Best Electric Scooters for Commuting (Ordered by Price)

We’ve all been there…it’s Monday morning and your alarm is shrieking in your ear. The day looms ahead but before that…the commute.

A frantic sweaty jog because you’ll inevitably be running late, or an expensive public transport struggle, squashed between jostling bodies and breathing stale subway air. Either way, by the time you reach work, any refreshment you got from last night’s sleep will have been completely banished.

But what if there were a different way? Enter the electric scooter: revolutionizer of the dreaded commute.

Over the last few years, I’ve reviewed a wide variety of scooters and amassed a database of 100+ models. So, to help you choose the best electric scooter for commuting, I’ve shared my knowledge and experiences in this guide.

All of the scooters I recommend are light, compact, and have the perfect blend of speed, range, and ride quality to make your commute more enjoyable (especially if you are wanting to stay safe from COVID and plan to avoid public transport).

To make it easy, I’ve split them into five price categories – simply click on the prices below to see which commuter scooter I recommend for your budget.

Under $300:

GoTrax Apex

One of the newest additions to the GoTrax line, the Apex shines for a mere $299.99. Its low price as well as its range, and portability make it an attractive commuting option for adults and teenagers alike. Plus, its thick pneumatic tires, improved handlebar display, and updated aesthetic give it an edge over other budget models.

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Under $500:

Turboant X7 Pro

With a top speed of 20 mph and an excellent range of 30 miles, the Turboant X7 Pro is the perfect choice for commuters on a tight budget. Unlike the majority of scooters, the battery pack is removable, which makes it super convenient to charge and gives you the option to switch out the battery with a new one for long commutes. Costing just $499.98, it beats all other scooters under $500 for performance and delivers a ride that is primed for urban terrain.

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$499.98 $699.98

Under $700:

Horizon 10.4

In the case of the Horizon 10.4, you don’t get what you pay for – you get more. When it comes to this scooter, expect premium features, high speeds, full suspension, and an awesome range for a comparatively small price tag. It is heavier than other models on the list but has compact folded dimensions to add portability. If you want the best ride quality, speed, mileage, and hill-climbing for under $700, the Horizon is your guy.

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$699.00 $749.00

Under $900:

EMOVE Touring

The EMOVE Touring is one of the most comfortable commuter scooters on the block, delivering quality across all of its components. Its LG battery is just one reason why this scooter has such a well-deserved reputation. With its portability, range, speed, and impressive triple suspension system all working together it delivers the complete package.

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Under $1,100:

Apollo City

Self-dubbed the ‘ultimate commuter scooter’, the Apollo City certainly lives up to its reputation. Delivering an impressive top speed of 25 mph and a respectable range of 28 miles, the City easily holds its own against others in a similar class, boasting premium features at an affordable price.

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$999.00 $1,099.00

Want to see the in-depth reviews and runner-ups? Click on one of the links below to navigate to each bracket.

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Best Under $300

1. GoTrax Apex

GoTrax Apex
Award: Best Under $300
One of the newest additions to the GoTrax line, the Apex shines for a mere $299.99. Its low price as well as its range, and portability make it an attractive commuting option for adults and teenagers alike. Plus, its thick pneumatic tires, improved handlebar display, and updated aesthetic give it an edge over other budget models.

GoTrax is well-known for its affordable, last-mile scooters, and the Apex is no exception. Its portable and stylish offering will appeal to commuters, students, and teenagers alike, all for less than $300.

GoTrax Apex Frame

There are a whole host of reasons that make this scooter a great option for commuting, aside from the low price tag, of course. First and foremost is its 15.5 mph top speed. This kind of pace is well-suited to inner-city riding – simply put, fast scooters aren’t built for commuting since there will be times where you need to safely weave around pedestrians and bike-lane users. Its acceleration might not be the fastest, but for the $299.99 price tag, it’s difficult to complain.

The same can be said of the 15 mile range. Although realistic riding conditions will reduce this to around 9 miles, this amount of travel time is ideal for shorter commutes and local errands. It’s also comparable to more expensive models such as the Ninebot ES2, especially given that it boasts a battery management system to boot. When the battery runs flat, you’ll only have to wait 4 hours before you can jump back on. You could even juice up at the office whilst you work, ready for the return trip home.

Coleman Stood with the GoTrax Apex

For more context about how the Apex stands up to scooters in its price bracket, it is both the fastest and longest range scooter under $300.

Because the Apex’s battery is located in the foot deck it makes for comfortable riding. This is because it draws the scooter’s center of gravity for increased stability, so you won’t have to worry about overbalancing.

This isn’t the only thing that contributes towards the Apex’s smooth ride — its tires do a lot of the work. The 8.5 inch pneumatics are key for providing the Apex with that all-important shock absorption on urban roads, especially given that it isn’t fitted with a suspension system. Air-filled tires are normally reserved for more expensive models, making this another feature that adds to its excellent value.

GoTrax Apex Shock Absorbing Air-Filled Tire

Even better, the rubber of the tires is slightly thicker than what you’ll find on its siblings (such as the GoTrax GXL V2). This reduces the chances of them being punctured whilst out and about. Although I can’t say this is a guaranteed solution, it’s an innovation that you don’t see on scooters as cheap as the Apex.

As the newest entry to the GoTrax line, the Apex ups its game when it comes to aesthetics. It sports a smooth black paint job accented with striking teal trim, giving it serious style points over its more muted predecessors. It also features a brand-new, angular display that’s bigger, brighter, and matches its edgy exterior effortlessly.

GoTrax Apex Handlebar Stem

But it’s not all about looks – the Apex also has the goods to keep you safe. It’s fitted with a dual braking system made up of a strong rear disc brake and electric anti-lock braking system. Combined, these are more than up to the task of slowing you down smoothly and consistently. In fact, we found the braking performance to be better than its big brother, the GoTrax G4.

GoTrax Apex Rear Disc Brake

The Apex’s safety features don’t end here – it is equipped with an LED headlight and taillight that functions as a blinking brake light. It’s rare to see this level of lighting on a scooter at this price but I applaud GoTrax for not cutting corners. Both lights are crucial in making sure you’re visible when the sun sets, but I still recommend investing in a brighter headlight to attach to the handlebars.

