Heavy Duty Electric Scooters for Heavy Adults (100-160 kg)

True or False: Electric scooters aren’t for heavier adults.

Once upon a time, this would have been true. But not anymore.

Gone are the days when electric scooters came with limited load capacity. Say hello to the new era of inclusive electric scooting. There are plenty of options out there for riders of all sizes and I’m here to help you find the perfect one for you.

Before we get started, let me explain how I decided on the heavy duty scooters you’re going to find in this article. Firstly, I split them into four weight support brackets to make it easier to find the scooters that are most suitable for you:

  • 350 lbs
  • 300-349 lbs
  • 250-299 lbs
  • 200-249 lbs

Within each group, I then picked the top three scooters according to the following criteria:

  • Budget: Cheapest model available
  • Mid-range: A good balance of speed, mileage, weight, and portability.
  • Premium: High speeds, mileage, and advanced features like suspension, hydraulic brakes etc.

In some categories, it wasn’t possible to feature a full top three, but there are still plenty of scooters for you to check out.

To give you a quick overview, below are the cheapest models available for each weight bracket (if you want to see the mid-range and premium options scroll down to each bracket).

Editor choice

Emove Cruiser

Supports 352 lbs (350+ lbs Winner)

This scooter can support a load of up to 350 lbs, and is one of the most reliable machines on this list. It has an outstanding range thanks to the large LG battery and is built to accommodate riders of all shapes and sizes. It’s packed with premium features but has been designed for practicality. It’s an all-rounder that you can count on.

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Emove Touring

Supports 330 lbs (300-349 lbs Winner)

Powerful, portable, and able to support riders of up to 330 lbs? Yes, I’m talking about the Emove Touring. This scooter has been designed for commuter and inner-city living and is small and agile enough to dart in and out of traffic and pedestrians. Plus it only costs $899, which is easier on your purse strings too.

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Turboant X7 Pro

Supports 275 lbs (250-299 lbs Winner)

An excellent budget scooter, the Turboant X7 Pro is great value for money. It can support riders of up to 275 lbs and doesn’t compromise on power or range despite its lower price. It comes with a triple braking system as well as large tires to deliver a balanced ride and help support a greater load.

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$499.98 $699.98

GoTrax XR Elite

Supports 220 lbs (200-249 lbs Winner)

An excellent budget scooter, the Elite has a ton of premium features on offer for a bargain price. It can support riders of up to 220 lbs and the roomy deck and air-filled tires deliver a smooth and balanced ride. Expect to reach a top speed of 15.5 mph but the advertised top mileage of 18.6 miles will fall a little short depending on rider type.

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350 lbs

Emove Cruiser

Emove Cruiser
Supports 352 lbs
This scooter can support a load of up to 350 lbs, and is one of the most reliable machines on this list. It has an outstanding range thanks to the large LG battery and is built to accommodate riders of all shapes and sizes. It’s packed with premium features but has been designed for practicality. It’s an all-rounder that you can count on.
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Regardless of load capacity, everyone needs an awesome all-rounder that ticks every box and adapts itself to any situation. This chameleon-like scooter comes in the form of the Emove Cruiser.

One of the Cruiser’s strengths is its careful design which makes it accessible for a multitude of users. Its cool, colorful exterior might look unassuming at first glance, but it's heavy duty frame can support up to 352 lbs in weight, which is the largest load capacity on this list. Impressive, right?

EMOVE Cruiser Review: Best Electric Scooter Sub $1,400

Reliable, long-range, and incredibly well-rounded, the EMOVE Cruiser ticks all the right boxes and has everything a stylish and savvy rider needs. Join us as we give you an up-close and personal look at the EMOVE Cruiser’s illustrious design and run-through of what you can expect once it arrives on your doorstep.


It might have the biggest load capacity, but does it have the muscle to deliver a top-quality ride when carrying a heavier rider? You bet it does.

The Cruiser comes with a large 52V 30Ah LG battery that has an advertised range of 62 miles. In reality, you’ll get slightly less than this because the battery will need to work harder depending on the weight it has to support, but even 40 or 50 miles is substantial for a scooter like this.

To put it into context, it’s 3x more powerful than most scooters in the same price bracket and can compete with top-tier machines like Dualtron models.

Emove Cruiser Frame

Even as a heavier rider, you won’t need to recharge for weeks at a time, which will help extend your battery’s lifespan in the long-run. Considering the Cruiser takes between 9 and 12 hours to fully recharge, it’ll also save you a lot of time too.

To complement its long-range, the Cruiser has a top speed of 25 mph, which allows it to keep pace with residential traffic if you’re planning on using it as a commuter scooter. The 800w motor has a peak output of 1600W so you can rest assured the acceleration won’t be sluggish or heavy. The Cruiser definitely has enough power to get you from A to B without a struggle and the dual hybrid-hydraulic brakes deliver standout stopping power once you arrive at your destination.

Emove Cruiser Rear Hybrid Hydraulic Brakes

One thing to bear in mind is that the Cruiser claims to have a hill-climbing ability of up to 10%, however, this is based on a rider weighing 150 lbs. For heavier riders, you can expect this to be reduced and the Cruiser will probably struggle to maintain faster speeds on steeper inclines. Acceleration and ride quality are at their best on the flat.

Speaking of ride quality, let’s take a look at the Cruiser’s heavy duty frame. To begin with, it has a wide deck so you can say goodbye to restrictive bases that force you into narrow and uncomfortable stances. With the Cruiser, you can adopt a natural stance that is safer and allows you to keep your balance easily.

