scooter that forces you to reassess what you thought was possible. Simple, elegant, and affordable, the NIU KQi2 Pro is destined to become one of the industry’s most-loved budget scooters.

NIU KQi2 Pro Sleek Frame

Further Information:

NIU KQi2 Pro Review

NIU KQi3 Pro

Black Friday Sale: Save $150 | Was: $799 | Now: $649
NIU KQi3 Pro
Category: Budget
Award: Best Under $700

The Good:

The Bad:


Such has been the sudden impact of the KQi2 and KQi3 Pro models that you’d think NIU is a new brand disrupting the status quo. But the reality is, these guys have been building electric vehicles for over a decade. They know what they’re doing – and it shows.

This is obvious after one spin on the KQi3 Pro. The upgrade to the KQi2, it offers a longer range, higher top speed, and stronger brakes as part of a package that adheres to an already winning blueprint.

That means exceptional build quality at every turn and a balanced, comfortable ride. Together, these calling cards make a mockery of its price tag.

Josh Standing with the NIU KQi3 Pro

Why We Recommend It:

Centering on the finely tuned geometry of the handlebars, stem, frame, and chassis, whilst also delivering a premium finish that’s evident both on the scooter’s exterior and within its interior, the KQi3 Pro is a recipe for success.

Complete with wavy rubber handgrips, a bright display, and angular thumb throttle, the ergonomically marvelous cockpit ensures control is as intuitive as it gets. Add to this handlebars that measure 21.3 inches and excellent handling is guaranteed.

NIU KQi3 Pro Ergonomic Cockpit

The frame, meanwhile, is in an entirely different league from the cheaply put-together shells seen on some comparatively priced models. There’s no wobble in the stem, while the chassis is all sweeping lines and elegant flourishes. It's a thing of beauty.

NIU KQi3 Pro Chassis

Even the halo headlight is a sight for sore eyes. The outer ring stays on the entire time, while the bulb in the middle illuminates the way forward when you turn it on.

NIU KQi3 Pro Halo Headlight

One difference between the KQi3 Pro and KQi2, however, is the size of the deck. The former’s is both 27% longer and 29% wider, granting more grippy space for your feet and a slightly more comfortable ride.

Another departure from its smaller sibling is its larger 48V 350W motor. This little beast produces a peak power output of 700W and a faster top speed of 20 mph.

NIU KQi3 Pro in Motion

Just as big a difference can be seen in the scooter’s acceleration rate. The KQi3 Pro zooms from 0-15 mph in 5.0 seconds – 17% quicker than what the KQi2 can muster. It even keeps pace with the more expensive Horizon, despite it sporting a motor that’s 30% less powerful.

The 486Wh battery is also larger, translating into a maximum range of 31 miles, or 22 miles under real-world conditions. Like the rest of the scooters in the KQi series, it comes fitted with NIU’s patented battery management system. This protects it from 14 different threats – including overheating and short-circuiting – while maintaining its health and efficiency for a longer period.

Josh Testing the NIU KQi3 Pro

The brakes are another area where upgrades can be found. For all its strengths, braking wasn’t one of the KQi2 Pro’s best qualities. This has been remedied on the KQi3; the former’s single drum has been replaced with dual discs. More impressive, however, is the fact that it’s the only scooter in the sub-$800 class to have dual mechanical brakes, as well as a variable regen system that responds to the amount of pressure exerted on the brake levers.

You can also use the regen braking system without the mechanical brakes. It kicks into action as soon as you release the throttle, meaning you can reduce wear and tear on your scooter. Better still, you can adjust the intensity of it via the mobile app.

NIU KQi3 Pro Rear Disc Brake

When firing on all cylinders, the braking setup brought me to a stop from 15 mph in an impressive 2.2 meters.

Then there’s the scooter’s ride quality. With the plush tires cushioning your connection with the ground, whizzing down city streets feels smooth and comfortable. And, because of their rounded front-on profile, the tires are great for carving, making the scooter nimble and easy to control even on busy roads.

Josh Standing on the NIU KQi3 Pro's Deck

Another area where it performs highly is in the portability department. There may be times when you need to board public transport or carry it in short bursts. Thankfully, the 45 lb frame remains light enough to do just that. More importantly, though, it sports the same ultra-efficient folding mechanism that I loved on the KQi2. As a result, you can fold and unfold it in less than 3 seconds.

NIU KQi3 Pro Folded

So, not only is the KQi3 Pro well suited to first-time riders and commuters alike, but with a load capacity of 265 lbs and a deck-to-handlebar height of 39.5 inches, it passes the mark for riders that are both heavier on the scale, as well as those that are taller.

