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AnyHill Logo Large
AnyHill UM-1 Unfolded

AnyHill Reviews

AnyHill is located in California, United States.


They focus on producing electric scooters that pack premium features into affordable price tags.


AnyHill specializes in premium budget scooters.

Apollo Logo
Josh With Apollo Air Pro, Ghost, and Phantom

Apollo Scooter Reviews

Apollo Scooters is a Canadian company based in Montreal.


All of their scooters are designed, developed, and tested at their HQ.


Apollo Scooters specialize in creating vehicle-grade electric scooters that range from budget to commuter and performance models.

Dualtron Logo Large
Josh Testing the Dualtron Thunder 2

Dualtron Reviews

Dualtron is a MiniMotors brand. MiniMotors is a South Korean company based in Gyeonggi-do.


They are renowned for their 20+ years of building the most efficient and rapid motors on the market.


Dualtron specializes in high-performance electric scooters.

Josh Testing the EMOVE Cruiser

EMOVE Reviews

EMOVE is a Voro Motors brand. Voro Motors is an American company based in California and New York.


EMOVE scooters are built on customer feedback to deliver well-built models that last.


EMOVE specializes in commuter-style electric scooters.

Fluid Free Ride Logo
Josh Testing the Horizon (10Ah)

Fluid Free Ride Reviews

Fluid Free Ride is an American company based in Miami and New York.


Fluid Free Ride is one of the most prominent retailers that have a large curated selection of electric scooters for every need. They also released some of their own models after seeing what their customers wanted from an electric scooter.


Fluid Free Ride specializes in commuter-style electric scooters.

GoTrax Logo
GoTrax G4 with GoTrax GMAX Ultra and GoTrax Apex

GoTrax Reviews

GoTrax is an American company based in Texas.


Their products are manufactured by Tao Motors, one of the world’s largest scooter manufacturers. All GoTrax scooters undergo independent quality control checks.


GoTrax specializes in budget electric scooters for first-time riders.

Hiboy Logo
Hiboy S2 Pro Frame

Hiboy Reviews

Hiboy is a Chinese company based in Shenzhen, China’s “Silicon Valley”.


They focus on producing reliable scooters that retail for reasonable prices.


Hiboy specializes in budget scooters but has also made attempts to enter the performance market.

Josh Testing the INOKIM Quick 4

INOKIM Reviews

INOKIM is a Chinese company based in Zhejiang, China.


The founder is an award-winning inventor and product designer named Nimrod Sapir.


They are renowned for their exceptional build quality.


INOKIM specializes in premium commuter and performance electric scooters.

Kaabo Logo
Josh Testing the Wolf King GT

Kaabo Reviews

Kaabo is a Chinese company.


They are well known for their Mantis and Wolf electric scooter lines, both of which have models that have become industry favorites.


Kaabo specializes in performance electric scooters.

Kugoo Logo
Kugoo G2 Pro

Kugoo Reviews

Kugoo is based in Hong Kong.


They are a leading manufacturer of electric scooters.


Kugoo specializes in electric scooters that range from budget to performance models.

Mercane Logo
WideWheel Pro Frame

Mercane Reviews

Mercane is a Korean company.


They manufacture various types of electric mobility devices.


Mercane specializes in performance electric scooters.

Segway-Ninebot Logo
Segway Nintbo ES4 Frame Outdoor Shot

Segway Ninebot Reviews

Ninebot is a Chinese company based in Beijing.


They are extremely well known for their design, manufacturing, distribution, and sales of short-distance transportation products.


Segway Ninebot specializes in entry-level and commuter-style electric scooters.

Josh Riding on the SPLACH Twin on a Dirt Track

SPLACH Reviews

SPLACH was established in Los Angeles and Taiwan by passionate entrepreneur, Dennis.


With over $770,000 raised from more than 1000 backers since the launch of its industry-first Indiegogo campaign, SPLACH is a brand with considerable momentum.


They specialize in taking high-powered scooters, adding their flare, and selling them at discounted rates.

Turboant Logo Large
Turboant M10 Folded in Parking Lot

Turboant Reviews

Turboant is a Chinese company based in Shenzhen, China’s “Silicon Valley”.


They not only supply electric scooters for the OEM market (i.e. for other brands) but also sell direct.


Turboant specializes in budget scooters that often win our ESI awards for best-in-class budget models.

Unagi Logo
Unagi E500 Unboxed

Unagi Reviews

Unagi is an American company based in Oakland, California.


Unagi invests in high-quality materials to build their scooters and is often referred to as the Apple of the electric scooter world.


Unagi specializes in premium electric scooters for first-time riders.

Varla Logo
Varla Eagle One Durable Frame

Varla Reviews

Varla is based in California, United States.


They are a fast-growing company that builds cost-effective all-terrain scooters.


Varla specializes in performance electric scooters.

VSETT 9+ Frame

VSETT Reviews

VSETT is a Chinese company based in Haishu District, Ningbo, Zhejiang.


VSETT scooters were originally intended to be the Pro line of the well-renowned Zero scooter range. However, after designing a new generation of scooters, it was only fair to give the new models their own brand.


VSETT specializes in commuter and performance electric scooters.

Zero Logo
Zero 10X Frame From Rear

Zero Reviews

Zero is a brand of FalconPEV. FalconPEV is based in Singapore.


Electric scooters of the Zero brand have two product lines – urban and off-road electric scooters.


Zero specializes in entry-level and performance electric scooters.


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