The 10” wheels give this scooter an all-over sturdier feel because of their wider surface area and increased traction. They have a tubeless design which means they’re more flat-resistant and have lower maintenance. Did I mention that they’re car-grade too? That’s right — these bad boys are as sturdy as they come. Combined with the front spring and rear air shock absorbers, the Cruiser can deliver a soft and luxurious ride, soaking up bumps and hits without a murmur.

Emove Cruiser Dual Front Spring Suspension

At 52 lbs, the Cruiser isn’t the lightest scooter so it’s not as portable as some others because it’s heavier to lift. However, the tight, durable stem, slick folding mechanism, and foldable handlebars mean that it’s quite compact once collapsed. If you can lift it, carrying it onto public transport, throwing it into the trunk of your car, or stowing it under your desk shouldn’t be a problem.

Emove Cruiser Folded

The Cruiser features integrated turn signals (a unique feature that only a few scooters possess), front and rear lights, and an LED display for the outstanding price of $1,399. It’s exceptionally good value for money thanks to its overall versatility.

Emove Cruiser Bright LED Lights

You also have several options to modify your scooter at an additional price. For example, the finger throttle comes as standard which some riders find uncomfortable, so the Cruiser also has a twist or thumb throttle upgrade option. Additionally, you can choose to purchase a seat attachment for a more relaxing ride.

The Emove Cruiser hasn’t been built to thrill. Instead, it excels at being a scooter you can rely on — light and heavier riders alike. It’s been designed for practicality and it has the performance to back it, which is what makes it such a good option for commuters as well as more casual users.

300-349 lbs

Budget / Mid-Range Model – Emove Touring

Emove Touring
Supports 330 lbs
Powerful, portable, and able to support riders of up to 330 lbs? Yes, I’m talking about the Emove Touring. This scooter has been designed for commuter and inner-city living and is small and agile enough to dart in and out of traffic and pedestrians. Plus it only costs $899, which is easier on your purse strings too.
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Scooters that cater to riders over 300 lbs can sometimes come with an eye-watering price tag, which is why commuter superstar, the Emove Touring, is a breath of fresh air. This scooter is a great all-rounder and is perfectly designed for an urban environment.

Emove Touring Frame

Let’s start by digging into one of the Touring’s standout features: the rider comfort. No matter how big your feet are, I can guarantee they’ll fit comfortably on this scooter’s large deck. You won’t find yourself struggling for space, which makes keeping your balance easy. This is part of the reason why the Touring can so easily support riders of up to 330 lbs. It also features an adjustable stem, delivering a customized ride even if you’re on the taller side.

Emove Touring Wide Foot Deck

But how comfortable is it to ride? I’m glad you asked. The Touring has exceptional ride quality thanks to its superior suspension system. It features triple front and rear dual suspension which guarantees a plush ride even when hopping from curbs. It has no problem soaking up harsh hits.

Emove Touring Front Tire and Spring Suspension

This is quite an achievement considering it only has a single pneumatic tire with a solid rubber one in the rear. Traditionally, solid tires give more of a jarring ride because their shock absorption and traction isn’t as good as that of their air-filled counterparts. However, the awesome suspension more than makes up for any discomfort this might cause.

The only downside here is that the Touring’s tires are a little on the small side, measuring only 8”. If not for the super spacious deck, this might make the Touring feel less stable. As it is, you’ll need to keep an eye out for large potholes or rocks on the road as smaller tires won’t be able to deal with these as confidently as larger ones. Luckily, the deck has high clearance, protecting it from sustaining any recoil damage.

Are you looking for a scooter that has the gusto to handle a medium length commute? Well, luckily for you, this is one area the Touring excels in. Equipped with powerful batteries manufactured by technological giants LG, the Touring claims to have a maximum range of 25 miles, although this will be less when carrying a heavier rider at top speeds of 24 mph. However, with a fast-charging time of between 3 and 4 hours, topping the Touring’s battery up is quick and effortless.

Emove Touring Handlebars

Any commuter scooter worth its salt makes sure to tick the portability box, and the Touring fits the brief nicely. Weighing just 39 lbs, it’s fairly easy to carry, making it a convenient addition to any commute involving public transport. Featuring a telescopic neck, folding stem, and foldable handlebars, the Touring collapses down into a surprisingly compact package, making it even easier to transport and pick up on the move.

Emove Touring Folded

Here's a closer look at the folded handlebars:

Emove Touring Folded Handlebars

As I mentioned above, the Touring’s brushless 500W motor allows it to reach a top speed of 24 mph – which is ideal for weaving in and out of traffic during the morning commute. It also has enough torque to conquer 15-degree slopes, which is more than the Cruiser can offer. However, bear in mind that a heavier rider will reduce the speed at which the scooter can tackle steeper slopes, so you might find it struggling on more drastic hills.

As with all electric scooters, safety is the most important consideration, so how do the Touring’s brakes hold up? It features a rear drum brake which does a decent job of bringing the scooter to a swift halt, however, I prefer a scooter that has dual brakes as this provides stopping power to both wheels rather than just one.

Like all good commuter options, the Touring comes with bright front and rear lights which do a good job of making you visible to others on the road but don’t have enough power to adequately illuminate dark paths in front of you. If you’re planning on doing extended night time riding, make sure to purchase an additional light.

Emove Touring Rear Lights

Here's how the lights look at night:

Emove Touring LED Headlights

The Emove Touring is a solid commuter option for heavier riders who need something portable, speedy, and with a decent range. Similarly to its cousin the Cruiser, the Touring hasn’t been designed to provide a thrilling ride, but more as a heavy duty option that is durable, dependable, and reliable. It is ideal for blending in with inner-city traffic and getting you from A to B in style. Plus, it only costs $899. This makes it one of the most affordable options that doesn’t compromise on style or substance.

