Best 40 MPH Electric Scooters

Who doesn’t dream of hopping on their electric scooter, taking a deep breath, and hitting that throttle to rocket off over the horizon line? If that sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place.

Speed and power are both parts of what makes electric scooters such attractive personal transport options, and the list you’re about to dive into is filled with some of the best speedy scooters on offer. These machines all have a maximum speed of around 40 mph which is perfect for someone who needs a scooter for casual riding but also likes to let loose at the weekend and amp up the thrill-factor.

Each of these scooters is a powerhouse in a sleek, streamlined frame, so it’s very important that no matter how fast you plan to go, you invest in tough protective gear.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at which models make up my list of the best 40 mph scooters.

Editor choice

Mantis Pro

Award: Editor's Choice

A reasonable weight, LG battery, MiniMotors display, full hydraulic brakes, and gutsy power…when it comes to this scooter, the list of positives could go on and on. That’s why it takes pride place of Editor's Choice. For the specs and features on offer, the Mantis Pro delivers exceptional value for money. 

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Speedway 5

Award: Cheapest

Manufactured by MiniMotors, the Speedway 5 is a cheaper and lighter alternative to the Dualtron 3 but delivers the same power and range. With a top speed of 40 mph, this is a performance scooter for fast-paced urban exploration.

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£1,600.00 £1,750.00

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In-Depth Reviews

1. Apollo Pro 60V Ludicrous

Apollo Pro
Apollo Pro 60V Ludicrous
Award: Most Powerful
The Ludicrous is one of the best performance scooters. With a top speed of 44 mph, it has insane acceleration and torque and is purpose-built to deliver a thrilling ride. This scooter is aimed at hardcore enthusiasts and gives you the ability to finetune performance settings to match your preferences down to the smallest detail.

Currently not available in the UK.

Adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers, listen up. The first scooter I’m going to dive into is without a doubt one of the best performance scooters on the market and it’s got your name written all over it. I’m talking about the Apollo Pro 60V Ludicrous.

If you know your scooters, you’ll have heard of Apollo. If you haven’t, let me tell you that these guys are self-proclaimed scooter nerds and the Canada-based brand has a passion for designing electric scooters that push boundaries. Their reputation is stellar and it translates into all of their models, particularly the Ludicrous.

Apollo Pro Frame

And ludicrous it is – in a good way. This scooter is infamously known for its awesome acceleration and I can confirm that it’s just as good as they say. When you’re ready to hit the dual thumb throttles, this beast will jump out from underneath you, racing its way up to a top speed of 44 mph.

This is thanks to its dual 1000W motors, which each have a maximum output of 1200W. That’s a lot of power for you to play with, and it's what allows the Ludicrous to tackle 40-degree slopes with minimal speed reduction. Even riders at the top end of the 150 kg weight limit will best hills without breaking a sweat. If unparalleled torque and speed are high on your list of priorities, the Ludicrous can certainly deliver.

Apollo Pro Handlebars

As with all performance scooters that boast such outrageous specs, as a rider, you need to feel safe at all times. That’s why the Ludicrous comes with an impressive brake line-up, starting with the front and rear hydraulic disc brakes that allow you to stop confidently. It also includes a thumb-operated electric regenerative braking system that slows the motor whilst the hydraulics deal with the wheels. Together, they bring you to a halt in just 5 meters.

Apollo Pro Disc Brake

Safety doesn’t just mean strong braking power — it also means confidence in your scooter’s build quality. You’ll have no worries when it comes to the durability of the Ludicrous. Its frame is designed to deal with almost everything you can throw at it, and the wide, anti-slip foot deck means you’ll never feel like you’re struggling to keep your balance.

Apollo Pro Foot Deck

If you’re a rider who likes to sprinkle some off-roading into your scooter adventures, durability and stability are both must-have features, in addition to the foolproof suspension and high-quality tyres. Luckily, the dual suspension on the Ludicrous has fantastic shock absorption so you can sail over most types of terrain.

Apollo Pro Suspension

This is complemented by 10” pneumatic wheels. Their wide surface area provides extra stability, whilst also cushioning against any hard hits or uncomfortable angles. They also perform well in wet weather. Combined with the IP58 waterproof rating of the frame, you can rest easy knowing that a little rain won’t pose too much trouble for this powerhouse.

It is worth bearing in mind that the Ludicrous weighs 34.9 kg, so it’s not easily portable. It’s too heavy to integrate into a commute, however, could be lifted into the back of your car if you needed to transport it.

Apollo Pro Folded

This scooter delivers one of the most comfortable rides out there, which is vital if you’re the kind of rider that likes to indulge in longer excursions. Luckily for you, the Ludicrous comes with a high-efficiency Samsung battery that makes long journeys a reality thanks to its top range of 56 miles (when riding in Eco mode). If you prefer a more aggressive riding style, you can expect to hit closer to 30-35 miles.

It’s also worth noting that the Ludicrous comes with two charging ports, so you can use an extra charger to reduce the 10-hour charging time. You can also opt for a fast charger, which cuts this down even further to 5 hours. However, this will need to be purchased separately at an additional cost.

What makes the Ludicrous so great is that it’s able to adapt easily to any riding environment. Whether you’re an urban rider, or you prefer getting off the beaten track and exploring mountain trails, the Ludicrous can handle it all. Part of its adaptability is the addition of bright LED lights for low-light riding, as well as a mobile app, which lets you customize the scooter to your preferences. Want to retune the acceleration and torque? No problem. Need to soften your brakes? Don’t sweat it. As the rider, you have complete control of your setup.

