Traveling to New Terrority: Exclusive First Look at the Apollo Explore 2024 (+ Interview with CTO)

Unveiling the boldest revolution in urban mobility, the Apollo has announced its brand new electric scooter – the Explore 2024.

Combining 150 custom-made components, a unibody frame, and expertly designed geometry, it boasts a design like no other scooter.

Apollo Explore 2024 Frame

In a first for electric scooters, it fuses a groundbreaking dual-deck foldable foot platform with a removable battery, built-in GPS for theft protection, and Apollo’s proprietary MACH1 controller to deliver a new age of adventure, discovery, and innovation.

Building on this blueprint, Apollo has incorporated a plethora of technological advancements that’ll make Explore their most integrated scooter to date. These include dynamic 360-degree RGBs and turn signals that afford a spaceship-esque aesthetic, a mobile app that brings a host of customizable features to your fingertips, speakers that you can connect to via Bluetooth, a sleek DOT Matrix display and a Quad Lock phone mount that’ll support wireless charging, an independent regenerative brake system, and self-healing tires.

Apollo Logo

After being in development for over 2-years, the V1 version of the Explore already looks like the finished product, but with Apollo’s acute attention to detail, they suspect that there will 4 or 5 further iterations before it’s released for retail in Q1 of 2024.

Join us as we take a closer look at the Explore’s cutting-edge engineering, seamless integration of tech, and luxurious design. Plus, we share some exclusive info from our interview with Eloi, Apollo’s Chief Technology Officer.

Power and specs

Look, feel, and functionality

Power & Specs

Apollo Explore 2024 Performance

Please note that the specs of the final production model may vary from those displayed below as these are based on the V1 model. Apollo will make changes through the V1 to V6 prototype development process.

CategoryApollo Explore 2024
Top Speed34 mph
MotorsDual 52V 500W
Max Range25-35 miles (ESI estimate) – Unconfirmed
Battery8-13 Ah (Samsung 40T21700) – Unconfirmed
BrakesDual Drums & Regen
SuspensionRubber Torsion & Swingarms
Weight70 lbs
Water-Resistance RatingIP66 (TBC)

With a top speed of 34 mph, the Explore hits the sweet spot in the speed spectrum – it's not too fast or too slow – making it well-suited for all types of environments.

We tried to get Apollo to confirm maximum range estimates but they didn’t want to share this information just yet – probably because they are still deciding on what size battery to fit it with (either 8Ah or 13Ah).

Besides, Eloi said that they got 12 miles (20 km) from the 52V 8Ah battery under realistic riding conditions (i.e. riding with both motors). Based on the performance of their previous models and our in-house data, we suspect that the maximum range of the 8Ah (416Wh) model will be 25 miles, while the larger 13Ah (676Wh) battery will expand this to 35 miles.

Apollo Explore 2024 Rear Wheel

When Apollo launched the City Pro with a 48V 13Ah battery (624Wh) and a 25-mile range, the electric scooter community didn't view this all too positively and so Apollo changed it to 18Ah for an additional 13 miles. One of my concerns with the Explore is that this may happen again, but it’ll be dependent on its retail price. If the price is right, then there shouldn’t be any concerns. There’s also talk of Apollo including two detachable batteries in the box when you order the Explore, thereby doubling your range.

I have, however, given feedback to Apollo to use a bigger battery if possible (i.e. 13Ah). Also, with “Explore” in the name, I think a longer range lends itself to this.

Elsewhere, the incorporation of the regenerative brake system is a great addition that’ll reduce wear on your dual drums, while the combination of both ensures an extremely low-maintenance build.

Apollo Explore 2024 Deck LEDs

During our interview with Eloi, he told us that they are already working on the V2 prototype and that this will come with a dual rubber suspension system. Whether this system remains will be clear as Apollo makes its way through the iterations of the Explore, but from my experience riding scooters with rubber torsion systems – like those on the INOKIM Ox and OxO – we should be in for a treat where shock absorption is concerned.

Apollo Logo
Look, Feel & Functionality

Apollo Explore 2024 Design & Features

The Apollo Explore 2024 is home to 11 key features that’ll make it the most tech-integrated scooter that we at Electric Scooter Insider will have ever reviewed.

DualDeck Platform

The Explore 2024 will feature a foldable foot platform that, according to Apollo, will give riders incredible ride stability and a much slimmer profile when folded.

Designed to address the discomfort of short decks and cramped riding stances, this innovation promises to maximize comfort.

Apollo Explore 2024 Dual Deck

It must be noted, though, that scooters with dual decks can be less intuitive, especially if you’re a seasoned enthusiast that’s used to riding electric scooters with traditional decks. I have first-hand experience of this when I tested the Taur electric scooter at the 2022 Micromobility Industries conference.

Standing front-on with your feet on either side of the chassis requires you to adopt an entirely new riding stance. Finding the balance between both of your feet can feel a little odd at first.

As for how the Explore will shape up, we will have to see, so make sure you keep an eye out for our full review.

Quick-Swappable Battery

With a push of a button, you can pop the battery out of the Explore’s chassis. This not only enables you to extend your range indefinitely by replacing a spent battery with a fresh one on the go, but it makes charging far more convenient. Here, you can plug the battery directly into the wall.