Premium Model – Wolf Warrior

Wolf Warrior
Supports 330 lbs
A masterclass in speed, range, and premium features, the Wolf Warrior has outstanding off-road prowess. It has power by the bucket load, which helps it deliver a high-quality experience for riders up to 330 lbs. Although not portable, this is a scooter designed to thrill and get your adrenaline pumping. Trust me, it’ll do a great job of it.

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$2,799.00 $2,999.00

There are two types of electric scooters. The first is made for practical living. The second can do that too but with an added punch of attitude and power that sets your heart racing and your adrenaline thumping. The Wolf Warrior belongs firmly in this second category.

Wolf Warrior Review: Is It Still a Worthwhile Investment?

With Kaabo bringing out a range of different Wolf models – including the Wolf Warrior X, X Pro, King, and King GT – we take a deep dive into the Wolf Warrior's performance to let you know if its still a worthwhile investment.


Before we even look into the specs, it’s clear from the name that this scooter means business. And that’s backed up by its outrageously cool exterior. From the chunky tires to the beefy, durable stem not only does this scooter deliver a raw, menacing aesthetic but it also projects confidence and promises a stable and secure ride for riders up to 330 lbs. And it has the specs to back that up.

Kaboo Wolf Warrior Frame

Equipped with dual motors that put out a combined power of 2400W, the Wolf Warrior has power and acceleration to spare. The torque on this scooter is phenomenal and it’ll destroy hills of up to 30-degrees. Even as a heavier rider you won’t have many issues conquering steeper inclines because the Warrior has the drive to maintain close to its top speed of 50 mph.

As soon as you step on the wide foot deck, you can feel that the Wolf Warrior is itching to pounce forward. The throttle is extremely sensitive and the acceleration is one of the fastest I’ve reviewed. You’ll want to make sure you’re wearing protective clothing and holding on tight because this scooter doesn’t hold back. If you’d prefer to moderate this a little, you can always switch between single and double motor mode. The acceleration is still fiery, but single-mode tamps it down slightly as well as saving on battery.

Kaboo Wolf Warrior Handlebars

When it comes to range and mileage, the Wolf Warrior stands out as one of the best. It features a powerful 35Ah battery from LG. This isn’t just any old battery. This is the crème de la crème, boasting top quality across the board. This is why the Warrior promises a whopping 70 miles on a single charge. As a heavier rider, you’re likely to experience less than this but even 50 miles is more than enough to get you where you need to go and then some.

Another bonus of having such a large battery is that you won’t need to charge it very often, especially if your excursions aren’t long. If you do max out the power and need to re-juice, the Wolf Warrior recharges in just 8 hours. Considering the miles on offer, this is a relatively short time to wait.

You can use the Wolf Warrior as a commuter scooter, but it’s an off-road beast in its bones. It’s been designed for thrill and adventure and it’s got all the features you need to get off the beaten track safely.

Wolf Warrior Off-Roading

Firstly, it comes with extra-large 11” tubeless pneumatic tires. Having such big tires is a bonus because it helps the scooter to balance, as well as giving good clearance from the floor when you’re performing jumps. Luckily, pneumatics are the best tires you can get and they cushion against most major blows, so traveling across harsh terrain is a breeze.

Kaboo Wolf Warrior Knobby Tires

They’ve even been designed to withstand flats, thanks to the lack of an inner tube (this is the bit that usually pops when you get a flat tire). Overall, the Warrior’s tires help to deliver a plush and luxurious ride, whilst requiring little maintenance from you which is a win-win situation.

As good as its tires are, if you’re going off-road you’ll still need decent suspension to protect your limbs and iron out that seamless ride quality. The Wolf Warrior comes with front hydraulic and rear suspension that work together to deliver an exceptional experience across all terrain types.

Wolf Warrior Hydraulic Suspension and Knobby Tires

However, each rider is unique and wants different things from their ride. Therefore, the Wolf Warrior gives you the option to customize certain aspects to your preferences depending on what you’re going to use it for. At the point of purchase, you can choose between road tires, which are smoother and perform better on urban surfaces (although they also perform fairly well off-road), or specialist knobby off-road tires that are designed for better traction on loose ground.

This is one fast scooter, and therefore it needs to have strong brakes to bring you to a swift halt. The Wolf Warrior is all about speed and thrill but it also prioritizes safety. It features front and rear hydraulic brakes that have exceptionally good stopping power. Plus you can engage the optional ABS should you wish to add another dimension to the braking measures.

Kaboo Wolf Warrior Hydraulic Brakes

It also comes with front, side, and rear LED lights that do a great job of illuminating the paths in the dark. They’re also bright enough to make you visible to other vehicles and riders on the road. You can control these from the EYE display system mounted on the handlebars, as well as monitoring your speed and battery.

Kaboo Wolf Warrior Powerful Headlights

Here's a look at the LED lights at night:

Kaboo Wolf Warrior LED Lights at Night

There aren’t many negatives when it comes to this scooter, but weight is one of them. The Wolf Warrior weighs a massive 101 lbs. It’s not easily portable and is certainly not made for carrying onto public transport. Even lifting it into your car might be a struggle.

At $2,799, it’s not the cheapest scooter on the market, although it’s also not the most expensive either. Plus, the money you pay is definitely worth the premium features you get. It’s been designed for heavy duty use alongside thrilling speeds and acceleration off-road whilst maintaining a high-quality ride. The large battery works in tandem with the powerful motors to deliver a strong ride as standard for all users regardless of weight. If you want something with a ton of bite that’s a step up from your run of the mill city cruiser, the Wolf Warrior is one of the best you can get.