Apollo Pro LED Lights

Although this is a great feature, if you’re going to fiddle around with the base settings, you must know what you’re doing. The Ludicrous definitely fits into the ‘extreme’ bracket of electric scooters, and it has all the power and innovation needed to get an enthusiast’s blood thrumming. However, if you’re a beginner to the electric scooter game, I’d recommend starting with one of the more basic Apollo models first before graduating to the Ludicrous.

One important factor to note is that it is expensive. This is because it’s targeted at experienced riders who want to take their scooter game to the next level. If this is out of your budget take a look at the other scooters in the Apollo Pro lineup for the same quality but a smaller price tag. However, if you’re after insane acceleration, a thrilling adrenaline surge, and the chance to customize your ride down to the smallest detail, the Ludicrous won’t disappoint.

Apollo Pro LED Lights Front View

2. EVOLV Pro-R

Stealthy, speedy, and sleek are all words that can be applied to the Pro-R. With a top speed of 44 mph and a long range of 43 miles, this scooter is a powerhouse from renowned scooter band, Evolv. It adapts well to both urban riding and off-roading, but is on the heavier side, weighing 36.3 kg.

Currently not available in the UK.

If there was a ninja of the electric scooter world, then the Evolv Pro-R would be it. With its slick black paint job and impressive speed potential, this scooter gives off some serious vigilante vibes. Interested? I thought you might be.

Let’s start with the question at the forefront of everyone’s mind: how fast can this guy go? Thanks to the huge 3000W peak output from its dual motors, the Pro-R can easily keep pace with the Apollo Ludicrous, boasting a top speed of 44 mph.

EVOLV Pro LED Display and Throttle

The torque and acceleration on offer give you enough power to match city traffic as well as allowing the scooter to storm up more ambitious hills with ease. If power is what you’re after, you won’t need to look any further than the Pro-R.

In case you didn’t know, I’m a big fan of a versatile scooter. There’s nothing better than a scooter that can do it all and the Pro-R fits that brief nicely, especially when you make use of the dual-drive system. The single motor mode is perfect for urban city riding, whilst the full dual-drive allows you to up the ante and let loose on rougher terrain.

EVOLV Pro Motor Modes

If you’re the sort of person who likes to leave the city behind and head out onto country trails, the combination of tyres and suspension on this scooter hits the sweet spot. The large 10” x 3” pneumatic tyres have great shock absorption and soak up imperfections, whilst the dual spring suspension delivers a smooth and steady ride across uneven surfaces. Trust me, when you’re hitting those top speeds, your hips and back will be grateful for the extra stability the suspension offers.

As you probably know, brakes are one of the most important considerations when choosing your electric scooter, especially when it’s one that can hit top speeds of 44 mph. Needless to say, you’re going to want something with a lot of braking power, just like the dual hydraulic disc brakes you’ll find on the Pro-R. These are a key part of what sets this scooter apart from other models in the Pro line. To put it simply, they’re some of the best brakes on the market and their strong stopping power means you’ll feel safe whenever you’re out riding.

EVOLV Pro Hydraulic Disc Brake

The Pro-R not only rates highly on the power scale, but it can also go the distance too. Thanks to the high-quality Samsung Lithium-ion battery, you’ll be able to reach 43 miles on a single charge under certain riding conditions. You’ll likely see slightly less than this in real-world terms, especially if you’re planning to use the dual-motor mode for the majority of your rides. When you do need to top up your battery, it’ll only take you 8 hours to fully recharge.

Were you hoping for a little more in the range department? No worries. Check out the Evolv Pro Plus. It has a bigger mileage capacity and it’s cheaper too.

EVOLV Pro Outdoor Shot

So far, the Evolv Pro-R paints a pretty impressive picture.

Power and speed? Check.
The versatility to ride anywhere? Check.
Long-range and fast charging? Check.
A sleek and stealthy black aesthetic? Check.

Is there anything we’re missing?

Sadly, lightweight portability is not something the Pro-R can claim. At 36.3 kg, it’s 1.4 kg heavier than the Apollo Ludicrous. Even though it has a simple folding mechanism that helps reduce it into a more compact package, you’ll struggle to lift it on your own and you definitely won’t want to carry it around for long periods. If you were looking for something to slot easily into your commute, you might want to look elsewhere — the weight of this scooter isn’t that practical.

EVOLV Pro Foot Deck

That being said, there’s a lot to like about the Evolv Pro-R. The extra weight notwithstanding, it’s a versatile option that can easily switch between urban and off-road riding and it even comes with a start-key so you can be sure it’s secure if you need to leave it unattended for any length of time. It channels a slick, ultra-cool vibe that’s sometimes lacking in chunkier models, and you’ll definitely be the centre of attention when you’re riding this head-turner.

3. Apollo Pro 60V Hydraulic Brakes

Apollo Pro
Apollo Pro 60V Hydraulic Brakes

Cheaper than the Apollo Ludicrous, the Pro 60V delivers a similar level of speed, power, and range. It doesn’t have the same technological capabilities as its older brother but is a great option if you’re not too fussed about being able to finetune your base settings and just want something that channels raw speed and power.

Currently not available in the UK.

Did you fall in love with the Apollo Ludicrous but find it a bit intimidating at the same time? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Luckily, Apollo has another scooter up their sleeves that’s almost as powerful and delivers top performance: the Apollo Pro 60V.

(Note: all of the different Apollo Pro variations share the same frame – hence the duplicate images below.)

The Ludicrous has insane acceleration and the Pro 60V comes in very close. It’s only 2 mph slower than its big brother, reaching 42 mph thanks to the 2400W combined power of the dual motors. It can go from 0-30 mph in 5 seconds — that’s only 1 second slower than the Ludicrous. If you’re planning to hit that finger throttle hard, make sure you’ve got a good grip or you might find yourself being left behind as this beast shoots forward.