Ultimately, if you want a premium scooter for what a budget model costs, then the NIU KQi3 Pro is a fantastic choice.

NIU KQi3 Pro

Further Information:

NIU KQi3 Pro Review

Horizon 10.4

Black Friday Sale: Save $250 | Was: $899 | Now: $649
Horizon V2
Category: Mid-Range
Award: Best Under $800

The Good:

The Bad:


With the perfect combination of quality, performance, and an incredible price, the Horizon 10.4 is, without a doubt, one of the best electric scooters for adults.

The telescopic stem, foldable handlebars, and carry handle make it exceptionally portable, while the ergonomic thumb throttle, simple-to-use controls, and maneuverability aid the Horizon’s draw as a go-to entry-level scooter.

Horizon V2 Chassis

Alongside a full suspension system, torquey 48V 500W motor, and a tire profile that enables both traction and nimbleness, it's easy to see why the Horizon 10.4 is a top-selling model.

Why We Recommend It:

With tons of style, the Horizon is a practical scooter that delivers in every way. Against other scooters of this price, it comes out top in everything from ride quality and speed to mileage and hill-climbing. From its compact design, impressive load-bearing capability, and the perfect blend of spring and air shock suspension, the Horizon is ideal for all types of riders.

Horizon V2 Frame

Budget scooter brands like GoTrax and Turboant are excellent if you're strapped for cash, but if you've got a bit more to spend, the Horizon is a big step up. It's more portable, has a more powerful motor, and even gives many more expensive models a run for their money.

Horizon V2 Being Ridden

The 500W motor is at the heart of what makes this an able competitor against other models. It's positioned in the rear wheel hub where it delivers an extra burst of speed whenever you need it. Consequently, it reaches a top speed of 25 mph and accelerates to 15 mph in just 5.2 seconds. This makes it faster than many of the scooters in its price class.

Horizon V2 Handgrip

As well as providing decent torque on the flat, this is a scooter that can also manage some hills. While you still shouldn't expect to go flying up and down every hill, the Horizon can climb most gradual inclines.

Horizon V2 Rear Chassis

In addition to the nippy top speed, the 48V 10.4Ah battery delivers an impressive range of 23 miles and, as to be expected, the Horizon is equipped with reliable brakes. It comes with a rear drum brake and a regenerative braking system that can be adjusted. However, it must be noted that while you can depend on the brakes to bring you to a halt, all the braking power is directed towards the rear wheel. As a result, braking performance isn’t as strong as those scooters which apply brakes to both wheels.

Horizon V2 Brake Lever

At 40 lbs, this scooter is heavier than those earlier in the list. However, this is balanced out by its compact, foldable frame. The telescopic stem, foldable handlebars, and main folding mechanism mean that the Horizon can be carried under your arm or packed away into a small space. In fact, when completely folded, it measures just 38.6 inches long, 7.1 inches wide, and 14.6 inches high. What makes the difference here is the handlebars. Once you've had your first scooter with folding handlebars, every other scooter afterward will feel large and cumbersome in comparison.

Horizon V2 Being Carried

Alongside its portability credentials, it provides a comfortably smooth and steady ride. At 7.5 inches, the deck is wider than most scooters giving you extra space to arrange your feet comfortably. Supporting the deck is a front pneumatic tire and a solid rubber one at the rear. In most cases, the solid tire would affect the comfort of the ride. However, because it's paired with an effective suspension system, the Horizon not only delivers a scooter that is low maintenance – because it's less susceptible to flats – but provides a high level of comfort. Also, the telescopic stem allows you to adjust the handlebars to a height that is most comfortable for you.

Horizon V2 Rear Tire

When it comes to displays the first edition of the Horizon was equipped with a QS-S4 display. This was, and still is, a standard fixture on many electric scooters – from those costing several hundred dollars to those that will set you back more than a few thousand. It came with several features that allowed you to make adjustments to tailor the scooter to your preferences. For example, you could switch between kick-to-start or zero-start modes, and adjust the intensity of the regenerative brakes.

Horizon V2 Display

The new V2 model, however, replaces the QS-S4 with a new display that resembles the same design that we’ve seen on the INOKIM Ox and OxO – two significantly more expensive scooters. There's a good reason for this upgrade. You see, the QS-S4 wasn’t just a screen that gave you an insight into your scooter’s stats and settings, it also came pre-fitted with a finger throttle. After having ridden countless electric scooters for thousands of miles, I can confidently say that thumb throttles are far more comfortable to use than those of the finger variety. Finger throttles, unfortunately, force you to adopt a claw-like position to pull down on the throttle. Thumb throttles, on the other hand, offer a more ergonomic and natural hand position that allows you to modulate your speed with ease.