250-299 lbs

Budget Model – Turboant X7 Pro

Turboant X7 Pro
Supports 275 lbs
An excellent budget scooter, the Turboant X7 Pro is great value for money. It can support riders of up to 275 lbs and doesn’t compromise on power or range despite its lower price. It comes with a triple braking system as well as large tires to deliver a balanced ride and help support a greater load.
$499.98 $699.98
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There’s nothing I like more than getting my money’s worth which is why I’m such a big fan of the Turboant X7 Pro. This baby is packed with premium features and impressive specs but will only set you back $499.98.

So what can you get for under $600? Let’s take a closer look…

Turboant X7 Pro Unboxing & Review

A complete unboxing and review of the Turboant X7 Pro. See what the best electric scooter under $600 has to offer. From close-ups of the frame to talking through the impressive stats, this video will show you exactly what you can expect from the Turboant X7 Pro.

A standout feature of the Pro is the range on offer. Thanks to the 10Ah battery, it promises an impressive top mileage of 30 miles which is perfect for longer commutes or just zipping around your local area. You’ll probably see a little less than this if you’re closer to the top end of the Pro’s 275 lb load limit. If you don’t need as much as 30 miles, and you’d like to cut down on your spend, take a look at the Turboant X7. It offers a lower range of 16 miles and is over $100 cheaper.

Turboant X7 Load Capacity

Luckily, the X7 Pro only takes between 4 to 6 hours to recharge which is a fairly decent turnaround for a battery this size. What truly sets it apart, however, is the Pro’s secret weapon: its battery pack is detachable. Why is this so good for you? Firstly, it means more flexible charging, as you can choose to charge the scooter as a whole unit, or just remove the battery for a space-saving solution. Secondly, it’s a clever little security feature. Your scooter won’t look as appealing if it’s missing the vital ingredient to power it along.

Turboant X7 Pro Frame

Contrary to popular belief, a reduced price doesn’t automatically mean you’ll need to compromise on speed. In fact, the Pro’s impressive 350W motor delivers a maximum top speed of 20 mph. The throttle is also fairly responsive (it has around a half-second delay), delivering decent acceleration even when supporting a heavier rider. It also comes with 3 different rider modes: beginner, eco, and sports. Each has a different speed limit to help conserve battery, which is particularly handy when you need to go further for longer.

Turboant X7 Pro Throttle

Thanks to the decent motor power behind it, the Pro claims to be able to conquer 15-degree slopes, however, this is likely to be slightly lower the closer you are to the upper threshold of the scooter’s load limit.

When supporting a heavier rider, reliable brakes are the order of the day. You can rest easy when it comes to the X7 Pro because it comes with a triple braking system. Just so you know, most scooters come with two brakes at most, but the Pro puts them to shame. This budget scooter features an electronic brake, disc brake, and foot brake so you can be sure to stop exactly when you need to. Their combined power can bring you to halt within 5 meters.

Turboant X7 Pro Rear Wheel and Disc Brake

Here's a look at the handbrake:

Turboant X7 Pro Handbrake

The X7 Pro excels as a road scooter and is built to deal with the rigors of everyday riding. It comes with 10” air-filled tires that deliver excellent shock absorption when traveling along bumpy surfaces. This is vital on a scooter like the Pro which comes without suspension.

The increased area of the tires is also ideal for supporting a heavier load as it helps to spread the weight more evenly. This, alongside the wide, anti-slip foot deck, means you’ll be able to keep your balance more easily. The Pro has been designed with comfort in mind and is constructed to suit a wide variety of riders.

Turboant X7 Pro Deck

All of the X7 Pro’s impressive specs are packed into a compact, 33 lb frame. In the scooter world, this is fairly light so you shouldn’t have any problem lifting or carrying it around, although you won’t want to lug it around for too long. The light-ish frame folds in three easy steps. However, the only issue here is the positioning of the detachable battery. It’s located in the center of the stem, so it does make gripping the scooter a bit tricky if you have small hands.

Given the impressive price point of the X7 Pro, you’d expect to see some compromises somewhere, so it’s not too surprising that it features a fairly basic instrument panel. You can track your speed and battery level from the LED display, as well as switch between the riding modes. Nevertheless, it does come with cruise control which I like to see on a scooter at this price.

Turboant X7 Pro LED Display

Despite the basic dashboard, the X7 Pro features powerful front and rear LED lights that provide decent illumination on those darker nights. It also has a waterproof rating of IPX4. This means it can resist splashes of water and can be ridden in the rain if needs be.

The Turboant X7 Pro is fantastic value for money and feels more expensive than it is. It’s built to accommodate a variety of different riders and the premium features on offer give it a luxurious feel you would find on more expensive scooters.

Mid-Range Model – Apollo City

Apollo City
Supports 260 lbs
Apollo has tried to cram the best of everything into one compact package and they’ve done an admirable job of it. Suited to carrying riders of up to 260 lbs, the Apollo City delivers power alongside portability, two factors every great commuter scooter needs. Expect good range, high quality, and straightforward attitude.
Get $50 worth of free accessories. Use Code:

Is it too much to ask for a scooter to be and do everything all at once? I don’t think so, and neither do Canadian scooter brand Apollo. That’s why their self-dubbed ‘ultimate commuter scooter’, the City, does its best to tick every box on the scorecard. Spoiler: they’ve done a pretty good job of it.

Apollo City Frame

Firstly, how much weight can this scooter support? The City’s wide deck and sturdy frame have been purpose-built to hold riders of up to 260 lb, which is slightly less than the Turboant X7 Pro, but still inclusive of a variety of riders. You can have the confidence that this scooter will adequately support you whilst delivering a top-notch ride.

Apollo City Foot Deck

The City is a great option if you’re looking for something to rely on but you don’t want to sacrifice the speed factor. Its near-silent 600W high-efficiency motor allows you to reach up to 25 mph and puts out great torque to help you conquer slopes of up to 15-degrees. You’ll have no problem keeping up with urban traffic and you won’t have to avoid hilly routes either.