Apollo Explore 2024 Removable Battery

We don’t have any information about the price of additional batteries, but we did ask Eloi, Apollo’s Chief Technology Office, how much they would weigh and he suspects they will be 7 lbs.

MACH 1 Controller

Powered by the new and improved MACH1 controller, the Explore 2024 will share the same smooth acceleration, regen braking, and app connectivity that we’ve seen on previous Apollo models, including the Phantom V3.

We also asked Eloi if the Explore would come with Ludo mode, and he confirmed that it will.

Apollo Phantom V3 MACH1 Controller

Elsewhere, the in-house designed controller will help with remote scooter diagnosis to allow for a seamless customer experience.

Built-in GPS (IoT) & Loud Alarm For Theft Protection

While most scooters come with digital locks that immobilize the wheels by applying the electronic brakes, the Explore 2024 cranks things up a notch with its built-in GPS.

Similar to the Apollo Pro 2023, an integrated SIM card will allow you to track and locate your scooter via GPS from within the Apollo App. It also serves as a tamper-proof kill switch to provide enhanced security.

Apollo Explore 2024 GPS Tracker

There’s also the locking feature that immobilizes the wheels by applying the electronic brakes. When the scooter is pushed without being unlocked, a loud alarm will sound to deter thieves.

DOT Matrix Display

Following the initial announcement of the display-less Apollo Pro 2023, the scooter community called for Apollo to include a display as stock, as opposed to having to rely on their phone.

Well, this feedback has been carried over to the new Explore. While you still have the option of using your phone as the display (more on that next), you’ll get a built-in DOT Matrix display.

Wondering what a DOT Matrix display is? It sounds fancy, but to put it simply, it’s a screen that’s able to show characters, numbers, and graphics by lighting up different pixels (dots).

Quad Lock Phone Mount

Ever since Apollo released their app, they’ve been on a quest to make it as functional as possible. As it stands, the app is more of a before-and-after ride accessory. You can use it to configure the performance settings to your liking before you ride, but then, if you don’t already have a phone mount, you’ll put it in your pocket until you get it back out again to check your ride stats once your journey’s come to an end.

With the new Quad Lock, the app is going to become a prominent part of your scooter.

Apollo Explore 2024 GPS Handlebars

Via a patented case-based mounting system, you’re going to be able to mount your phone in the center of the cockpit so that you can use the Apollo app as your primary display. Plus, Apollo has told us that they are going to integrate wireless charging into the mount, too.

Regenerative Braking System

We’ve seen it on the Air 2022, the City 2022, and the Phantom V3, and now we’re seeing Apollo’s infamous regen brake paddle on the Explore 2024.

Not only will this integration cut down on mechanical brake maintenance, but more importantly, it can recharge your battery by up to 10%.

Mobile App Compatibility

As with the rest of Apollo’s portfolio, the Explore 2024 will be compatible with their mobile app. This is good news since it brings a host of customizable features to your fingertips, including the ability to:

  • Track your scooter via the built-in GPS unit (new)
  • Adjust the intensity and color of the lights (new)
  • Change the sound of the horn (new)
  • Adjust your top speed, as well as the speed of each riding mode
  • Dial in the strength of the regen brake and acceleration
  • Toggle between kick-to-start and zero-start modes
  • Turn cruise control on or off, and set the time it takes before it automatically kicks in
  • Turn the digital lock on or off, which immobilizes the scooter by applying the electronic brakes
  • Turn the lights on or off
  • Use it as a navigational device where you can follow a route to your destination
  • Get range estimates based on your most recent riding pattern
  • Record trips
  • Get remote diagnostics

Apollo City 2022 Mobile App

Self-Healing Tires

Thanks to a solid gel layer built into the tire, you can wave goodbye to annoying flats.

The addition of these will add reliability and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the ride.

Apollo Explore 2024 Front Tire and Chassis

Built-in Speakers

In a first for an electric scooter, the Explore 2024 will be fitted with speakers that you can connect to via Bluetooth.

We asked Apollo how loud the speakers will go and they told us that it depends on the sound being played, but it’s up to 90 decibels. The higher the pitch, the higher the decibel.

The good news is that it’ll be loud enough to bump your music on, or you could play a podcast while cruising.

Dynamic 360-degree RGBs and Turn Signals

The Explore 2024 may have one of the most well-designed lighting rigs that I’ve ever seen.

Integrated light strips surround the edge of the dual deck platform to create a spaceship-esque aesthetic, while they also act as turn signals and brake lights. This setup is further bolstered by the turn signals at the end of each handgrip.

Apollo Explore 2024 GPS Rear Light

Then there’s the powerful headlight, stem-integrated LEDs, and rear circular brake light that unite to illuminate you, the way ahead, and keep you safe.

Plus, because the stem and deck LEDs are RGB, you can customize them to your liking across a spectrum of colors and dynamic effects.

Get the Apollo Explore 2024

Reserve Yours Today

If you’re as excited as we are about Apollo’s new release you can reserve a model for just $20. If you change your mind, the deposit is refundable.

After your reservation, you’ll have secured your spot for the first production run. Apollo will share updates via email as production nears so that you have full visibility. Once the release date has been confirmed, they will contact you to confirm the order before they collect the payment and ship it.


Apollo Logo

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