As you’ll have seen by now, the Horizon is an all-rounder. It provides many of the features you'd expect from significantly more expensive models and combines it with a beginner-friendly interface, compact frame, and reliable ride quality. At the excellent price of $799 what more could you ask for?

Horizon V2 Sleek Chassis

Further Information:

Horizon Review

EMOVE Touring

Black Friday Sale: Save $100 | Was: $899 | Now: $799 + Get Extra $50 Off With Code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER
EMOVE Touring
Category: Mid-Range
Award: Best Under $900

The Good:

The Bad:


The EMOVE Touring has been a popular scooter for what now seems like eons – and it’s easy to see why. It’s reliable, it’s portable, and it overpowers all other sub-$900 electric scooters.

Combining a low-maintenance design with a plethora of features – including a triple front suspension system, high-quality LG battery, spacious deck, adjustable handlebars, and the option to add a seat – it prides itself on being a versatile scooter that’s built to take the rigors of daily use in its stride.

Josh With EMOVE Touring

But best of all, it’s a scooter for everyone. Its high load-bearing capacity and inclusive design makes it a go-to model – no matter if you’re short, tall, big, or small.

EMOVE Touring Chassis

Why We Recommend It:

The EMOVE Touring is unpretentious in what it has to offer. It’s as robust as they come, and it’s here to get the job done – ride after ride, charge after charge.

There’s no stem wobble or pesky cabling in your way, and there’s even an IP54 water-resistance rating to swat away rain.

EMOVE Touring Stem

The build quality extends to its LG battery, too. This 48V 13Ah unit can deliver a maximum range of 32 miles or 19 miles under realistic riding conditions. Very few scooters in its price class can match the stamina on show here – discounting the Turboant V8, of course.

The Touring also comes up trumps when we look at its motor power. Armed with a 48V 500W motor, its top speed of 25 mph is the fastest in the sub-$900 pantheon, while an acceleration rate of 0-15 mph in 4.5 seconds puts it ahead of both the Horizon and Mosquito – albeit marginally.

EMOVE Touring Rear Motor

So, does the EMOVE have any weaknesses? Yes, it does – and the biggest one comes from what on the surface is a position of strength.

No other sub-$900 scooter can claim to have a triple front spring suspension system, but in practice, I found that this setup rattled when going over bumps. The plush air-filled front tire goes some way to mitigate this, but it’s noticeable if you take the scooter on rough roads. By comparison, I took the Horizon out across the same test route and found that it delivered a more balanced ride that soaked up vibrations.

EMOVE Touring Suspension

Nevertheless, if you stick to well-maintained, predictable surfaces, then you’ll enjoy a smooth ride.

It’s also worth noting that the rear tire sports an entirely different configuration than the one at the front. Not only is it solid and slightly thicker, but its front-on profile is square. Now the obvious matter of fact here is that it lacks shock absorption, but it more than makes up for it by being impenetrable – meaning the possibility of a flat is eliminated – and its ever-so-slightly wider profile maintains traction on the straights thanks to a bigger contact patch.

EMOVE Touring Drum Brake

Alongside its low-maintenance tires, the drum and regen brakes are equally as long-lasting. Combined, they will bring you to a stop from 15 mph in 4.9 meters. This is in line with its main competitors – the Horizon and Mosquito.

Now, at 39 lbs, the EMOVE Touring isn’t the lightest scooter around – but it’s by no means the heaviest, either. You’ll have no problem carrying it up a flight of stairs. And what’s more, it’s super compact. As well as the telescopic stem and foldable handlebars, it features a cantilevered folding mechanism that enables you to collapse the scooter in mere seconds.

EMOVE Touring Folded

And as with any scooter worth its salt, the Touring comes equipped with a decent lighting setup. The low-mounted headlight provides good visibility in low-light conditions, but if you plan on riding at night regularly, then you’ll want to consider attaching a clip-on light to the handlebars.

There are also four button lights embedded into each corner of the deck, as well as a fender-mounted taillight. The rear lights don’t flash while braking, though.

EMOVE Touring Lights at Night

Finally, we have the optional seat attachment. This is a wonderful extra that will appeal to riders who hanker for ultimate comfort when riding a scooter. The seat costs just $65 and can be collapsed down with the rest of the scooter via a quick-release lever.

So, there you have it. The EMOVE Touring. A model that scores highly on everything from speed and range to durability and portability. If it’s a reliable everyday ride that you’re looking for then it could be the one for you.

EMOVE Touring Frame

Further Information:

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Apollo Air 2023

Black Friday Sale: Save $120 | Was: $999 | Now: $879
Apollo Air 2023
Category: Premium
Award: Best Under $1,000

The Good:

The Bad:


Apollo is a brand renowned for listening to customer feedback to continually evolve its scooters. Every year, we’re treated to updates on existing models that deliver genuine improvement and leave us in a state of permanent awe. Next off the conveyor belt is the Apollo Air 2023.