As you’ll probably know, both of these things can be negatively affected by the weight load the scooter is carrying. However, Apollo has gone the extra mile to provide a solution to this in the form of the settings control display. Alongside monitoring speed and battery, you can also use it to customize your ride and fine-tune it to your liking.

How does that help you? Well, for example, customization options include altering the speed of acceleration. This is particularly handy when it comes to hills because heavier riders will inevitably find themselves slowing down the steeper the incline is. But by tweaking the acceleration settings, you can guarantee a smooth, constant glide up the majority of slopes. Genius.

Apollo City Command Center

The display also allows you to customize your braking power. As it is, the Apollo City comes with an awesome trio of brakes to help deliver a combined stopping distance of 3 meters. Together, the rear drum brake, front disc brake, and regenerative electric brake do an awesome job of slowing you down, but sometimes heavier riders are looking for something sharper and stronger than lighter adults. The customization settings let you dial this up or down dependent to your preference.

So how far will the City carry you on a single charge? This scooter has an advertised top range of 28 miles, which is great for medium commutes. Despite this, Apollo is all about transparency and recognizes that the ideal output isn’t always realistic. In real-world conditions, heavier riders are more likely to see around 20-22 miles.

This is still an ideal range for daily commuting and you’ll find that this scooter’s battery can withstand the regular use. This is because Apollo hasn't opted for any old run-of-the-mill battery. Instead, the City comes with 48V high-efficiency Dynavolt battery cells. If you’ve never heard of these, they’re most commonly found in electric motorcycle batteries and they’ll beat the test of time.

When it comes to charging, you can choose between a regular charge or a faster option. The first allows the battery to fully recharge in 4 to 5 hours, whereas the latter does it in just 2-3. Neither option is particularly long, so the turnaround will be pretty speedy whichever you go for.

Apollo City Spring Suspension and Rear Tire

Usually, I prefer a scooter that comes with two air-filled tires as, traditionally, these do a better job of shock absorption. However, the City comes with just one in the front, opting for a solid rubber tire in the rear. Despite my initial reservations, this doesn’t affect the performance of the scooter too much because of the excellent suspension on offer. The rear tire is supported by dual spring suspension whilst in the front, the cushioning impact of the air-filled wheel is complemented by an additional spring shock absorber. Together, they deliver a plush, smooth ride that protects your hips and back even on bumpier urban roads.

As with any commuter scooter, the Apollo City has everything you need for a truly portable travel solution. Weighing 39 lbs, it’s definitely at the heavier end of the ‘portable’ bracket but just sneaks in there. Thanks to its simple 3-step folding process, it’s easy to collapse into a more compact shape, perfect for taking onto public transport or carrying upstairs.

Apollo City Folded

Whenever you want to get out on the road, the Apollo City is ready to go. The IP54 waterproof rating makes it ideal for riding whatever the weather and the set of strong LED lights in the front and rear illuminate both you and the road when the evenings get a bit darker. Did I also mention that it comes with inbuilt cruise control and an optional seat upgrade? This is ideal for those riders who want a more relaxing experience.

Apollo City LED Lights

At $999, the City isn’t as cheap as the Turboant X7 Pro, but it’s more affordable than other scooters in its class, especially considering the quality and features on offer. It hits the perfect sweet spot between power and portability and does a great job of delivering the best of everything in one package.

Premium Model – Dualtron X

Dualtron X
Supports 265 lbs
Possibly the beastliest scooter I’ve ever reviewed, there’s nothing on the market that can rival the X for performance. An eye-watering top speed of 55 mph, staggering range of 93 miles, and phenomenal off-road capabilities, there’s not much this scooter can’t do. It’ll support riders of up to 265 lbs and has a beefy frame for a sturdy and balanced ride.

If you’re looking for a scooter with badass attitude seeping out of each and every square inch, the Dualtron X is your guy. Featuring a beefy heavy duty frame as well as an ultra-wide deck, this isn’t a scooter you want to mess with.

Dualtron X Bulky Frame

In addition to just looking plain awesome, you can also reap the practical benefits of its chunkier design — both the frame and the deck help deliver a stable and balanced ride as well as easily supporting riders of up to 265 lbs.

Dualtron X Wide Foot Deck

And trust me, you’ll need a scooter with this kind of build quality when you lay into the throttle and push the scooter up to its maximum speed of 55 mph. Yes, you read that right – this is without a doubt the fastest scooter I’ve ever reviewed.

It’s not shy about it either. With a combined output of 6720W from the dual hub motors, the Dualtron X will be chomping at the bit to get going. Be prepared to hold on tight when you unleash the throttle – this scooter is super sensitive and the acceleration is off-the-charts. This is a bonus for heavier riders who might experience more sluggish power on other machines. The X will leave them puttering the dust as it storms ahead.

It won’t be daunted by a few hills, either. Dualtron claims that the X can handle inclines up to a staggering 70-degrees. Based on the power this thing can put out, I’d be inclined to believe them. But, of course, as with all electric scooters, heavier riders will experience reduced hill-climbing capability. In the case of the X, you can expect to scale 30-35 degree inclines. This may seem like a steep drop off from the 70-degrees but to put it into perspective, it’ll have no problem gliding up the steepest of urban inclines – even Filbert Street, San Francisco’s steepest street.

Dualtron X in Urban Area with Front Lights Switched On

If you thought that the 55 mph maximum speed was the biggest surprise the Dualtron X had to offer, think again. The range and battery power is another all-out winner, delivering a jaw-dropping 93 miles on a single charge. This is thanks to the massive 60V 49Ah LG battery pack. Although you should expect to see less than the advertised range depending on rider characteristics, the quality of the battery means it won’t be that far off.