Apollo Pro Handlebars

The tremendous motor power on the Pro 60V makes it feel a bit like you’re riding a rally motorcycle, even when going up hills. Because of the impressive power and torque this beast puts out, you’ll be able to race up 40-degree inclines without your speed dipping too much.

Even at top speeds, the Pro 60V is a masterclass in comfort and style. The 10” pneumatic tyres and front spring and rear hydraulic shock absorbers do an excellent job of diffusing any hard hits so that you’ll barely notice those pesky bumps underfoot. The suspension is also fully adjustable so you can choose the appropriate level for your rider weight. This, alongside the ultra-wide anti-slip foot deck, means that even riders up to the 150 kg load limit will feel balanced and secure.

Apollo Pro Suspension

This also applies to the trio of brakes fitted on the Pro 60V. The front and rear hydraulic brakes deliver exceptional stopping power so you’ll feel confident about bringing the scooter to a halt, even from top speed. Like the Ludicrous, the Pro 60V also has an electric regenerative brake which helps to make that stopping experience even smoother.

Apollo Pro Disc Brake

Like most scooters in the Apollo range, the Pro 60V is all about quality. It comes with one of the best batteries on the market, manufactured by Samsung. This delivers a maximum range of 50 miles when riding in eco or single motor mode, although you’ll see less than this if you ride more aggressively.

Similarly to the Ludicrous, the Pro 60V comes with two charging options: a standard charger and a fast one. When using the standard charger, a full battery recharge will take 10 hours whereas the fast charger cuts this in half, reducing it down to 5.

A standout feature of this scooter – and all scooters from Apollo – is the outstanding build quality. Made from forged aluminium, the Pro 60V’s frame is as sturdy as they come, which is part of the reason the ride is so smooth. You’ll always feel secure, which is vital when riding at maximum speeds.

Apollo Pro Rear View

Aside from the minor differences in speed and range, the real distinction between the Ludicrous and Pro 60V lies in the amount of customization on offer. With the Pro 60V, you have visibility over your riding stats and can make minor changes to your P-settings, however, the Ludicrous is in another league. The mobile app and Stormcore controller allow for major alterations to fundamental settings such as acceleration and torque power. This will appeal to serious enthusiasts, but might be a bit daunting if you’re less experienced. The Pro 60V is a great option if you’re not looking for that level of control.

There aren’t many downsides to this scooter, however, as with most fast scooters, weight can be an issue. Weighing 34.9 kg, it’s not the easiest to lift and carry. You shouldn’t expect to be able to easily fold and carry it, but hoisting it into your car's boot or back of a truck should be doable.

Apollo Pro Folded

As with most high-end electric scooters, the Pro 60V comes with front and rear LED lights to illuminate your path and make you visible to others around you. These aren’t the brightest lights, so if you are planning regular nighttime rides make sure to invest in some additional mounted torches.

Apollo Pro LED Lights Front View

The Pro 60V is a great option if you’re after something that has similar power and range to the Ludicrous but without the techy edge that will attract hardcore enthusiasts. It hits a great balance between power and comfort and if you’re after rapid acceleration, the Pro 60V is the ideal choice.

4. Dualtron III (3)

Dualtron 3
Dualtron 3
Award: Longest Range
Premium through and through, the Dualtron III is one of the best performance scooters out there. With the reputation of Mini Motors USA behind it, there’s not much to fault with the III. It has a top speed of 40 mph and delivers top quality and a comfortable ride even when you hit that rapid acceleration.

Currently not available in the UK.

A roundup of 40 mph scooters wouldn’t be complete without the addition of an entry from expert speed fiends, Dualtron. Manufactured by Mini Motors USA, the models in this line are a masterclass in power and pace, which is why the Dualtron III is an excellent option for anyone who is a fan of that pedigree.

Often referred to as the budget version of the faster Dualtron Thunder, the III is still more than capable of bringing the power to the party thanks to its dual motors and the combined output of 3600W. This allows it to reach a top speed of 40 mph and harnesses the rapid acceleration Dualtron is known for. There’s nothing sluggish about the torque and bite behind this scooter.

Dualtron 3 Handlebars and Throttle

Thanks to the large, top-quality battery from LG and the punchy motor output, the same can be said of the III’s ability to best 47-degree inclines. Considering that most city slopes don’t go over 20-degrees, this gives you a lot of space to challenge this scooter’s capabilities, especially if you’re planning to take it off-road.

It should be said that the Dualtron III has been marketed primarily as a road scooter, which is a departure from the other scooters in the range. However, that doesn’t mean it’s been designed solely for urban riding. The III boasts plenty of the features I love to see on a scooter that’s going to spend some time cruising mountain trails.

The III’s wheels and suspension are both great examples of this. It comes with plush 10” x 3” pneumatic tyres, which are wide enough to provide ample stability and excellent shock absorption. They won’t be able to handle challenging surfaces on their own, but that’s where the trademark Dualtron suspension comes into play.

Dualtron 3 Rear Tubeless Tire

The suspension on the III uses changeable rubber cartridges so that as the rider you can fully customize it to your riding style and environment. The cartridges range from soft to hard, meaning the shock absorption on offer is dependent on your needs and always delivers a thoroughly comfortable ride. This is a premium touch and one I’d expect to see on a performance scooter as advanced as the Dualtron III.

This machine oozes quality like an expensive perfume. Every part of it has been custom-designed by Mini Motors to fit together seamlessly. A lot of scooters take their parts from various manufacturers, but not Dualtron. As a result, the build quality is second-to-none because there are fewer opportunities for structural weaknesses. This is enhanced by the robust aviation-grade aluminium alloy frame and ultra-wide food deck. You’ll always feel safe and secure when riding this baby.