GoTrax Apex Headlight Turned On

When you’re commuting, you may find yourself in the unfortunate position of being caught in the rain. This won’t be a problem for the Apex. It proudly boasts an official IP54 water-resistant rating, which means there’s no need for panic if you get caught in a drizzle. This is a massive point in the Apex’s favor, especially considering that there are scooters that cost well over $1,500 and neglect this in their design.

There’s one final thing I haven’t covered and that’s portability. This is central to a good commuter scooter, especially if your route involves lifting and carrying your scooter. The Apex is a top scorer here. It weighs just 32.1 lbs and has an effortless folding mechanism. It can be collapsed with the pull of the folding lever in a matter of seconds.

GoTrax Apex Folded

The Apex is a standout scooter for commuters who want something affordable but would prefer it to come with a slice of premium style that other budget scooters lack. Despite its low price, it delivers comfort, convenience, and fun for urban riders.

Further Information:

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2. GoTrax GXL V2

GoTrax GXL V2
An excellent entry-level scooter at a great price. Costing just $269.90, this is one of the cheapest scooters on the list. However, cheap doesn’t have to mean boring or basic. With a top speed of 15.5 mph, a range of 12 miles, and lots of extra features you might not expect to see on a scooter at this price, the GXL V2 is ideal for shorter city commutes.
$269.90 $299.99

The GoTrax GXL V2 is the sibling scooter to the Apex and is another great commuter option that won’t break the bank. It offers the same quality as all of GoTrax’s budget scooters but at a wallet-friendly price. This is one of the best-selling entry-level budget electric scooters and I’ve helped many people, like yourself, to choose the GXL V2.

GoTrax GXL V2 Frame

Despite the lower price, there’s no clunky or heavy design. Instead, it has a modern, smart aesthetic that’s perfect for city riding. With a weight of just 26.4 lbs, it doesn’t compromise portability either. The simple one-step folding mechanism and small folded dimensions of 43.3 (l) x 17.1 (w) x 14.6 (h) inches make it ideal for carrying onto public transport, storing in your trunk, or under your desk at work.

GoTrax GXL V2 Folded Frame

Just because it’s small, doesn’t mean it isn’t mighty. This scooter matches the Apex when it comes to speed. The 250W motor allows you to gradually accelerate up to 15.5 mph. As a result, it has enough power to tackle 14% inclines, although you’ll need to give it some help on slopes towards the upper end of its hill-climbing ability. If hill-climbing is important to you then the Horizon 10.4 is your best option if you want to keep your budget low. Alternatively, check out my guide to the best electric scooters for hill-climbing.

The inclusion of two riding modes also helps to moderate your speed. Opting for the first will deliver a slower, more leisurely cruise, whilst the second amps things up to reach the GXL V2’s top speed. Choosing to ride in the first gear will go a long way to extending your battery life, so you can stay out on the road for longer.

GoTrax GXL V2 Handlebar Stem

Speaking of the battery, the range on offer isn’t as long as other GoTrax scooters but is perfect for shorter commutes. The 36V 5.2Ah battery can keep you out on the road for up to a maximum of 12 miles on a single charge. Under realistic conditions, you can expect around 7 miles if you ride in the fastest setting. However, the short recharge time of just 4 hours guarantees a quick turnaround when you do run low on battery.

As with the GoTrax Apex, as well as all other budget GoTrax models, the GXL V2 doesn’t let you down when it comes to its wheels. Equipped with 8.5 inch air-filled tires, it delivers a smooth ride with added shock absorption and extra traction in wet weather to match its IP54 water-resistance rating. It doesn’t come with suspension, so it’s best to ride on smooth, flat surfaces for the best performance.

GoTrax GXL V2 Front Air-Filled Tire

The GXL V2 comes with the same dual-braking system featured on the Apex. The rear disc brake and regenerative electric brake work together to give you total control over the scooter. Pulling on the brake trigger will bring you to a smooth stop even when riding at 15.5 mph. It’s particularly impressive that a scooter at this price point has gone the extra mile to include two braking methods given that some expensive models can only manage one.

GoTrax GXL V2 Disc Brake

What about the added extras? Like the Apex, you can nab yourself a scooter with cruise control, adding extra convenience to your morning commute. Set your speed, sit back, and enjoy the scenery around you.

Alongside this, you’re able to monitor your speed and battery life from the modern handlebar display. You can also turn the headlight on/off from a small button directly below the display to increase your visibility once the sun sets. Sadly, the GXL V2 doesn’t come with a rear light, opting for reflector panels instead. Considering that the Apex only costs a fraction more, I recommend opting for that model so you don’t have to buy an additional taillight.

GoTrax GXL V2 Handlebar Display

For the price, it is a great beginner’s scooter and it’s perfect if you have a short commute. It offers a no-nonsense solution for riders who want a model that cuts through the noise with minimal fuss. Light, portable, and with enough power to get you where you need to go, it does exactly what it promises without breaking the bank.

Further Information:

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Best Under $500

1. Turboant X7 Pro

Turboant X7 Pro
Award: Best Under $500
With a top speed of 20 mph and an excellent range of 30 miles, the Turboant X7 Pro is the perfect choice for commuters on a tight budget. Unlike the majority of scooters, the battery pack is removable, which makes it super convenient to charge and gives you the option to switch out the battery with a new one for long commutes. Costing just $499.98, it beats all other scooters under $500 for performance and delivers a ride that is primed for urban terrain.
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$499.98 $699.98

If you thought the GoTrax Apex was of great value, there’s a good chance you might lose your mind once you start reading about the Turboant X7 Pro. As the best budget scooter under $500, it has a feature-rich makeup that delivers a superior riding experience compared to all other similarly priced scooters.

Turboant X7 Pro Unboxing & Review

A complete unboxing and review of the Turboant X7 Pro. See what the best electric scooter under $600 has to offer. From close-ups of the frame to talking through the impressive stats, this video will show you exactly what you can expect from the Turboant X7 Pro.

There’s so much good stuff going on with the X7 Pro that I barely know where to begin. Speed is as good a place as any, not least because at its fastest clip, the X7 Pro can propel you at 20 mph. The 350W motor even puts out enough power to tackle inclines of up to 15%. However, there’s only so much power that a motor of its size can put out so if you live in a particularly hilly area, you may want to opt for the EMOVE Touring.

Next to speed is range and thanks to the detachable 10Ah battery, this scooter can deliver an astonishing 30 miles on a single charge. This is the longest range of all scooters under $500. For comparison, the X7 Pro’s closest competitor is the GoTrax G4 which has a maximum 25 mile range, followed by the GoTrax XR Elite with 18.6 miles.