You might be expecting a gargantuan recharge time to match the huge number of miles on offer, but this scooter has pulled all the stops once again. It only takes 7.5 hours for the X to reach full battery power which is jaw-dropping considering the phenomenal size of the range. Side note: you’ll need the quick charger to achieve such a fast recharge, otherwise you’ll have to wait around 20 hours…eeek.

Plus, the X comes with a separate battery in the stem which is dedicated solely to powering the scooter’s bright front, rear, and swag lights. It also runs the EYE display where you can monitor your speed and battery as well as operating the inbuilt cruise control. The benefit of this separate battery means that these extra necessities aren’t draining power from the main battery, so it can focus all of its energy on delivering punchy power and impressive range.

Dualtron X Under Deck Lights

If you haven’t picked it up by now, let me lay it out for you: the Dualtron X isn’t your standard scooter. It’s built for way more than a casual trip to the store. Off-roading is built into its very makeup, starting with its wheels. Measuring 13” x 4”, these beauties are so chunky that riding the X feels similar to floating. They’re so big that it can take a while to get used to them, especially when executing turns. For heavier riders, however, they’re a bonus because they provide more overall stability.

Dualtron X Front Suspension and Wide Tire

As I’ve mentioned before, pneumatic tires are the best you can get when it comes to off-roading because they provide extra shock absorption. This is thanks to the fact that they mold more easily to surface imperfections. This can make them more vulnerable to flats, but luckily, the X’s tires are tubeless. The inner tube is usually the part of the tire that pops, so getting rid of it delivers flat-resistant tires without compromising on the softer ride quality.

The Dualtron X also comes with superior suspension. To put it bluntly, it’s the best I’ve ever seen. It uses coil-over-shocks — a combination of a coil spring and a shock absorber all in one package. They’re the best you can get and provide increased stability because they’re stiffer than other suspension options. This is why you usually find them on off-road racing cars. Their responsiveness means you have more control over the scooter because you’re fully balanced on the deck regardless of the terrain you’re riding on.

Dualtron X Rear Suspension

Speaking of control, the X also features an innovative steering damper, something that you’re more likely to see on a motorcycle. What does it do? It helps to keep the steering tight when riding at top speeds, eliminating the risk of wobbling or losing control. With a scooter that goes as fast as the X does, this is more important than on other lower speed options.

Dualtron is well aware that safety and thrill go hand-in-hand. You need extreme safety measures to match the extreme specs the X has to offer. Full hydraulic disc brakes with ABS are Dualtron’s weapon of choice when it comes to delivering excellent stopping power and for good reason. They’re ultra-responsive and will promptly slow you down even from 55 mph.

Dualtron X Stand and Disc Brakes

The Dualtron X is many things, but it’s not portable and it’s not cheap. It weighs an ungodly 145 lbs, making it the heaviest electric scooter I’ve ever reviewed. Although it has a collapsible stem and folding handlebars, this still doesn’t make it practical for easy transportation. Don’t expect to fit this heavy duty scooter into your daily commute.

The price is almost as heavy as the scooter itself. Costing $5,999, it’s not made for the casual enthusiast. This machine is built for experienced riders who want to up their scooter game and take their rides to the next level. It’s not a cheap date; this is a full-blown, indulgent love affair.

And a love affair it is – I guarantee that once you step foot on this thing, nothing else will ever compare. It’s the best performance scooter money can buy and the outrageous specs will leave you speechless. If you don’t need the portability and you’ve got the money to spend, this is one purchase you won’t regret.

200-249 lbs

Budget Model – GoTrax XR Elite

GoTrax XR Elite
Supports 220 lbs
An excellent budget scooter, the Elite has a ton of premium features on offer for a bargain price. It can support riders of up to 220 lbs and the roomy deck and air-filled tires deliver a smooth and balanced ride. Expect to reach a top speed of 15.5 mph but the advertised top mileage of 18.6 miles will fall a little short depending on rider type.

Sometimes, if you want to buy an electric scooter on a budget, you have to compromise on performance. But thankfully, the GoTrax XR Elite is not one of those scooters. In fact, the Elite can match more expensive models and at only $399.99, you’ll pay a fraction of the price.

It might be good news for your bank balance, but can it accommodate heavier riders? The good news is that yes, it can. The XR Elite comes with an anti-slip 6.6” deck which is perfect for enhanced balance and has enough room for riders of up to 220 lbs to find a comfortable riding stance.

GoTrax XR Elite Deck and Stand

The 300W motor also has a good amount of power to get a variety of riders up to its top speed of 15.5 mph. This is an ideal speed for casual exploration or inner-city commuting and the torque output is good enough that you can tackle 15-degree hills easily, even if it is at a slightly slower pace. Although this speed is decent for a scooter at this price, if you’re an experienced rider, you might find that it’s not quite fast enough for you.

A cheaper price tag also usually means cheaper tires which can often result in poorer ride quality, especially for heavier adults. I was really pleased to see that the XR Elite doesn’t follow this trend but instead comes with 8.5” air-filled tires. You can look forward to a much smoother ride thanks to their natural shock absorption, which is key on a scooter that doesn’t come with any suspension.

GoTrax XR Elite 8.5 Inch Air-Filled Tires

Even on a slower scooter like this, you need to have brakes that inspire confidence so it’s great to see not one but two braking mechanisms on a scooter at this price point. The XR Elite comes with both disc and anti-lock electric brakes to bring you to a firm stop when you need to.

GoTrax XR Elite Disc Brake

Here's a closer look at the handbrake:

GoTrax XR Elite Handbrake

A real strength of the Elite is its portability factor. It weighs 31.88 lbs which is light enough for it to be lifted and carried easily. Plus, its simple, one-step folding system makes it ideal for taking on public transport or storing in the back of your car if you need to.