The same high standards extend to the braking power. Featuring semi-hydraulic brakes, it has excellent stopping power so you’ll always feel in control of your ride. They’re not as good as a full set of hydraulics, but they’re still very responsive and do exactly what you need them to. They also come with ABS to prevent your wheels from locking, although you can disable this if you’d prefer.

Dualtron 3 Hydraulic ABS Brakes

Given the ride-quality on offer, it wouldn’t surprise me if you end up spending most of your time out on the Dualtron III, exploring far and wide. Thankfully, the expansive 75 mile range makes this a possibility, especially if you ride in eco mode to preserve charge. If you plan to ride consistently at top speed, you won’t get as much distance from the scooter. Although, with the fast charger, a full battery recharge will only take 4.3 hours. Expect to wait a maximum of 16 hours if you just stick to the standard charger.

The III comes with all the fun extras I associate with the Dualtron range, including its trademark EYE handlebar display so you can have full visibility over all of your riding stats with a quick glance.

Dualtron 3 Handlebar Display

It’s also where you’ll set the cruise control and operate your lights. Not to mention the bright lighting in the front and rear, along with some fun mood lighting customizations so it can suit your unique style.

Dualtron 3 Bright LED Lights

As with all performance scooters, portability isn’t the III’s strong suit. It comes with a simple and secure folding mechanism but at 36.3 kg, you won’t want to carry it.

Dualtron 3 Folded Frame

Here's a closer look at the folded handlebars:

Dualtron 3 Folded Handlebars

The Dualtron III is one of the best 40 mph scooters out there, and it channels Dualtron’s cool charismatic attitude but with an added urban edge. It has speed and power to spare, and although it’s marketed as a road scooter, it does have off-road capabilities that help it deliver one of the best rides on the market.

5. Speedway 5

Speedway 5
Manufactured by Mini Motors USA, the Speedway 5 is a cheaper and lighter alternative to the Dualtron III but delivers the same power and range. With a top speed of 40 mph, this is a performance scooter for fast-paced urban exploration.
£1,600.00 £1,750.00

What does a Dualtron scooter have in common with a Speedway? No, this isn’t the opening line to cheesy joke. They have pretty much everything in common because they’re both designed and manufactured by the world-renowned Mini Motors USA. The one thing they don’t have in common? The punishing price tag.

That’s right. The Speedway 5 can walk the walk and talk the talk, but not only does it cost less, but it’s also lighter and more portable too.

Speedway 5 Frame

Surely, there’s got to be some compromise in power to accommodate the more affordable price tag? That’s not the case here. Let me tell you, the Speedway 5 has got some guts and it’s not shy about showing it. Thanks to the large dual motors, it can rocket along as fast as 40 mph and the sensitive throttle means that acceleration is sharp and responsive too.

Speedway 5 Eco & Dual Motor Settings

The combined power output of 3600W means that the torque on this scooter is pretty impressive, and also gives it the might to charge up 37-degree inclines. It has been specifically designed to cope with the strain of fast speeds and steep hills so the wide reinforced foot deck and robust frame will keep you balanced and stable.

The front and rear disc brake also do their part in keeping you safe, which is vital on a performance scooter like this one. I’ll always go for hydraulics as my braking mechanism of choice, but disc brakes are a close second because they provide precise control. The Speedway 5 also comes with a regenerative electric brake to help slow the motor down at the same time as the wheels. All three combined deliver top-notch stopping power, even from 40 mph.

Speedway 5 Rear Wheel Disc Brake and Turn Signals

Like the Dualtron III, the Speedway 5 has been designed primarily for road usage. This is indicated by the slick 10” tubeless tyres featured on this scooter. The smoother tread is ideal for urban riding, however, will struggle to gain traction if you venture onto looser surfaces like sand or mud. As a result, I’d steer clear of using this scooter off-road.

That being said, the front and rear air-shock spring suspension do a fantastic job of delivering a smooth and comfortable ride. It allows the scooter to absorb the majority of harsh hits, protecting you from any jarring impacts. This produces the luxurious ride quality I’d expect from any scooter designed by Mini Motors.

Speedway 5 Front Air Shock Spring Suspension and LED Headlight

The range on offer is also in line with that offered by many of the Dualtron models. The 23.4 Ah battery provides a 75 mile range which is comparable to the Dualtron III and beats both the Apollo Ludicrous and Evolv Pro-R. However, the battery isn’t made by well-respected tech aficionados, LG. This is probably the major thing that justifies the disparity in price between the Speedway 5 and Dualtron III. Despite this, the battery on offer will still do a good job, especially if it’s properly looked after.

Plus, if you opt for the fast charger, it has an impressive recharge time of a mere 4 hours. This means that you’ll be back out on the road in no time. This being said, using the standard charger will help extend your battery’s life in the long run, although it does mean waiting a full 13 hours for a full battery top-up.

Speedway 5 Rear View

So now you know that the Speedway 5 is up there when it comes to speed and power, but does it come with all the added extras that take it from impressive to downright luxurious? The answer is yes.

It comes with the EYE LED display — a Mini Motors favourite. From here, you can monitor your speed and battery life as well as flick the switch for cruise control. The Speedway 5 is also compatible with the fingerprint reader seen on models such as the Dualtron X, but this will need to be purchased at an additional cost.

Speedway 5 Eye LED Control Display

It also features an impressive array of lights including a powerful headlight and a full set of side and tail lights. That’s not to mention my favourite little lighting quirk — it projects in the shape of the Speedway logo on the floor. The 5 also has integrated turn signals. These are vital on top-speed scooters because there’s a good chance you’ll be cruising alongside other road vehicles. For safety’s sake, they need to know where you’re going and when. The turn signals solve this problem.

Speedway 5 Lights Projecting Speedway Logo

If you’re looking for a performance scooter but you don’t want to obliterate your life savings in the process, the Speedway 5 is a great option. It has all the power and speed of a Dualtron model and features many of the same components so you can be sure of its high build quality. Best of all, it’s a more practical road scooter so is an ideal option for long city commutes and fast-paced weekend adventures.