Turboant X7 Pro Detachable Battery Pack

If you push the boat out and purchase a second detachable battery unit, you can even extend the maximum mileage to a mind-boggling 60 miles which is obscene for a scooter that has an initial cost of less than $500 (the extra battery is $199.98). However, it is important to note that, like all scooters, the maximum mileage is based on a best-case scenario which often includes a 165 rider, flat terrain, and keeping the scooter in its lowest speed setting. With this in mind, and having ridden the X7 Pro for over a year, you can expect around 14-16 miles from a single battery if you ride in the fastest mode.

Turboant X7 Pro Handlebars and LED Display

What makes the Pro extremely convenient, though, is that you have the choice of charging the scooter as a whole or detaching the battery and charging it separately. This makes it more versatile than other scooters which have their batteries enclosed in their frame. Charging the X7 Pro takes around 6 hours.

It's not just the Turboant’s price tag that weighs less on your wallet than you’d expect. The X7 Pro comes in at 33 lbs, putting it way under the 42 lb limit I consider as the upper threshold for portability. It’s light enough for almost all riders to handle and is easy to pick up and carry thanks to its sturdy and secure folding mechanism.

Turboant X7 Pro Folding Mechanism

Getting on the subway? No problem. Got five flights of stairs to tackle? Don’t sweat it. Portability is one of the Turboant’s many strengths.

However, it is worth noting that if you have small hands, it can be quite difficult to get a good grip on the handlebar stem because of the positioning of the battery on the neck.

Turboant X7 Pro Folded

Cheaper doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort either. The X7 Pro comes with 10 inch pneumatic tires, which provide a good level of damping when riding over urban terrain. This is important because it doesn’t come with suspension.

Turboant X7 Pro 10-inch Tire

Moving to the brains of the scooter, the X7 Pro features a simple LED display panel without any extra frills or fancies, but it does exactly what you need it to. You can track your speed and battery level, monitor riding modes, and view the status of the cruise control and headlight (i.e. on/off).

For beginners, the X7 Pro comes with the 3 riding modes – Beginner (6 mph), Eco (10 mph), and Sports (20 mph) – giving you increased control over your speed as well as a bell to warn other riders of your presence.

Turboant X7 Pro LED Display and Throttle

To activate cruise control you simply hold your thumb down on the throttle and maintain a constant speed for around 10 seconds. The scooter then beeps as it turns cruise control on, leaving you to rest your thumb and enjoy the ride. Turning it off is simple – just press on the accelerator or pull the brakes.

Overall, the Turboant X7 Pro has been designed with comfort, safety, and practicality in mind. From the IPX4 waterproof rating and anti-slip foot deck to the triple brake system and front and rear lights, the Pro feels more expensive than it is. If you can stretch your budget from the GoTrax Apex, then I highly recommend opting for the X7 Pro.

Turboant X7 Pro Rear Wheel Fender and Disc Brake

Further Information:

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2. GoTrax XR Elite

GoTrax XR Elite
An excellent budget scooter at just $349.99, the GoTrax XR Elite is a great commuter for an incredible price. It delivers decent speed and range and even incorporates some high-end features like air-filled tires. Reliable and straightforward, you can’t go wrong here.
$349.99 $399.99

Although the Turboant X7 Pro is excellent value for money, it might still be a little too costly for some, which is why the GoTrax XR Elite is a great alternative under $500. You’ll need to make some compromises here, but overall, the Elite performs way above its price tag.

GoTrax XR Elite Frame

The XR Elite has a little extra power over its siblings, featuring a 300W motor. Needless to say, it’s got some decent power behind it, despite the small price tag. Its top speed is the same as the GoTrax Apex sitting at 15.5 mph but, with a faster acceleration rate, it hits top speeds quicker. This level of pace is just about right for inner-city commuting, especially if you’re a beginner (for more experienced riders, it won’t be fast enough). Although it’s not the fastest scooter, safety is still a major concern while commuting, so you’ll be glad to know that the disc brake and anti-lock electrical brake can bring you to a sharp stop whenever you need.

Thanks to its small but gutsy motor, the XR Elite has the hill-climbing capability to scale 15% inclines. It doesn’t quite charge up slopes with the same ferocity as other, more expensive models so I don’t recommend taking on steep hills.

GoTrax XR Elite Handlebars

When it comes to weight, the XR Elite is a little lighter than the Turboant X7 Pro, weighing in at 31.8 lbs. This means it’s light enough to pick up and carry without breaking too much of a sweat. Need to hop on a train or bus? No problem – the XR Elite features a super-simple one-step folding mechanism that’ll have the scooter collapsed and stowed away in mere seconds. Plus, it’ll fit snugly underneath your desk at work, which is a bonus for commuters.

GoTrax XR Elite Folded

Sound good so far?

Okay, so you probably know that at a cheap price, there have to be some compromises, and you’d be right. The biggest difference you’ll see between the XR Elite and pricier models like the Turboant X7 Pro is in the mileage. The Elite has a top range of 18.6 miles, although, in the real world, you’re likely to hit closer to 10-12 miles. It’s not quite as high as others, but it’s still a respectable range, making it a great budget option if you don’t have too far to go.

If you do need more miles on the clock, luckily the XR Elite only takes 4 hours to recharge, so you could plug in whilst you work, ready with a fresh battery for the journey home. Plus, this scooter comes with an inbuilt battery management system that protects against overheating and short-circuiting amongst other battery health measures. It’s rare to see this on a budget scooter and it increases your battery’s lifespan.

GoTrax XR Elite Rear Wheel Fender and Reflectors

One thing that I’m always excited to see, and especially on a scooter under $500, is air-filled tires. These 8.5 inch babies are a fantastic addition to the XR Elite, adding extra shock absorption and protection while riding over uneven surfaces. This is a big bonus considering this scooter doesn’t come with any suspension.

One disclaimer though: the XR Elite should be kept as a road scooter. Air-filled tires are great and they do a good job of shock absorption, but without suspension, riding across bumpy or rocky surfaces won’t be pleasant. Not only are you at an increased risk of getting a flat, but the harsher impact will make your legs, hips, and back ache.