GoTrax XR Elite Folded

So far, we’ve seen a pretty impressive show from the Elite, especially for the money you pay. So what about the range on offer? It comes with a 36V 7.8Ah battery which promises a top mileage of 18 miles. However, as a heavier rider, you’ll likely see something closer to 12-13 miles. This is fine for short commutes and casual riding but won’t suit if you’re a more serious rider or enjoying taking longer journeys.

Saying that it does come with a smart battery management system, which will extend your battery’s health and shelf-life. Plus, it has an impressively short recharge time of 3 to 4 hours, so something as trivial as a flat battery won’t keep you off the road for long.

If substantial mileage isn’t a priority for you and you’re keen to cut your spending even further, it’s worth looking into the GoTrax GXL V2. Although range and performance are lower, you’ll save yourself $100.

Budget it might be, but that doesn't mean the XR Elite has to be basic. It comes with a fully-equipped LED display where you can monitor your speed and battery as well as slip into cruise control. Yes, for $399.99 you can get a scooter with inbuilt cruise control- that’s an extra feature I didn’t expect to see at this price. It also has an IP54 waterproof rating, which more expensive models lack. A little bit of rain won’t deter this guy.

GoTrax XR Elite LED Display

The Elite also comes with bright front and rear lights as well as 6 reflectors so that you’re visible to other riders and pedestrians. However, they’re not quite up to scratch if you’re planning on doing lots of nighttime riding. I’d recommend you purchase some extra mounted lights just to be extra safe.

Overall, the XR Elite is one of the best budget options. It has the capacity to support heavier riders as well as decent power to sustain a satisfactory ride quality. It’s not made for long journeys, but the other features on offer more than makeup for this.

Mid-Range Model – Ninebot ES4

Ninebot ES4
Supports 220 lbs
Speed, range, and the ability to support riders of up to 220 lbs, the Ninebot ES4 is a great commuter option and one of the most popular ones out there. Featuring a clever detachable second battery, the ES4 can go for up to 28 miles and has a top speed of just under 19 mph

There’s a reason people are happier to buy from well-known brands rather than taking a chance on something new and it all comes down to trust. You know what you’re getting is good quality. You’ll find the same thing with the Ninebot ES4. It’s designed by Segway who is renowned for producing top quality electric scooters.

If you’ve got a long commute, this scooter is a great option for riders who weigh up to 220 lbs. It offers an impressive maximum mileage of 28 miles (around 3-5 miles less in real-world riding conditions) thanks to the addition of a second external battery on the handlebar post stem. You won’t only be relying on a single battery to get you where you need to go but will have double power behind you.

Segway Nintbo ES4 Frame Outdoor Shot

Another perk of the external battery is that it’s detachable, meaning you’ll have more charging flexibility on the go. Each battery takes 3.5 hours to recharge (7 hours in total) which is pretty speedy. Should you need to, you can ride with a single battery whilst the other is juicing up.

The ES4 isn’t the fastest scooter on the market, but its 300w motor has a peak output of 800W which is pretty punchy. You might find that its power surprises you. When you push the throttle to the max, it will propel you along at a top speed of 18.6 mph, which is faster than the XR Elite.

Although the acceleration is peppy, heavier riders might find that it takes a little while to reach maximum speed, especially when riding on hills. The ES4 can handle slopes of 15-degrees but those sitting closer to the top end of the weight limit might find it slow going on steeper inclines.

Riding the scooter in sports mode might help you pick up the pace a bit, but the battery will drain faster. For optimum battery conservation, opt for either the standard or speed limitation setting, which will help you go further for longer. Or stick the ES4 in cruise, which sets your speed at 12 mph, meaning you can sit back and enjoy a luxuriously lazy ride. This is particularly enjoyable if you purchase the additional set attachment.

Ninebot ES4 Front Wheel, Kickstand, and Folding Mechanism

The ES4 comes with an 8” tire in the front, and a slightly smaller 7.5” one in the back. Both are solid rubber, which isn’t my preferred tire type because it doesn’t provide any shock absorption. Instead, this scooter relies on the front and rear shock absorbers. As a result, the ride quality of the ES4 is nice and smooth but only on flat surfaces like city roads. It performs poorly on looser surfaces and doesn’t deal well with roughly textured terrain. This is something to bear in mind if you live in a city with crater-like potholes littering the streets.

Speed and range are important, but they’re not worth a dime if your electric scooter doesn’t have a solid set of brakes to its name. Luckily for you, the ES4 comes with a dual braking system, featuring a rear mechanical brake and front electric brake. Together, these deliver a steady and stable stopping experience.

Ninebot ES4 Rear Wheel and Fender

Other safety features include a bright headlight that can be operated by the LED display.

Ninebot ES4 Handlebars and LED Display

You can also check your speed and battery life, making sure you have all the information you need within easy reach. The ES4 also comes with a rear light and sidelights, both of which can be customized from the integrated Bluetooth app where you can set a color to suit your style.

Ninebot ES4 Under Deck Lights

All good commuter scooters need to tick the portability box and the ES4 is no exception. Weighing 30.9 lbs, it can be picked up, although you probably wouldn’t want to lug it around for too long. The stem collapses easily, however, because the detachable battery is located on the neck, it can make it a bit clunky to carry. Despite this, taking it on the subway or bus with you shouldn’t pose a problem.

Ninebot ES4 Folded

It’s also worth noting that the scooter won’t fold with both the external battery and the seat attached.