Josh on Apollo Air 2022

Taking all we loved about the Air 2022 – including its carefully manicured design, beefed up 500W motor, front fork suspension, and mobile app integration – while adding a smattering of refinements such as an enhanced cockpit, improved lighting rig, self-healing tires, and a redesigned folding mechanism, the new Air 2023 is once again a seismic jolt of quality that will leave competitors wringing their hands.

As our top choice for the sub-$1000 category, it’s not exactly a budget scooter – but in this case, you get what you pay for. It’s a luxurious model that comes backed by one of the industry’s leading brands.

Apollo Air 2022 Curved Line and Flowing Chassis

Why We Recommend It:

The Apollo Air 2023, like its predecessor, is a scooter that will delight riders looking for that intersection between performance, portability, and premium design. It’s both agile and lightweight while delivering a surge of speed and mileage that’ll leave purists smiling with glee.

It is, in fact, a purist's dream. Forgoing all the bells and tassels that many inferior models are embellished with, the Air 2023 keeps things simple.

Apollo Air 2022 Plush Tire

Its 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum frame is durable (hello, new IP66 water-resistance rating) yet sleek and stylish, while the deck is spacious and adorned in a geometric grip coating. Simplicity and elegance are assured at every turn.

The handlebars, meanwhile, have undergone some big improvements. Still wide and perfectly balanced, this time they feature new 8th-generation paddles for the throttle and regen brakes to deliver a smooth actuating response. The buttons to control your riding mode, headlight, and turn signals have been integrated into the casing of the paddles for easy reach of your thumbs, too. Together, these alterations significantly improve the cockpit ergonomics.

Apollo Air 2022 Cockpit

Perhaps the only area of weakness regarding the cockpit is the display which can get washed out in direct sunlight.

Yet elsewhere, the Air 2023 is flawless. Its 500W motor delivers a zippy top speed of 21 mph and an acceleration rate of 0-15 mph in 5.7 seconds.

Its 36V 15Ah battery is also no shrinking violet. Comprising of 21700 cells, this high-quality unit can eat its way through a maximum range of 34 miles – or 23 miles under realistic conditions.

Apollo Air 2022 Graphite Frame

These performance stats are impressive, but the Air brings far more to the table than this alone. Its front-fork suspension delivers a cushioned ride that, along with the juicy 10-inch tires, guarantees top-grade ride quality for a scooter of its class.

The tires are also now self-healing thanks to a gel lining that instantly seals punctures. Combine this with the warranty that covers the frame for an impressive 10,000 km, and you have a low-maintenance design at its best.

Apollo Air 2022 Front Tire

Safety is another area you needn’t worry about. The Air 2023 comes equipped with a front drum and regenerative braking system. The latter not only reduces your use of the former to save it from wear and tear, but it recycles braking energy to recharge the battery by up to 10%.

In addition to the braking system, it now comes with clear and visible turn signals located at either end of the handlebars. These are supported by a taillight and a 500-lumen headlight, which is twice as bright as the previous model.

Using Apollo Pro Mobile App

Then, of course, there’s the swish integrated mobile app. This enables you to:

  • Tweak the accelerative and regen braking strength to your preferences
  • Adjust the top speed of each riding mode
  • Activate the lock, which immobilizes the scooter by applying the electronic brakes
  • Turn cruise control on and off, and set the time it takes before it automatically kicks in
  • Turn the lights on and off
  • Toggle between kick-to-start and zero-start modes
  • Change your units of measurement (mph or kmh)
  • Keep tabs on your battery health
  • Get range estimates based on your most recent riding pattern
  • Use it as a navigational device where you can follow a route to your destination
  • Record trips

But being a scooter built for city life, the Air 2023 needs to be portable, too. Well, it’s called the Air for a reason. Weighing just 39 lbs, it’s light enough to carry and small enough to fit in your car trunk. The improved folding mechanism makes this a breeze; it eliminates stem wobble, while a new folding hook prevents the stem from coming unlatched in transit.

Apollo Air 2022 Folded Frame

The only bugbear I have is with its 220 lbs load capacity; it would be better if this was higher to make it accessible to more riders.

Make no mistake, though, this is one heck of a scooter. Tailor-made for modern needs, it ticks all of the boxes. It combines an elegant sleek design, well-balanced performance profile, and low-maintenance build, with a plethora of features that ensure safety, comfort, and reliability at all times.

Apollo Air 2022 Graphite Paint and Logo on Stem

Further Information:

Apollo Air 2022 Review

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