GoTrax XR Elite 8.5 Inch Air-Filled Tires

I suppose you think it might be too much to ask for a fully-equipped LED display to go along with that jaw-dropping price tag?

Well, let me put your mind at ease. The XR Elite comes with a handlebar-integrated dashboard that gives you visibility over your speed, battery life, and status of the cruise control function. No, you didn’t hear me wrong, like its other GoTrax siblings, the XR Elite lets you bag a scooter with cruise control so you can stand back and enjoy the ride.

GoTrax XR Elite LED Display

It also comes with a front and rear light as well as 6 reflectors to provide illumination and make you visible to other riders. Although both lights are bright, I recommend purchasing an additional headlight to be on the safe side.

The XR Elite has been designed with one purpose in mind: getting you to where you need to go without compromising on comfort or making you pay top dollar for it. GoTrax has done a pretty stellar job of nailing this brief.

Further Information:

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Best Under $700

1. Horizon 10.4

Horizon 10.4
Award: Best Under $700
In the case of the Horizon 10.4, you don’t get what you pay for – you get more. When it comes to this scooter, expect premium features, high speeds, full suspension, and an awesome range for a comparatively small price tag. It is heavier than other models on the list but has compact folded dimensions to add portability. If you want the best ride quality, speed, mileage, and hill-climbing for under $700, the Horizon is your guy.
$699.00 $749.00

Looking for a speedy scooter that can deliver on performance but isn’t going to break the bank? Take a look at the Horizon 10.4 from Miami-based Fluid Free Ride. This scooter has everything you could want without the premium price tag.

Horizon Unboxing & Review

From its compact design, impressive load-bearing capability, and the perfect blend of spring and hydraulic suspension, join me as I give you an up-close and personal look at what the Horizon has to offer.

Although it’s got a smaller motor than the Apollo City’s 600W, the Horizon 10.4’s single 500W motor has more than enough power to match the 25 mph top speed of its top competitor. The only major difference you’ll find between these is that the Apollo City has the edge when it comes to acceleration. For example, the Apollo City takes 4.1 seconds to hit 15 mph from a standstill vs the Horizons 5.2 seconds.

Horizon Frame

Plus, with the motor’s peak 800W output, it generates enough torque to scale the majority of urban inclines making it the best hill-climber under $700. You can ride it to work and save on the sweaty hill hikes.

Horizon Throttle

Regular hill climbs will mean that the 10.4’s battery drains faster, but luckily, it’s one of the commuter scooters with a longer reach, allowing you to travel for up to 20 miles on a single charge. This makes it a good fit for riders with a medium-length commute. If you need to go a bit further, take a look at the Horizon 13. It boasts almost all of the same specs as the 10.4 but with a bigger battery that can travel up to 25 miles. It is more expensive though, costing $779, as well as weighing 2 lbs more.

Front View of Horizon Folded Frame

The Horizon is the heaviest scooter on this list, weighing in at 40 lbs, but when folded it’s one of the most compact thanks to the easy folding mechanism, telescopic stem, and foldable handlebars. With dimensions of 38.6 (l) x 7.1 (w) x 14.6 (h) inches, it collapses down into a small package that is both easy to carry and store out of sight. For comparison, its width, when folded, is less than half of all other scooters in this list that have come before it. If you think 40 lbs might be a little too heavy for you, you can always buy the optional trolley wheels and carry handle to make it easier to maneuver.

Horizon Folded Handlebars

As you may know by now, commuter scooters need to deliver a comfortable ride if you’re going to use them regularly. The 10.4 comes with an 8.5 x 2 inch air-filled tire at the front and an 8 x 2.5 inch solid rubber tire in the rear. The thinner front tire provides the nimbleness and shock absorption necessary to navigate urban surfaces, while the thicker rear tire sports a larger contact patch to deliver increased traction for more grip when braking.

Horizon Rear Solid Rubber Tire

Both tires are complemented by an exceptional suspension system, which is outstanding for its price, making it the best cheapest scooter with full suspension. It features a spring shock in the front and dual hydraulics in the rear, both of which go a long way to protect against bumps and cracks underfoot. Together, they deliver a smooth riding experience across roads and sidewalks.

Horizon Front Spring Suspension

In terms of safety, the Horizon performs equally well, sporting a drum and electronic brake. All braking power is directed to the rear wheel (hence its larger contact patch for enhanced braking performance). The brakes are responsive and afford a great level of control.

Close Up of Horizon Rear Drum Brake

Building on the safety features, it comes with an impressive number of lights including a headlight, two front button lights, and dual taillights. The rear lights blink as you pull on the brake which plays a pivotal role in letting other road users know that you’re slowing down. The front lights, on the other hand, are all positioned low to the ground which doesn’t make them the best for visibility. This isn’t unique to the Horizon, the only scooters out of our 100+ strong database that have sufficient lighting are the Wolf Warrior, Wolf King, and VSETT 11+ – all of which cost at least quadruple the Horizon and have extreme-performance specs. As a result, I recommend purchasing an additional headlight. You can control the 10.4’s lights from the QS-S4 display which also allows for complete visibility over your speed, distance traveled, and battery level.

Horizon QS-S4 Display

At $699, the Horizon 10.4 lays claim to not only the best commuter scooter under $700 but the best scooter under $700 overall. Its dual suspension, load-bearing capacity (265 lbs), and top-quality construction make it the perfect scooter if you’re looking for something superior to the budget category. Its speed and range put it a step above other scooters in this price bracket and it delivers nothing short of an excellent ride every time you step on it.

View of the Horizon From the Rear

Further Information:

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2. Hiboy S2 Pro

HiBoy S2 Pro
A neat and compact commuter scooter from Hiboy, the S2 Pro is one of the only budget seated options on the market. However, there are other scooters, such as the Turboant X7 Pro, that do more for less, particularly when it comes to ride quality.

The Hiboy S2 Pro is the crowning glory of the Hiboy S2 line and it makes for a neat little commuter scooter. It is based on the ever-popular Xiaomi Mi 365, and casual riders will find a lot to like in its sleek and stylish design.

The S2 Pro’s range is the primary spec that sets it apart from other models in the Hiboy line. It’s also one of the factors commuters will find most attractive about this scooter. It offers a total travel time of 25 miles on a single charge. Under realistic riding conditions, you can expect around 14 miles. Although this is respectable, it’s still not as far as cheaper models like the Turboant X7 Pro.