The Ninebot ES4 has power, speed, and range, even when carrying heavier riders. Its meticulous design, top-quality materials, and sleek aesthetic make it an attractive contender in this category. It has a few downsides, but these are often outweighed by the good. For $799.99, you’re getting the reputation of Segway scooters as well as an awesome eco-friendly commuter option.

Premium Model – Dualtron Mini

Dualtron Mini
Supports 220 lbs
If you want a Dualtron but you don’t want to pay eye-watering money, or need an introductory scooter to get you started with this ferocious family of powerhouses, the Dualtron Mini is a great option. It can support riders up to 220 lbs with a top speed of 32 mph and a maximum range of 34 miles. It has the sturdy frame and beefy tires Dualtron is known for and is ideal if you’re looking for something to use both on and off-road.

Do you love the look of the Dualtron X, but need something with a lighter price tag? Never fear – there’s a Dualtron out there for everyone and at $1,499, the Mini could be the answer to your electric scooter prayers.

Although this scooter is a scaled-down version of its bigger and beefier siblings, it still keeps the aggressive attitude Dualtron is known for. In fact, I’d say that the Mini is a more versatile heavy duty option if you’re looking for something with a bit more practicality to it. It can seamlessly blend into the stream of commuter scooters lining the streets in the morning, whilst holding its own on the off-road track.

Dualtron Mini Frame

Because of its smaller size, it can support riders of up to 220 lbs, which is less than other Dualtron models. However, the aviation-grade alloy frame and steel shaft deliver the same durability and sturdiness we’ve come to expect from this line of scooters. Plus, the wide deck and large tires will help riders of all sizes to keep stable and balanced.

Dualtron Mini Wide Foot Deck

Even with the word ‘Mini’ in the name, it’s clear from the very beginning that this is a top-notch performance scooter. Its hub motor has a whopping maximum output of 1450W, which allows riders to reach up to 32 mph. If you’re planning to use this as a city scooter, you’ll find you’re easily able to keep pace with faster traffic if you need to.

Like other Dualtron scooters, the torque on this machine is pretty phenomenal and the Mini isn’t shy about what it can do. The power behind it means it’s capable of conquering hills with a 37-degree slope grade. To put this into context, San Francisco's infamously steep Lombard Street only has a hill grade of 27%. Even heavier riders shouldn’t have a problem stomping up the majority of inclines, although at times your speed will drop.

Dualtron Mini EYE Control Display

With this kind of scooter, reliable brakes are a must. The Dualtron Mini features a rear drum brake with ABS, delivering responsive braking power when you need it. I would have preferred to see a dual braking system here to spread the stoppage power between both wheels, however, drum brakes have a good reputation for being strong and sturdy as well as somewhat water-resistant. You'll feel in control with this setup.

When riding at night, the Mini is lit up like the state fair. It comes with powerful front and rear lights so you’re illuminated from all angles, and it also features a full suite of lights along the deck and handlebar for maximum visibility.

Dualtron Mini LED Ambiance Lighting

Dualtron is well-known for the top-quality batteries they use and the extended range they offer. The Mini contains LG power cells in its 52V 17.5Ah battery, which are some of the best on the market. They allow the scooter to reach a maximum of 34 miles on a single charge. This is ideal for city roaming and commuting. Heavier riders will see a shorter mileage but thanks to the reliability of the battery cells, this isn’t significantly less.

When it comes to charging, you have two options. The standard charger takes 10 hrs to reach full battery, whereas plumping for the fast charger cuts that down to a jaw-dropping 2.6 hours. You’ll be back out on the road faster than you can catch a movie at the cinema.

We’ve talked about why it’s so great for city riding, but does it have everything you need to take it off-road? You betcha.

Dualtron Mini Off-Road

The Mini comes with fairly chunky 9” x 2” pneumatic tires, which are perfect for soaking up bumps and hits thanks to their more malleable surface. They’ll also give you better traction on loose surfaces and provide vital stability to your ride. Those babies aren’t just there for their good looks – although of course, they do look very good.

An off-roading scooter isn’t fit for purpose if it doesn’t come with suspension. Thankfully the Mini has a rubber suspension system in both the front and back to help absorb impact. This will protect your legs, hips, and back when riding across harsh, pockmarked surfaces, or if you just want to bunny hop on and off city curbs.

Dualtron Mini Front Tire and Suspension

Dualtron isn’t known for its portability. Their heaviness is understandable because their motors deliver such phenomenal power and there has to be a trade-off somewhere. The Mini is lighter than its older brothers but at 48 lbs, it still hasn’t nailed that light-as-a-cloud brief. It does feature a very sturdy folding mechanism, so you’ll be able to lift it into your car easily enough, but you won’t want to carry it around for long periods.

Dualtron scooters are made by MiniMotorsUSA, a name synonymous with power and quality. What’s so great about this is that MiniMotors control every aspect of their scooters’ production. This means that all components of the Dualtron Mini are custom made to fit together. Lots of scooters are constructed with a variety of parts from all different sorts of scooter brands, but not the Dualtron line. Why is this important? It’s a big indicator that the quality of this scooter is unparalleled and it’s been built to last.

Dualtron Mini Rear Fender and Rubber Suspension System

It might be on the expensive side, but for the quality and power you’re getting, the Mini is worth it. It’s a great introduction to Dualtron scooters and in many ways, it’s more manageable than others in the range. It’s perfect for riders looking to broaden their riding experience, or just someone who’s looking for a versatile scooter that can handle both city riding and off-roading with a healthy dose of attitude.


Is There a Weight Limit on Electric Scooters?

Most scooters come with a weight limit that varies from model to model.

The majority of scooters have a restriction of 220 lbs, however, there are others on the market, such as the Emove Cruiser, which can support riders of up to 352 lbs.

When choosing an electric scooter, it’s best to check the advertised maximum load to make sure it’s right for you.

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