6. EVOLV Pro Plus

EVOLV Pro Plus
Award: Cheapest
Well-suited to both urban and trail riding, the Pro Plus is a cheaper, more off-road friendly version of the Speedway 5. It has a top speed of 40 mph and a respectable range of 53 miles thanks to the top-quality LG battery. It’s a good all-rounder when compared with other models in this speed class.

Currently not available in the UK.

A lot of 40 mph scooters are designed to deliver flashy performance nonstop. This is cool, but sometimes it’s not as practical as you’d like it to be. If you’re looking for something that can deal with the morning commute as well as sunny afternoons cruising along mountain trails, you’re going to like the Evolv Pro Plus.

In terms of function, this scooter is remarkably similar to the Speedway 5. It has many of the same premium features that the Speedway 5 offers, and a couple that are even better.

EVOLV Pro Frame

Let’s start by checking out how much power the Pro Plus has.

Heads up: I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

This scooter can move and thanks to the 2600W peak output from the dual motors, you’ll find yourself zooming along at a maximum speed of 40 mph. This is 4 mph less than Evolv Pro-R, but given the motors are slightly smaller, this is to be expected. It doesn’t prevent the Pro Plus from putting out powerfully eager torque and acceleration though, both of which help it tackle more challenging hills climbs.

EVOLV Pro Motor Modes

In addition to the beefy motors, part of the fearsome power comes from its impressive battery. It features a 52V 23 Ah unit from one of my favourite battery suppliers – LG. This guarantees quality and, in my opinion, a more reliable battery pack. It also allows you to experience a maximum range of 53 miles when riding in Eco mode, which is more than you’ll get on the more expensive Pro-R. Opting for the Power setting will cut this down, but either way, you can get a full battery recharge in 8 hours.

If you don’t need quite so much mileage, I’d recommend taking a look at the Evolv Pro. This has just as much power and speed behind it as the Plus, but with a smaller, non-LG battery and cheaper price tag.

EVOLV Pro Off Road

The Pro Plus hits the perfect harmony between a city scooter and an off-road machine. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t be able to tackle more extreme off-road conditions like the Dualtron Ultra V2 can, but on moderate surfaces, it performs well. This is thanks to the 10” x 3” pneumatic tyres which provide great cushioning on uneven surfaces. The tread on them is slightly more textured than those on the Speedway 5, so you’ll find they’ll have a bit more traction on sandy or muddy tracks.

Apollo Pro Tires

It’s not just the big tyres that help to deliver a comfortable ride: the suspension helps too. Fitted with front and rear spring suspension, the Pro Plus has excellent shock absorption, so you’ll be protected from uncomfortable bumps. Alongside the spacious foot deck, you’ll feel stable even when letting loose on your favourite forest trail.

Apollo Pro Suspension

Stability is a key factor when braking, and the dual disc brakes on the Pro Plus deliver precise stopping power so you’ll always feel in control. Aside from the minor speed variations, when you look at the Plus alongside its older brother, the Pro-R, the brakes are the biggest distinction because the latter comes with full hydraulics. These are my preferred braking method, however, for the money you pay, the disc brakes seen on the Pro Plus do an admirable job.

EVOLV Pro Disc Brake

The Pro Plus also comes with double LED headlights and flashing rear lights to keep you safe when riding in the dark. These are bright enough to make you easily visible to others, but you might want to add extra illumination if you think you’ll be riding at night regularly.

EVOLV Pro LED Lights

The lights can be operated from the handlebar command centre, which features an LED display for full visibility over your speed and battery.

EVOLV Pro LED Display and Throttle

This scooter might be marketed as an all-rounder, but there’s one area it could improve on – the weight. At 34.9 kg, it’s too heavy to truly fit the commuter scooter brief, however, I would argue that the premium power on offer transforms it into something more than just a rush-hour workhorse. The extra weight gives you an impressive top speed and extra mileage. So, no, you might not be able to lift it easily, but in my opinion, it’s worth it. Plus, it roughly matches the weight and size of the other 40 mph scooters on this list.

With its menacing black paint job and stylish red accents, the Evolv Pro Plus certainly channels an attractive aesthetic that will appeal to the majority of riders. Its top speed and punchy acceleration are enough to make it a great option for city exploration, whilst its robustness and sublime ride quality suits off-road exploration too. For the price you pay, it’s a great machine.

EVOLV Pro Paint Design and Red Highlights

7. Dualtron Compact

Dualtron Compact
Dualtron Compact
If you’ve got your heart set on owning a scooter with ‘Dualtron’ in the name but need to cut your costs, the Compact comes with all the high-end features typical of this range. It has a top speed of 40 mph, a decent range of 50 miles, and is designed primarily for the road. However, I’d consider the Speedway 5 or Eagle Pro if you’re looking for similar specs with an even smaller price tag.

Currently not available in the UK.

If you’ve still got your heart set on a Dualtron model but need to take that price down a notch, let me introduce the Dualtron Compact. Although there are some compromises involved, the majority of its stats are on par with the likes of the Dualtron III and Speedway 5.

Thankfully, the smaller price tag doesn’t mean a slower scooter: the Compact is capable of propelling riders along at a maximum of 40 mph. This is down to the punchy dual motors — their 3400W peak output will allow you to take a variety of challenging obstacles head-on, including 47-degree inclines.

Dualtron Compact Close Up of Frame and Customizable Suspension

If you’re the kind of rider who likes to get off the starting line as fast as possible, you won’t be disappointed with the power behind the Compact. The torque and snappy acceleration on display are exactly what I’d expect from Dualtron and their top performance is precisely what makes this range of scooters as expensive as it is.