Hiboy S2 Frame

It’s a similar story for the S2 Pro’s top speed. Its 350W motor allows it to reach a maximum speed of 19 mph, as well as giving it enough power to make its way up gentle inclines. It also comes with two riding modes – Sport unlocks the fastest speeds and an acceleration rate that hits 15 mph in 6.2 seconds, whilst Comfort caps out at 13 mph. Beginners will particularly appreciate this as it allows you to graduate slowly to a faster pace when you’re ready.

Although there are cheaper models out there that can match the S2 Pro’s speed, if not beat it, this scooter stands out for its surprisingly zippy acceleration rate. This isn’t something that should be overlooked when selecting a city commuter. You need a model that has the gusto to put out a burst of power when navigating around other residents of the bike lane.

Hiboy S2 Handlebars

If you’re new to scooting, you’ll also appreciate the S2 Pro’s brakes. It’s fitted with a dual braking system consisting of a rear disc brake, controlled by a hand lever, and an electronic brake that can be operated via a comfortable thumb paddle. When used together, these do a great job of slowing you down, although the electronic brake is lackluster when used on its own. For the best results, use both at the same time.

As well as having a longer range than its cheaper siblings (the Hiboy S2 and S2R), the S2 Pro comes with larger 10 inch solid rubber tires for increased stability. These are ideal if you want to avoid flats and punctures, however, they have their downsides. Solid tires are notorious for their poor shock absorption and these are no exception. Prepare for a brain massage if you need to take the S2 Pro across anything other than a perfectly smooth surface.

Hiboy S2 Front Tire and Stem

In an effort to remedy this, Hiboy fitted the scooter with dual spring suspension in the rear. They do a decent job of adding extra damping to your ride, but in reality, you’ll find that a lot of their hard work is undone by those pesky tires. If you don’t plan on getting adventurous with where you ride and stick to smooth roads and sidewalks, this shouldn’t be a problem. But be aware – you’ll be restricted to where you can ride because of its disappointing ride quality and inability to cope with bumps and cracks.

On the flip side, the S2 Pro has one thing that most budget scooters lack: the option to add a seat. It might not be the most comfortable scooter when riding over uneven terrain, but at least you can sit back and give your legs a rest when you need to. The seat attachment is available to purchase for an extra $79.

Although the S2 Pro has its faults, one area it performs well in is portability. It’s made from aviation-grade aluminum alloy which is both durable and delivers a scooter that clocks in at 36.3 lbs. Sure, it’s not the lightest of the bunch, but it’s easy enough to lift and its 3-step folding mechanism makes it pretty compact.

Hiboy S2 Folded

The aluminum alloy frame plays its role in supporting riders up to 260 lbs, too. Not to mention that it boasts an IP54 water-resistant rating, which is a luxury on electric scooters – even some of the most renowned scooter brands like Dualtron, Kaabo, and INOKIM don’t have official ratings. However, it’s an important consideration when you take into account that a commuter scooter will see daily use and therefore, needs to hold its own against varying weather conditions. Ultimately, the S2 Pro is protected from dust ingress and water splashes from all angles.

And that’s not the only thing that sets it apart from the mass of commuter scooters on the market. Unlike most budget models, it boasts an integrated mobile app in addition to its sleek LED handlebar display. This premium touch allows you to alter your acceleration and braking strength, change your riding mode, operate its lights, and even lock your scooter, all from your phone.

Hiboy S2 LED Display

The S2 Pro has a price tag of $559, meaning it’s still in the budget category, however, there are similarly-priced scooters that can do more for less when it comes to raw performance – primarily, the Turboant X7 Pro which is faster, has a longer range, and better ride quality.

Further Information:

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Best Under $900

1. EMOVE Touring

EMOVE Touring
Award: Best Under $900
The EMOVE Touring is one of the most comfortable commuter scooters on the block, delivering quality across all of its components. Its LG battery is just one reason why this scooter has such a well-deserved reputation. With its portability, range, speed, and impressive triple suspension system all working together it delivers the complete package.
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The EMOVE Touring has been gathering fans for years and that doesn’t look set to change anytime soon. This scooter is one of the most popular commuters out there and for good reason.

EMOVE Touring Full Frame

First and foremost amongst these is its reliability. It’s a fact that commuter scooters are going to see a lot of use, so no matter what, they need to perform consistently and be able to stand up to daily use. With its excellent built quality, water-resistant IP54 rating, and general sturdiness, the Touring is well up to the challenge.

It’s capable of carrying riders up to 330 lbs which is the heaviest payload on a scooter at this price point. Heavier adults rejoice – you won’t have to miss out on what the Touring offers. Its supportive deck is extra spacious too, so even the tallest riders will have plenty of room to find a comfortable stance. For context, the 22 inch deck is 3 inches longer than the Apollo City’s and 4 inches longer than the Horizon’s.

EMOVE Touring Deck

If you don’t want to stand for long periods, that’s okay. The Touring offers an optional seat attachment, available to purchase separately for an additional $65. One thing’s for sure: this is one of the more inclusive scooters available.

EMOVE Touring Leather Seat Saddle

So we know it can cater to a wide variety of riders, but now it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of its specs, and they’re pretty impressive. Although it only features a single 500W motor, the Touring’s peak output of 750W gives it a top speed of 24 mph and the power needed to get up 15% slopes with ease, making it a solid urban hill-climber. You’ll also appreciate its responsive acceleration, especially when weaving in and out of inner-city traffic. It can hit 0-15 mph in just 4.5 seconds.

The Touring delivers on range, too. Its best-in-class LG battery is one of my favorite things about this scooter, offering a maximum of 25 miles on a single charge. Real-world riding will reduce this a little (around 18 miles), but it’ll still be enough to get you through your medium-length commute. Its 4-6 hour recharge time also means you can top up your battery whilst you work.

Regular riders can attest to how important comfort is when you have to use a scooter as the main part of your daily transport. You’ll be pleased to know that the Touring rides like a dream. This is down to the combined effort of its front pneumatic tire and thorough suspension system. Featuring triple shocks in the front and dual rear shocks in the rear, this scooter eats up impact from uneven roads, diffusing vibrations for a buttery-smooth ride.

EMOVE Touring Front Triple Spring Suspension

The suspension also helps to reduce the impact of the Touring’s rear rubber tire. Solid tires don’t have a great deal of shock absorption, which is why having a reliable suspension system in place is crucial. However, their major advantage is that they can’t get a puncture, minimizing the amount of maintenance you’ll have to do.

Rider comfort isn’t all about tires and suspension – brakes play a large part too. No one wants to ride a scooter with a jerky and jarring stopping experience. The Touring doesn’t have this problem. It features a strong rear drum brake and a regenerative brake that both combine to slow you down smoothly.

So it delivers on comfort, but what about portability? This is important because there’s a chance you might need to stow your scooter in overhead racks on public transport or under your seat and stash it out of sight when you reach your destination. The Touring is purpose-built for these situations. It weighs just 39 lbs and is one of the most compact scooters available thanks to the fact that everything, including its handlebars, folds and telescopes down into a package measuring just 43 (l) x 8 (w) x 11.5 (h) inches.

Front of EMOVE Touring Folded Frame

Speed, range, and portability – the Touring ticks all the boxes, but that’s not all it does. It comes packed with extra features that make it worthy of its gold-star reputation.

These include a front headlight as well as front and rear button LED lights to help boost your visibility when riding in the dark. The good news is that the EMOVE Touring has the most powerful headlight out of all scooters in this round-up. Although the lights do a good job of making sure others know you’re coming (in addition to the bell on the handlebars), I still recommend purchasing an extra headlight to be on the safe side.

EMOVE Touring Headlight

It also features the standard QS-S4 display and integrated trigger throttle that not only shows your speed, riding mode, and battery but allows you to dig into the setup of the scooter and tweak it to your personal preferences. This includes adjusting your electronic braking strength as well as other performance settings. You can even customize the throttle style for an extra cost. Choose between an ergonomic twist or thumb throttle so you can ride in the way you find most comfortable.

At $899, the Touring is well worth the money you pay. It’s a comfortable and reliable commuter option that lets the quality of its components do the talking (LG battery and top-notch suspension, I’m looking at you). Plus, it’s ideal for heavier riders. This is one scooter that lives up to the hype and will happily transform your commuting experience.

2. Apollo Light

Apollo Light
This might be the cheapest and most portable of the Apollo scooters, but it still delivers the brand’s stellar pedigree, offering an excellent all-round commuter scooter that has the pace, range, and portability to put a smile on your face every morning. Ideal if you want quality for a reasonable budget.
$799.00 $899.00

Want to make sure that the commuter scooter you decide to invest in is a good bang for your buck? I hear you loud and clear, which is why I think you might like this next scooter. The Light is Apollo’s entry-level model and it has all the pedigree of its more expensive siblings, but with some key features that make it ideal for the commuting lifestyle.

There aren’t any prizes for what makes this scooter stand out — it’s nice and light. At 37 lbs, it’s the second lightest scooter with a telescopic stem and foldable handlebars (beaten only by the INOKIM Light 2). As a result, its lightweight frame goes hand-in-hand with a compact folding design. Have an awkward locker space to store your scooter? No problem. The Light collapses down to just 39 (l) x 6.9 (w) x 15.7 (h) inches, making it ultra-compact.

Apollo Light Folded

In the Light’s case, portability doesn’t mean that you need to wave goodbye to power. Fitted with a 350W motor, you’ll be able to hit 15 mph in just 6.2 seconds. When you put the pedal to the metal you’ll reach its top speed of 22 mph in around 10 seconds. This kind of speed is perfect for navigating busy city thoroughfares, but if you’re a newer rider and want to take things at a slower pace, the Light has 3 different gears, each with a different speed restriction. You can gradually work your way up these, increasing your speed when you feel comfortable.

Whether you’re a beginner or a busy commuter, you probably won’t have the time needed to invest in arduous scooter maintenance. Luckily, the Light has been designed with this in mind. Alongside its electric regenerative brake, it features a rear drum brake that, as well as having excellent stopping power, requires far less maintenance than other brake mechanisms.

Apollo Light Foldable Handlebars

Another feature that will prove especially handy when you’re on the go is the IP54 water-resistant rating of the already durable forged aluminum frame. Unfortunately, the daily commute doesn’t stop just because of a bit of rain, and with this scooter, neither will you. This certification means that the Light is protected against pesky drizzle that would otherwise threaten to dampen your journey.

It’s clear that the Light has been built for practicality, but it delivers on comfort, too. It comes with a thorough suspension system for its size, something that sets it apart from similarly-priced scooters. Fitted with a fork suspension system in the front and dual springs in the rear, it’s capable of smoothing out vibrations from uneven surfaces for a smooth and pleasant ride.

Apollo Light Rear Hydraulic Shocks and Tire

Unlike many of its closest rivals (i.e. the EMOVE Touring), it features 8.5 inch air-filled tires in the front and rear for added shock absorption (as opposed to a rear solid tire).

With a maximum range of 22 miles, the Apollo Light is well-suited for medium-length commutes and errands. It’s fitted with Apollo’s tried and trusted Dynavolt cells, which are more commonly found on electric motorcycles. Despite their high quality, you can still expect to see a shorter range of about 16 miles under more realistic riding conditions. Even so, this won’t hold you back because the Light can recharge in 6 hours. Want to get back out on the road faster? Splurge on the fast charger and you’ll get a full re-juice in a mere 3 hours.

On those days when you might not have had your full 8 hours sleep and your legs feel like jelly, you’ll be pleased to know that the Apollo Light is compatible with the Zero 8 seat attachment (at the time of writing this Apollo isn't selling Apollo seats, hence the recommendation for the Zero 8 seat). The seat is available to purchase separately for an extra $95 so if you don’t like to be on your feet all day, you’ll thank me when you take the weight off and relax. Then it’s just a case of activating cruise control and you’ll be traveling in the lap of luxury.

Zero 8 Seat Parts

In addition to cruise control, the Light allows riders to make adjustments to its base settings, which you can access from the QS-S4 display on the handlebars. This includes switching up your start mode as well as choosing between imperial or metric measurement units. The display also means you can check your key riding stats, such as speed and battery, whilst on the go.

If you ever find yourself needing to ride at night, good lighting is necessary to keep you safe. This is the only area where the Light is lacking. It is equipped with dual front and rear button lights but is missing a headlight.

At $799, the Apollo Light offers busy commuters a comfortable all-rounder that ticks a lot of the boxes necessary to brighten up your working day. Even if you don’t need a scooter for getting to and from the daily grind, the Light still makes a great choice for beginners – something that is helped by the excellent reputation the Apollo name carries and the generous warranty and support that accompanies this scooter.