It’s because of this power that brakes are especially crucial. The Compact features dual drum brakes alongside optional ABS to deliver controlled stopping power. As I’ve mentioned before, hydraulic brakes are my personal choice, however, drum brakes are more resistant to dirt and perform better in wet weather. Overall, these brakes will keep you safe, which is the most important thing.

Dualtron Compact Drum Brake

If this all sounds great to you, there’s one thing to mention before we go any further: the Compact is not an off-road scooter. It features 8” tyres which are smaller than others in this list, but still big enough to provide a stable ride. However, they’re made of solid rubber. This means they provide minimal cushioning when riding on uneven surfaces, although they do reduce the risk of flats. They’re much better suited to flat, smooth roads where hard hits will be at a minimum.

Dualtron Compact 8 inch tall and 3.5 inch wide tires

That’s not to say the ride quality of the Compact is poor. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. This is down to Dualtron’s trademark rubber suspension system and the changeable cartridges. These range from soft to hard so you can adjust the shock absorption to suit your needs. This does away with the ‘one size fits all approach’ so that each rider can tweak the Compact until it delivers the experience that’s most comfortable for you. This will come in handy on those days when you’re heading out for a longer excursion.

As with all Dualtron scooters, you can expect the Compact to come with decent mileage. In fact, you’ll be able to reach a maximum of 50 miles. This is lower than the Dualtron III, but given the reduced price of the Compact and the smaller size of the battery, this is to be expected.

Dualtron Compact Frame

Dualtron hasn’t opted for a budget battery though, the Compact features an LG unit. These are some of the best batteries on the market. It also charges in a mere 3 hours with a fast charger. For the range on offer, this is one of the fastest recharge times I’ve seen, although if you opt for a standard charger, this jumps up to 13 hours.

If you’re planning to take the Compact out on the road after dark, the LED headlights are bright enough to illuminate the path before you, whilst the added tail, side, and stem lights boost your visibility.

Dualtron Compact Rear and Under Deck LED Lights

These can all be controlled from the EYE LED display. This is the command centre you’ll find on all Dualtron models and it allows you to see all of your riding stats, including speed and battery, as well as letting you set your cruise control.

EVOLV Pro LED Display and Throttle

It’s true that this scooter is technically compact, as it’s name promises. This is because of its folding handlebars which further reduces its folded dimensions. However, this is a feature all Dualtron models have and it doesn’t automatically mean you should expect a lighter scooter. The Compact weighs 31.7 kg. This is on par with the Speedway 5, but it’s still not what I’d define as truly portable.

At £2,300, the Dualtron Compact is still pricey, so I’m happy to tell you that the fun doesn’t stop there. There’s an even cheaper option out there. Check out the Dualtron Eagle Pro which costs £1,599. This scooter has almost identical specs but is 1.8 kg lighter. It’s also in limited supply – Mini Motors has announced that the Eagle Pro will only be available as long as stocks last. If you can’t get your hands on one of these, the Speedway 5 is another great value alternative.

8. Mantis Pro

Mantis Pro
A reasonable weight, LG battery, MiniMotors display, full hydraulic brakes, and gutsy power…when it comes to this scooter, the list of positives could go on and on. That’s why it takes pride place of Editor's Choice. For the specs and features on offer, the Mantis Pro delivers exceptional value for money.

If you haven't figured it out already, there’s always going to be a trade-off when it comes to power and weight. However, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a sub-average model just for the sake of getting somewhere close to reasonable portability. With the Mantis Pro, you can get both.

What Makes the Mantis Pro SE Special? Comparison of all Manti scooters

From its bright blue deck lights to the EY3 Minimotors display, gold trim, and powerful dual 60V 1000W motors, the Mantis Pro SE confidently makes it into my list of favourite scooters. There are several reasons why the Pro SE stand out from the rest of the Manti lineup. Watch the video to see what makes it special. With a full in-depth comparison against the Mantis Pro and Base, you’ll discover which model is right for you.


First off, let’s tackle that one pressing question: is this scooter portable? Well, it’s more portable than the others on this list. That’s because it only weighs 29.5 kg, whereas other performance scooters hit 31.7 kg and above. Its quick-release folding mechanism also means that collapsing it and locking the stem into place is simple to do.

Mantis Folded

Here's a look at the Mantis folded in the back of a car:

Mantis Folded in a Car

Let me emphasize, this is not an ultra-lightweight, super portable scooter – but it is lighter than its competitors. If you want to bring the weight down further, take a look at the 17.5 Ah base model. You’ll have to sacrifice the range and settle for lower quality brakes, but it only weighs 27.7 kg.

Despite being lighter than the other 40 mph models, the Mantis Pro has great power behind it. It’s a bit of a rocket when it comes to acceleration and isn’t that far behind the monstrous Wolf Warrior when getting up to top speed. You’ll find yourself hitting that maximum 40 mph in a blink. For both the weight and price, the power on offer is truly impressive.

You have the dual 1000W motors to thank for that. Their combined power is ideal for soaring up 30-degree inclines with ease whilst in dual motor mode. Switch back down to the single ride setting for casual urban cruising and to extend your mileage while saving on battery.

Mantis Frame

Speaking of which, the Mantis Pro comes with one of the best quality batteries out there. LG is well-known for producing power cells that last the test of time, so you can rest assured your scooter will keep going for many years to come. Plus, they offer a great range – 45 miles in this case – so you have the freedom to hit the road and keep going to your heart’s content.

The only downside here is that a full recharge takes between 13 and 16 hours. This is quite long compared to the other scooters listed, however, if you’re looking on the bright side, a longer charging time is often better for your battery health and prolongs its lifespan.

If we’re talking about quality parts, I can’t neglect the brakes. As you’ll have heard me say many times over, brakes are the most important thing to consider when buying a scooter. Speed, power, and range are all well and good, but safety trumps them all. That’s why I’m such a fan of the Mantis Pro’s dual-disc, fully hydraulic setup. In my opinion, hydraulics are the best kind of brakes since they deliver superb, responsive stopping power. They aren’t abrupt and you won’t feel any jolting – think smooth and controlled.

Mantis Brakes

This velvety soft description can also be applied to the ride quality. This is down to the dual spring arm suspension system which soaks up uncomfortable bumps when riding on uneven terrain. It can be adjusted for different rider weights too, so you can tailor your ride if you’re at the top end of the Pro’s 120 kg rider limit.

The large 10” by 2.5” pneumatic tyres also provide extra cushioning for a luxurious ride. Their large surface area delivers that all-important stability when riding at top speeds, and they’re not afraid to take on some hits or knocks once in a while.

Mantis Wheels

Combined with the suspension and sizable, anti-slip foot deck, you can expect an excellent and easy ride.

Mantis Deck

Plus, if you want to take the Pro off-road, the suspension, tyres, and overall build quality make that possible. This scooter can deal with the loose ground just as well as smooth city paving or tarmac. Did someone say versatile? Because that’s one thing the Mantis Pro definitely is.

For nighttime excursions, the Pro comes with front and rear headlights, as well as bright sidelights. These have a dual purpose: they’re capable of lighting the path in front of you, but they also make you visible to other road and path-users once the sun sets. They give the scooter a cool sci-fi vibe too, so that’s a bonus. However, if you’re going to be doing a lot of riding in the dark, make sure to purchase additional lighting to be on the safe side.

Mantis Lights

MiniMotors is often lauded as the best of the best amongst electric scooter connoisseurs, so it’s great to see that the Mantis Pro comes with the EY3 MiniMotors display and throttle. The advanced display-throttle combination allows you to set your speed limit and cruise control as well as enable ABS (anti-lock braking system) or tweak your regenerative braking strength. You can also make motor torque adjustments too, so you can control the power output. On a more basic level, the display gives you full visibility over your speed and battery status.

Mantis Handlebar Display and Motor Settings

A reasonable weight, LG battery, MiniMotors display, full hydraulic brakes, gutsy power…when it comes to this scooter, the list of positives could go on and on. That’s why it’s amazing that the Mantis Pro only costs £1,750. For the features on offer, I’d say this is a bargain and if you’re looking for a lighter performance scooter, or you just like getting the best value for your money, the Mantis is without a doubt an all-rounder.


INOKIM strikes again with the OXO, a scooter built to deliver power and speed. Expect a top speed of 40 mph with impressive torque and acceleration, as well as both on and off-road capabilities. However, you’ll pay a lot for the brand attached, and the range isn’t as good as on other models.

Currently not available in the UK.

There’s something comforting about buying a scooter from a household name, and that’s never truer than with machines from INOKIM. This is one of the best-known scooter brands in the world and there’s a reason for that. If you place a lot of stock in brand reputation, alongside speed and power, you’re going to love the INOKIM OXO.

INOKIM OxO Review: Rolls Royce Ride Quality

With a ride quality that can be compared to a hot knife cutting through butter, the INOKIM OxO oozes luxury. Its sleek, well-built frame and punchy orange accents highlight the excellent build quality, but whether or not the OxO is the Rolls Royce of the scooter world will depend on if you can let its flaws slide.


It’s a fact that INOKIM produces high-quality scooters and they’ve been doing so for many years. When you purchase an INOKIM scooter, you’re not just buying a transport solution, you’re investing in a machine that’s in it for the long haul. These scooters are durable and built-to-last. However, you should expect to pay for this privilege. The OXO isn’t a cheap scooter, even though some of its stats are lower than those on more affordable options like the Mantis Pro. It’s good to be aware that a portion of the asking price is down to the weight of the INOKIM name.


That being said, the OXO still deserves its reputation as a powerhouse. With its punchy 1000W dual motors, it delivers some serious torque and can accelerate quickly up to a top speed of 40 mph. Thanks to its boost of power, you won’t have any trouble conquering more challenging hills with the dual-motor mode enabled. Swapping down to just a single motor can help to conserve your battery.

The smooth acceleration isn’t the only thing that makes this scooter a buttery-soft ride. The 10” x 2.5” air-filled tyres provide excellent cushioning, so you’ll get that much-coveted floating sensation no matter what kind of surface you’re travelling over. You’ll feel stable and balanced, even if you sit at the heavier end of the 120 kg load limit. These tyres also perform well in wet conditions, so your ride quality won’t take a turn for the worse even if the weather does.


If you think that sounds good, wait until you hear about the suspension. The swingarm front and rear suspension make tackling uneven terrain a dream. It soaks up any bumps or surface imperfections so you’ll barely feel a thing, even when going at top speed.

INOKIM OXO Adjustable Front Suspension

It’s also fully adjustable to fit a variety of rider needs. The lower setting is perfect for faster rides on city roads, whereas the high setting gives additional clearance if you’re venturing off-road. If you’re not sure which kind of rider you’re going to be, make sure to get yourself a scooter that can do both well, just like the OXO.


Whether we’re talking about on or off-road riding, there’s one thing that needs to perform regardless: the brakes. Thankfully, the ever-reliable INOKIM has made sure the OXO is up to scratch, outfitting this scooter with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. These are the best brakes and give you excellent control over your stopping power thanks to their responsiveness and strength.

INOKIM OXO Hydraulic Disc Brake

You’ll find another high-quality component in the form of the powerful 60V 26Ah LG battery. Once again, this is one of the best battery options out there, so you can rest assured that INOKIM hasn’t skimped on the most important components. They claim the OXO can deliver a top range of 36 miles in between charges, however, you’ll see less than this in reality, due to varying ride conditions.