Apollo Light Folding Mechanism

Best Under $1,100

1. Apollo City

Apollo City
Award: Best Under $1,100
Self-dubbed the ‘ultimate commuter scooter’, the Apollo City certainly lives up to its reputation. Delivering an impressive top speed of 25 mph and a respectable range of 28 miles, the City easily holds its own against others in a similar class, boasting premium features at an affordable price.
$999.00 $1,099.00

Looking for a commuter scooter that’s functional but doesn’t sacrifice the speedy fun factor? The Apollo City is one of the best, building on everything the Apollo Light offers and supercharging it for improved thrill and performance.

Apollo City Light Setup

Apollo has worked hard to make sure the City hits the sweet spot between power and portability with great success. This scooter is at the top end of my 42 lb bracket but combined with a highly functional 3-step folding process, its 39 lb weight doesn’t prevent it from being easily transportable. Its folded dimensions of 41.3 (L) x 7.7 (w) x 13.9 (h) inches make it compact to carry and take on public transport or store easily under your desk.

Apollo City Folded

The portable size doesn’t mean a compromise on speed either. Despite only being around $200 more than the Apollo Light, its 600W motor is almost double the size and has a punchy peak output of 800W. It’s no wonder the City boasts a top speed of 25 mph and has enough torque to take on 27% inclines (equivalent to 15 degrees).

It’s refreshing to see a commuter scooter that lets you unleash the throttle with decent speedy results. In real terms, the City can hit 15 mph in 4.1 seconds, which is pretty impressive and will get your heart beating faster than some of the tamer models reviewed in this round-up.

Apollo City Handlebars

As with all electric scooters that go faster than 15 mph, it’s key that their structural build is strong enough to remain secure whilst traveling at speed. The City does this incredibly well.

Featuring a roomy deck and strong frame, Apollo has made sure that riders have confidence in their scooter from the word go. There’s no unnerving rattling and the motor is almost silent.

One key design feature that sets the Apollo City apart from the other top-performing scooters in the price categories that came before it – including the EMOVE Touring, Horizon 10.4, Turboant X7 Pro, and GoTrax Apex – is that it combines dual 8.5 inch air-filled tires with a comprehensive suspension system. Air-filled tires are much nicer to ride on than their solid counterparts since they have increased shock absorption capabilities and are more pliable which improves grip, especially when riding across uneven or potholed surfaces.

Alongside the full suspension system which is made up of a spring in the front and dual spring shocks in the rear, they soak up vibrations from the ground below keeping your knees, hips, and wrists protected from what otherwise could be a jarring ride.

Apollo City Foot Deck

Apollo likes to do things in threes because, in addition to their tri-suspension system, they fitted the City with a trio of brakes: a rear drum brake, front disc brake, and regenerative electric brake. I’m a big fan of scooters that have a braking mechanism on both wheels because it delivers superior braking performance. This is, yet again, another design element of the Apollo City that makes it a superior scooter to all others in this list. You can rely on controlled stopping power, equating to a braking distance of around 3.3 meters at full speed.

So far, the City well deserves its title of ‘Ultimate City Commuter’ but there’s one very important factor I haven’t touched on yet: range.

Apollo City Stand and Under Deck LED Lights

Once again, this scooter doesn’t let us down. It has high-efficiency 38V 13.2Ah Dynavolt battery cells, which are most commonly found in electric motorcycles. As a result, this scooter is primed for long commutes with a maximum of 28 miles on a single charge. Under realistic conditions and pushing the scooter’s 600W motor to its limits, you’ll see around 21 miles which is 17% more than the EMOVE Touring.

Plus, you have two charging options available. A standard charger will reach full battery in 8 hours but the fast charger reduces this down to just 4 hours.

Like the Light, the City comes with the multi-functional QS-S4 display for monitoring all of your riding stats and has several of the same configurable settings like whether or not the scooter functions as a kick-and-go or has instant acceleration. That’s not to mention its full suite of LED lights for illumination in the dark and its IP54 waterproof rating for those times when the weather might catch you off guard.

Apollo City Command Center

Costing $999, the Apollo City is the strongest contender in the commuter scooter category. It delivers on every aspect you need it to and has the weight of the Apollo name behind it. This is not a scooter to overlook if you’re after power, portability, and proven reliability.

2. INOKIM Light 2

INOKIM Light 2
The INOKIM Light 2 is, pound-for-pound, the ultimate portable scooter for commuting. It combines a lightweight frame (30 lbs) with a telescopic stem and foldable handlebars to deliver an ultra-compact package that maintains INOKIM’s stellar reputation. It delivers a decent top speed of 21 mph and a range of 20 miles to match, making it ideal if you have a medium-length commute and need an extremely portable scooter.
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$999.00 $1,199.00

When picking a commuter scooter, you want something reliable, right? There’s no point buying something that’s going to give up the ghost and fall to pieces a couple of months later. Well, when it comes to reliability, you can’t go wrong with INOKIM. And if you’re looking for something portable, well, the INOKIM Light 2 is a pretty good bet.

INOKIM Light 2 Full Frame

What makes this such a great commuter option? Well, the name says it all: it’s light. Okay, so at 30 lbs, it’s not quite as light as the likes of the GoTrax GXL V2, but it is the lightest scooter to boast foldable handlebars and a telescopic stem. It collapses quickly and easily, and with folded dimensions of 37.4 (l) x 9.8 (w) x 14.2 (h) inches, it this the most compact scooter you can buy.

Thanks to the handy screw mechanism that twists the handles so they can fold, you can wave goodbye to trying to fit your scooter into awkward storage spots or navigate the protruding grips between people on a train. With the INOKIM Light 2, its streamlined shape means this is a problem of the past.

INOKIM Light 2 Folded

So what makes the Light 2 such a great commuter scooter apart from its compact size and portability? Well, quite a bit.

Firstly, this scooter might be light in weight but it’s certainly not light in speed or power. Instead, the 350W motor offers a fairly zippy acceleration to get you up to a top speed of 21 mph (acceleration to 15 mph from a standstill takes around 5.7 seconds). This is slower than the likes of the City, but it’s still a great speed for commuting, especially if you prefer to stick mostly to the bike lane or slower inner-city roads.