This is also less than you’ll see on other models in this list, however, it will suit those riders who aren’t planning overly extensive or aggressive trips. When you do need to recharge though, be prepared to wait between 12 and 14 hours to fully top up. You can opt for the faster charger which does reduce this by about 65%, but it’ll cost you extra.

Another downside of this scooter is the weight. It should be clear by now that increased power does mean a compromise on portability, but at 33.6 kg, the OXO isn’t the kind of scooter you’ll be carrying round in one hand. Despite the fact it has an exceptionally good, sturdy folding mechanism, you won’t want to lug it up several flights of stairs. Or even one flight, for that matter.


When it comes to INOKIM, you can feel the attention to detail, all the way from the black and orange-accented aesthetic to the thumb throttle-incorporated display and LED front and rear lights. There’s no doubt that this scooter has been purpose-built to deliver a smooth but thrilling ride, which is why it’s such a popular choice amongst scooter riders everywhere. That being said, it is expensive. If you’re not so bothered about owning an INOKIM branded scooter, I’d consider the Mantis Pro for increased performance and a more affordable price tag.

10. Apollo Pro 52V Hydraulic Brakes

Apollo Pro 52V Hydraulic Brakes

The 52V has everything you’d come to expect from an Apollo scooter, but it is cheaper than the Apollo 60V. The top speed is the slowest on this list, hitting 38 mph, however, the strong acceleration and torque mean that the difference isn’t too obvious. It’s a great choice if you’re planning to split your time between urban and off-road riding.


If you liked the look of the Apollo Pro 60V but ideally want something cheaper, I have a feeling you’re going to jump for joy when you see this next scooter. The Apollo 52V isn’t that far behind its 60V sibling, but for just £1,699, you’ll be making a great saving whilst still getting a top-quality scooter.

Apollo Pro Frame

So, how fast does the 52V go?

If you remember, the 60V has a maximum speed of 42 mph. The 52V doesn’t go quite as fast, but its dual 1000W motors have enough stamina to push this scooter up to 38 mph. You won’t have to compromise on the awesome acceleration Apollo scooters are known for either. The 52V can reach 30 mph in 6.2 seconds, which is only around 1 second slower than the 60V.

Apollo Pro Handlebars

If you’re looking for something with power and torque, this scooter will put a smile on your face. Thanks to the combined power of the dual motors, you’ll be able to steamroll your way up 40-degree hills, and you won’t find yourself slowing down on steeper slopes either. Plenty of other models lose speed and traction on more drastic inclines, but not the 52V.

With this kind of acceleration on the cards, you don’t want a scooter that drops the ball when it comes to the brakes. Luckily, the 52V’s cheaper price tag doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise on the quality consistent with the Apollo name. The 52V comes with a triple braking system including front and rear hydraulic disc brakes as well as a regenerative electric brake that gradually slows the motor when engaged. The combination of all three means you’ll have exquisitely controlled braking wherever you are and however fast you’re going.

Apollo Pro Disc Brake

Although hydraulic brakes are without a doubt my favourites, if you are a bit strapped for cash but have your heart set on an Apollo, the 52V is also available with standard cable disc brakes alongside the regenerative electric brake. These will deliver good stopping power, but it won’t be as precise or impactful as the hydraulic alternative. However, it will bring the price of the scooter down I would urge you to splash the extra cash though if you’re able to – the hydraulics are worth it.

Apollo scooters are famous for delivering a smooth and comfortable ride quality, and the 52V is no exception. Thanks to the large 10” pneumatic tyres, riders of up to 150 kg can have a luxurious ride experience. These tyres will absorb the majority of shocks, so you’ll be comfortable even on rougher terrain.

Apollo Pro Foot Deck

This is aided by the front spring and rear hydraulic suspension which takes on any jarring impacts or sharp knocks you might encounter. Not only does this make the scooter extremely versatile when switching between different surface types, but it also means your hips, back and legs will be protected from any punishing and painful jolts.

Apollo Pro Suspension

On the 60V and Ludicrous models, the batteries are made by Samsung. This is one big difference between these and the 52V as the latter contains an LG battery. Both of these brands are well-known for the quality they produce so you don’t need to worry about the lower price resulting in an inferior unit. In fact, the advertised range on the 52V is longer than that of the 60V. This scooter claims to be able to hit 56 miles on a single charge. In reality, you’ll see less than this and in the name of transparency, Apollo states that if you consistently ride in the most aggressive modes, you’re more likely to see around 25 miles, which is drastically less.

When it comes to recharging, a standard charger will take around 10 hours to reach full power, but a fast charger will reduce this down to 5 hours. If you think that your riding style will reduce the range considerably, having a speedier charging option might be a good idea for a fast boost.

Like the 60V, the 52V weighs a hefty 34.9 kg, so carrying this thing around won’t be easy, especially if you’ve only got a single hand free.

Apollo Pro Folded

Despite the added weight, you can rely on Apollo to deliver a high standard of build quality. These are scooters you can rely on and their sturdiness makes them well-suited to the knocks of everyday life. Safety and stability are two things the 52V absolutely nails.

This scooter is a great choice if you like the look of what Apollo has to offer but at a reduced price. The biggest compromise is the top speed, however, the acceleration and torque are both very impressive which makes the difference a small one. You’ll still get the same high quality as well as similar power and responsiveness that you would from more expensive models.

Josh Frisby
Josh Frisby

Josh, Founder of Electric Scooter Insider. Over the last 4 years, I’ve tested countless scooters, amassed a database of 140+ models, and helped thousands of people find the right scooter. All of the scooters that I review are put through a rigorous review process so I can clearly distinguish where one is better or worse than another.

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