The Light 2 likes to offer a little bit of everything in healthy moderation. For instance, it has a maximum range of 20 miles (16 miles under realistic conditions). I’ve reviewed lots of scooters that offer a higher mileage, as well as lots that offer less. The Light 2 sits right in the middle, giving riders the perfect compromise between the two. With a charging time of 5 hours, you won’t have to wait long to hit the road again when your battery runs low.

INOKIM Light 2 Frame

One thing the Light 2 doesn’t compromise on is build quality. The battery pack contains LG cells which, as you may know, are the very best on the market. INOKIM is all about delivering exceptional standards across all their scooters, which is what sets them apart as one of the most reliable brands. If you want a scooter that’ll last many years, let me assure you, INOKIM scooters are a fantastic investment.

As a business, INOKIM is vertically integrated, meaning that all components of their scooters are manufactured by them as opposed to taking different parts from different manufacturers and pairing them together. This operation ensures that INOKIM scooters are structurally sound and can withstand the test of time.

INOKIM Light 2 Handlebar Post and Throttle

At $999, it’s the most expensive commuter scooter alongside the Apollo City but if we dig deeper into the build quality, you’ll see that the price is reflective of the Light’s quality. The Light 2’s frame is a result of CNC manufacturing. This means that all the key components of the frame are made out of one piece of aluminum alloy. This ensures a high level of precision and robust build because there aren’t any welds. No welds mean no opportunities for weaknesses to emerge.

It also means a more comfortable ride for you without any rattling or clanking. Plus the 8.5 inch air-filled tires deliver a soft riding sensation, doing a good job of absorbing minor surface imperfections. This is important because it doesn’t come with any suspension beyond the cushioning of its wheels – it’s best to stick to smooth asphalt. Given the price, this is slightly disappointing but considering the Light’s exceptionally portable frame it’s hard to complain. Ultimately, if you want a scooter that is super portable with good ride quality then opt for the INOKIM Light 2, alternatively if you don’t mind adding on an extra 9 lbs of weight in favor of a more powerful motor, longer range, and suspension system, then opt for the Apollo City.

INOKIM Light 2 Front Tire

INOKIM value rider safety and one of my favorite features are the LED lights that automatically power on at nighttime to help keep you safe whilst you’re out and about. The dual drum brakes also give you great control over your stopping power and perform well in all weather conditions. They’re low maintenance, too.

Available in a variety of colors, the INOKIM Light 2 is one of the best-looking commuter scooters. It’s designed for medium commutes at medium speeds and it excels in these categories. If you think the Light 2 is the scooter for you, check out the seat attachment available at an additional cost – it’ll make an already very versatile scooter even more so.

INOKIM Light 2 Rear Wheel and LED Light Built into Fender

By Type (Fastest, Longest Range, For Heavy Adults etc)


Most Compact

All of the scooters below have telescopic stems and foldable handlebars that make them ultra-compact.

  • INOKIM Light 2 – Folded dimensions of 37.4 (l) x 9.8 (w) x 14.2 (h) inches
  • Horizon 10.4 – Folded dimensions of 38.6 (l) x 7.1 (w) x 14.6 (h) inches
  • Apollo Light – Folded dimensions of 39 (l) x 6.9 (w) x 15.7 (h) inches

Longest Range

Further Information:

Long Range Electric Scooters

Big Wheels

Heavy Adults



All GoTrax, Hiboy, and Turboant models also have IP54 water-resistant ratings.



  • None – See guide below



What is the Best Electric Scooter For Commuting?

How Far Can You Commute on an Electric Scooter?

This depends on the electric scooter you choose because they all have different ranges. As a rule of thumb, the furthest you can travel on a commuter scooter (i.e. a scooter that is categorized as weighing less than 42 lbs), is 30 miles. This is because of the size and power of the batteries in these types of scooters.

If you don’t need your scooter to be portable and simply need a model to get you from door-to-door, then you can travel even further. For example, the EMOVE Cruiser has an exceptionally long range of 62 miles.

How Do I Choose an Electric Scooter for Commuting?

When choosing an electric scooter for commuting, there are several things that you should keep in mind.

1. Speed

How much time do you need to allow yourself to get from one place to the next? If your goal is to cut back on the time spent traveling, speed is the defining factor that you want to look for.

Fast commuter scooters tend to sit around the 25 mph mark.

2. Mileage

How far is your commute? If your commute is long, you’re going to need to get a long-range electric scooter.

3. Weight & Portability

Will you need to fold and carry your scooter? Are you going to be carrying it upstairs? Do you need to put it in the trunk of an Uber, or store it out of the way in the office?

Weight and portability are two factors you need to pay attention to. No one wants to spend their day lugging around a 50 lb electric scooter. For ultimate portability, you should choose a scooter that has a telescopic stem and foldable handlebars.

From my experience reviewing countless scooters, the maximum weight for a commuter scooter is 42 lbs.

4. Charge Time

How often are you going to use your electric scooter?

If you plan on commuting frequently you’re going to want to avoid models that take 10-12 hours to charge. Instead, you’ll want to opt for a scooter that takes only a few hours to charge (4-6 hours). While the majority of commuter scooters take 6 hours to charge, some allow you to use fast chargers to cut this in half.

5. Durability

Durability is often pushed aside as an afterthought, but you should keep this front of mind and opt for a scooter that is going to last the test of time.

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Generally speaking, the more expensive the scooter is, the better the build quality.

Because most commuter scooters have a fairly sedate top speed they don’t suffer from the same issues as high-performance models that need to withstand extreme pressures when riding. One area of build quality that is prominent for commuter scooters, though, is battery quality. If you buy a scooter with LG or Dynavolt battery cells then you can rest assured knowing that it has the pedigree to deliver a long battery life.

How Much Do Electric Commuter Scooters Cost?

Electric commuter scooters come with wide and varied price tags depending on their performance and features.

At the cheapest end of the scale, you can pick up a commuter scooter for around $270. But, if you want to get a top-of-the-line model, (i.e. something that goes fast, far, and provides premium ride quality), you’re going to be spending closer to $1,000.

Josh Frisby
Josh Frisby

Josh, Founder of Electric Scooter Insider. Over the last 4 years, I’ve tested countless scooters, amassed a database of 140+ models, and helped thousands of people find the right scooter. All of the scooters that I review are put through a rigorous review process so I can clearly distinguish where one is better or worse than another.

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